Amazon Bullet-Point Guidelines Explained

Amazon Bullet-Point Guidelines Explained

People who purchase online frequently would have seen Amazon’s bullet points on product description pages. Because Amazon customers have so many options, anything you do as a seller to optimize your listing will have an influence on your product ranking. Having the perfect bullet point description for your product listing on Amazon is one of the best ways to ensure that.

Bullet points are particularly effective for customers on desktop because they display at the very top of the product page. Customers may click on your items in Amazon search results because you have interesting titles, but to convert those shoppers into buyers, bullet points go a long way.

What are Amazon bullet points?

Bullet points assist you in presenting your product’s attributes and benefits. They can be found on the detail page as descriptive information regarding various characteristics of the product.  Consider what the most significant factors are for shoppers when they are browsing and how you might assist them in selecting, when thinking of what to add to your bullet points.

To help you understand better, let’s suppose you’re selling a mobile phone. The bullet points might be used to emphasize the smartphone’s processing specifications, display size and type, weight, and anything else that sets it apart from competing products.

Some categories feature extra bullet points that are directly taken from other ASIN characteristic data to provide a better customer experience. For example, under the categories shoes’ and ‘fashion,’ we will display qualities such as material, heel height, and sleeve type, depending on the product. It is critical that you include as many details as possible in your bullet points.

These extra bullet points can’t be removed from the detail page, but you may change the value for those qualities in Seller Central.

Why are Amazon bullet points important?

Bullet points are the first piece of comprehensive information that Amazon shoppers receive when clicking on a product on the SERP, after the title and photos.

It’s also what a consumer will only be reading most of the time, as nobody really has the time to scrutinize lengthy product descriptions.

For Amazon search, bullet points are indexed alongside titles and general keywords. As a result, by including keywords in your bullet points, you may improve the visibility of your Amazon listing.

It’s important to remember that buyers’ purchase judgments are made in a matter of seconds. As a result, bullet points are one of their go-to points for swiftly skimming over the contents and deciding whether or not to buy. You may simply capture your customer’s attention and amaze them with the originality of your listing by using all the relevant keywords in bullet points. If you can achieve that, you can be sure that your sales volume will increase in no time.

How to add bullet points to your Amazon product listing?

Bullet points for Amazon listings can be inserted during  writing or updating a product listing. To add bullet points, simply follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Go to Amazon Seller Central and sign in.
  • Now, under the product listing option, select “Edit.”
  • Select the “Description” tab from the drop-down menu. A field for “Key Product Features” and another for “Product Description” will appear.
  • Fill in the “Key Product Features” area with your bullet points, and everything will be included.

What are the guidelines for writing Amazon bullet points?

There are criteria for writing bullet points, just like there are for anything else on Amazon. Amazon requires that the information you give and the structure of the material you maintain meet their criteria. If you do not adhere to these rules, your listing may be reported.

  • You have a maximum of 5 bullet points available to you as an Amazon Seller. Vendors are entitled to an extra five bullet points. Many vendors are unaware that they may have more than five bullet points because Amazon’s product setup sheets limit them to five. Additional bullet points can be added to a Vendor Central product on the “Edit Product” page.
  • The first letter of each bullet point must be capitalized.
  • There is a word and character restriction for each bullet point, which differs for sellers and vendors. It also changes depending on the numerous categories in which you sell. Sellers are limited to 500 characters, while vendors are limited to 250-255 characters.
  • A basic rule of thumb is to keep your bullet points under 1,000 characters in total (not per bullet), i.e. for all five bullets. They are easier to read since they are fewer than 1,000 characters long. Furthermore, if your product’s bullet points are indexed, being less than 1,000 characters enhances the discoverability of the material in the bullet points.
  • Your bullet points must include five of your product’s primary features or most crucial traits.
  • In general, make sure that every bullet point is around the same length and that the maximum amount of information is conveyed in the fewest possible letters.
  • The use of HTML and other types of coding to generate fancy symbols in bullet points is not recommended by Amazon.
  • Bullets must be presented as sentence fragments with no punctuation at the end.
  • To divide phrases within a single bullet point, use semicolons.
  • Don’t mention the name of competitor companies, or any kind of discounts or promotions.
  • Don’t use any special characters as this looks extremely unprofessional. Also make sure to use the correct spellings and branding styles.

What are some of the good practices when writing Amazon bullet points?

Now that you know all about the guidelines to write your Amazon bullet points, here are some of the best practices to make the process more efficient:

  • The Amazon search algorithm (A9) analyses various aspects of your website to decide where it should appear in search results. Keywords are one of the most important aspects, so use the tool to see which search phrases have the highest engagement and use them in your bullet points.
  • Your bullet points should be stated in a way that the buyers would understand. Explain the benefits and features of your product as if you were discussing it to a layman. If you use too much technical terminology, few people will grasp what you’re trying to say, and the impact of your bullet points will drop.
  • It’s also a good idea to look at what your competitors are up to. You may get knowledge from your competitor’ bullet points and reviews, especially if you’re a new seller whose items haven’t yet gotten any reviews. This will disclose how buyers feel about the items in question, as well as how helpful the bullet points should be.
  • People usually just read the first few words of each phrase. As a seller, your goal is to persuade a customer to purchase your items by providing persuasive yet appropriate descriptions. As a result, make sure that each bullet point begins with a feature name or a brief summary.
  • A customer’s problem areas and key questions should be addressed in bullet points. These factors all contribute to helping customers in making a purchase. After reviewing comments and feedback, you must include all pertinent information in the bullet points.
  • Keywords should not be crammed into bullet points that they become difficult to read and might be off-putting to customers. Your bullet points must be more than a collection of keywords; they must be persuasive, cohesive, well-thought-out language that aid the buyer.

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason why Amazon’s product page offers multiple sections of material. Each section has a distinct objective. Rather than presenting buyers with all of the information they require, the bullet points focus on the most essential features to them.

You’ll have a significant advantage over your competitors if you can master the art of creating short, brief, and convincing bullet points by following the guidelines provided above. It may start with a small conversion rate boost, but over months and years, it might build up to thousands of more unit sales.

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