Amaze Owl Review: Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons [2021]

Amaze Owl Review

The internet is flooded with numerous seller tools to help Amazon sellers grow and expand their business and optimise their strategies. They offer a sea of data and comprehensive analytics to aid their work. There are a range of plans that offers multiple tools to offer all -round help.

But, if you are a newbie, you really cannot benefit much from these high-end tools. You need a comprehensive guide to raise you high and initiate your business by launching the first product on Amazon

Amaze Owl is the perfect software for beginners. It does not encompass complexities and offers just the necessary tools for assisting a beginner. The affordable pricing option of Amaze Owl is a lucrative choice for all new sellers on Amazon.

What is Amaze Owl?

Amaze Owl is best suited for beginners and can be run on Windows and MAC. This provides the entire product listing, allows you to conduct search on the product database, view competitors’ data and sales estimates, profit, and more. 

If you are a ‘business toddler’, then Amaze Owl is the right platform that helps you with all the tools. Know the market and launch the first product. Kickstart your business with Amaze Owl!

Amaze Owl Pricing

This is really a tool for beginners, with affordable pricing and multiple utility features. The pricing feature makes it one of the most popular software available in the market. The plans fit into different user goals. There are monthly and annual schemes for each plan.


If you want to know the basic details and quench your queries about selling products on amazon and also wish to launch the first product, go for this. It is an absolutely free plan!


If you want to launch your first product, you need slightly more details and data as compared to the free starter plan. Avail all the essential features at just $19.99 per month. 

  • Track 10 niche
  • Monitor 10 keywords
  • Auto update 1000 niches
  • Avail the product database to get details of 50 products per month
  • Research about top 10 keywords
  • Get 10% discount on Amaze Owl Academy
  • The loading speed is fast
  • Get regular customer support


If you have already launched your first product, and now want to launch and research multiple products parallelly, get this plan at $2999 per month.

  • Track 300 niche
  • Monitor 50 keywords
  • Auto update 1000 niches
  • Avail the product database to get details of 200 products per month
  • Research about top 100 keywords
  • Get 30% discount on Amaze Owl Academy
  • The loading speed is very fast
  • Get prioritised customer support

10-day product training is included in all plans. 

Amaze Owl will amaze you with the 33% discount on the annual subscription.

Get a 10-day free trial on all plans.

Features of Amaze Owl

There are the perfect tools for optimising product research, finding the best and most profitable niche, launching the product and predicting trends and spying on competitors’ data to stay ahead in the competition. 

Product Search

Search millions of product ideas easily without any hassle. Stay connected with 11 marketplaces to compare. Browse the database to get all the items of a particular niche.

Get product ideas every day, as the database gets updated daily. Find promising product ideas just by scrolling through Amazon. Amaze Owl spots high potential products and explains the opportunity to you in a very comprehensive way.

 Use the Chrome Extension for further research. Spot the right item just by hitting on ‘Hunt for Products’ button. Search using keyword, ASIN, etc that best fits your choice and get instant access to all the product ideas.

Validate and Launch Products

Track your products on Chrome Extension and validate your product ideas. Get to know its market value, demand, historical price and sales volume, and ideate whether or not to invest your money on the product. The competition is high, and you should know which product will perform well and reap profit before you launch your product based on intuition.

After the product is validated, step ahead to launch your product. Understand the market and launch with confidence. Amaze owl brings to you a very detailed and accurate result.

  • Monitor keywords
  • Perform new research
  • Access competitors’ data
  • Add items to the list
  • Evaluate ranks
  • Check whether your product is at par with your competitors’.

Get all the accurate data that you require to understand and differentiate the Amazon market. The products are reviewed with a simple 5-star gradation and you can get an idea about their demand, profit, potential and competition. Get insights of competitive strategy and analyse pricing trends.

Get the Competitive Edge

When the competition is burning, you need to be abreast of all that is happening around in the Amazon market place to stay a step ahead of your competitors and maximize your sales and profit. Even as you source your product, continue monitoring the market. Monitor keyword changes and optimise the listing to attract more traffic to your product. Get alerted to new competitors early so you can adjust your strategy to fend them off. Check what your competitors are doing with respect to image title and keywords and beat them in their own game. 

Concluding Thoughts

There is no unnecessary clutter of a variety of tools in Amaze Owl. But it provides just the right tools to start your online selling business on Amazon. Simplifying the work for beginners is the main advantage of amaze Owl.

If you find the services of other software unaffordable, easily access the budget friendly services provided by Amaze Owl.


Does Amaze Owl provide you with tutorials to guide you?

Yes! A 10-day training program is incorporated in each plan. Additionally, there are several training resources that you can avail to enrich your experience and knowledge. They will give you the necessary know-how of selling on Amazon platform.

Is Amaze Owl accurate?

Amaze Owl is claimed to be a very accurate and trustworthy software that attracts 4000 new beginners each month. The data it provides is also more accurate as compared to others as it sources the data from various other platforms.

Is Amaze Owl free?

Amaze Owl is directed towards assisting new sellers. The Starter Plan is completely free and provides the feature of product research. Use it to gain the idea and experience if you are absolutely new to the platform.

The Growth and Established plan, however charge a subscription fee. Even then, they offer a 10-day free trial that lets you explore the features before you jumpstart the paid plan.

How can I install Amaze Owl on my desktop?

Given below are the steps to download and install Amaze Owl on Windows.

Step 1 – Download the app. Open the amazeowl-desktop-Setup-3.12.1.exe file from your Downloads folder. Click Run and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2 – Launch the Amaze Owl app and click on “SIGN-UP” in the upper right corner. Use one of the social login options, or click on “Create account” at the bottom to create an account using email and password.

Step 3 – Click on the link in the confirmation email you have received.

Do you sell on Amazon?

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