Amazon Listing Optimization: Seller Ultimate Guide [2021]

Amazon Listing Optimization

How will your product stand out from the rest? How will your product come among the top searches? How will the conversion rates increase? As a seller on Amazon, you have often pondered over these questions and racked your brains for strategies. Here is a guide for you to help you understand how your product listings can be optimised to make your business shine.

Optimising the listing is a s important as choosing the best product to sell. It needs the perfect image, product title, description and features that attract customers to buy your product. Your main objective is to boost sales of your product. The listings need to be informative and persuasive to boost the product ranking on Amazon.

Mediocre images, spammed keywords in the product title and description have negative impacts on the product, from which customers tend to shy away. If you want to avoid this discrepancy and want your business to shine, stay tuned!

In this article there are tips and tricks lucidly explained for increasing the Amazon rank and sales!

What is Amazon’s A9 Algorithm?

Whether you are a newbie or have some experience in selling on Amazon, you might not know every detail about the Amazon A9 algorithm. The better you know this field, the easier it will be for you to optimise your product listing and ensure its strong visibility and conversion rates.

Amazon is a search engine like Google. However, there is a subtle difference. Amazon is a huge market place and a business that wants people to buy products from the market. The A9 algorithm, thus places importance on the conversion rates and the sales of your product as well. The more your product sells, the more trust it earns from Amazon. It takes care that your product does not fall down the rank. This becomes a cyclic process. However, the optimisation of the product listing is very crucial to be high up on the list.

Coming to answer the major question- Why are keywords important? 

Keywords let Amazon determine the relevance of your product with the user’s search terms. Use keyword tools to research for high volume and most relevant keywords that you can use. Once you have identified the best keywords, integrate them properly in the product title and description. Make sure that the title still reads well and is catchy, instead of just stuffing it up with keywords. Use long tail variants of the seed keywords to do the trick.

To achieve the high sales conversion rates, use convincing and confident language to persuade your customer to purchase your product. Include the USP of the product and try gaining the social proof like good recommendation and reviews. Monitor performance and ranking, and make your price competitive. 

Factors that A9 Algorithm Look For

There are some key elements that matter the most in the A9 algorithm-

Text Match Relevance

Higher the text relevance, better the Amazon product rank. It is thus extremely important to use optimum product listing. Amazon A9 algorithm checks how relevant the content of the product is with the search terminologies. The more it matches, the higher up it goes. Use creative titles, keyword rich description and features and clear bullet points to make it presentable.

Sales Velocity

The number of sales transactions plays an important role in determining the rank. The sellers’ ranks are compared and the one with the highest seller rank wins out.

Stock Availability

Amazon doesn’t like its customers to get disappointed because the seller has run out of stock. Be careful to ensure that you always have stock ready. If you run out of stock and are unable to satisfy customer demand, your rank will go down the list.


Balance the listing and the price. Amazon awards the best ranks to the top-selling and most relevant products. Ideally, the sales would be high if your product has a value advantage as well as a cost advantage. Carefully set the price by checking market trends and what your competitors are doing.


FBA simply means Fulfilment by Amazon. It is one of the most resourceful tools Amazon has to offer to the sellers. If you own products in the Amazon warehouse, you become a featured merchant and your chance of winning the Buy Box increases. This would help increasing your sales. Your product also become available to the Amazon Prime customers.


Advertise a bit. Spend a few dollars on advertisement to drive traffic to your product. This will increase the sales velocity and increase your ranking. Your profit touches the sky, without mentioning that!

Customer Reviews

This acts as the social proof technique. Engage in the Q and A section to interact with your customers and get positive reviews. Try to curb down the negative reviews. The A9 algorithm depends on the positive engagement of the customers to measure their satisfaction level.


Aesthetics matters a lot. Especially when customers are not getting the opportunity to look at a product physically, they would want a 360-degree view of the product in images. Enable features that the image can be zoomed and provide pictures from all angles. This would act as a positive feedback to the A9 algorithm. Also, the detailed imaging of the product would increase the rates of conversion.

Amazon’s recommendation is to have at least 1280 pixels on the longest side. Ideally, you should go for ultra-HD images that have 2560 pixels (or more) on the longest side. You can also try images with 3D rendering.


You may offer a discount or a promo code to sky rocket your sales for a certain time period. But remember, A9 algorithm doesn’t place much value to this parameter. Focus on text relevance and product availability for a steady growth in rank.

Premium Content

Use A+ content for better customer satisfaction. This would boost your position in Amazon’s A9 algorithm. A+ content in seller central and vendor central results have been known to increase the sales.

Amazon Product Listing Elements to Consider

The amazon product listing can be divided into the following categories, each of which should be unique and comprehensive that should convince the buyer to purchase the product.

Product Title

Amazon allows a product title of length of 250 characters. The title should carry enough information to convince the buyer to get into further details of this product. 

Think of all the information that you as a customer would like to know. Include brand name, size, colour and other features that would appeal to buyers. Try to infuse keywords, but ensure that is readable and not a mess of keywords that would confuse the customer.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t capitalise the entire title. Capitalise only the first letter of each word
  • Don’t include promotional messages in the title
  • Use full words instead of symbols. For example. Write “and”, do not use ‘&’
  • All numbers should be numerals
  • Don’t include the price of the product

Product Image

A picture is worth a thousand words. Focus specially on the image to greet your customers with a delightful first impression!

Amazon allows you to give an array of nine images with a lead image. Insert high quality images to capture the customers’ attention. The image size should ideally be kept between 1000 pixels wide and 500 pixels high. 

Include pictures from different angles. Show a picture of the product being packaged, and of one being used. It is advised that you should mention the size and scale of the images to prevent negative reviews from customers.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • White background
  • Image must show all the features and functionalities of the product
  • Display different sides of the product to give an all-round view
  • One image with all information customers would like to know about the product

Product Description

This is the most important area where you can describe the key features of the product, Mention the USP of the product here, and other relevant details that your customers should know. Convince them that your product is superior. Make sure the description is readable and engaging, and not just a combination of fluffy keywords.

Points to Remember:

  • Use keywords
  • Mention the distinctive features
  • Utilise the 2000 characters assigned for description judiciously
  • Do not over embellish your product. Write just what your product can over. Avoid creating false impressions as this may generate negative reviews from customers
  • Use short sentences
  • Highlight the main points
  • Don’t include seller name, website or company information
  • Do not use any promotional message here

Product Features

Enlist all the distinctive features that your product has, and mention why and how it stands out from other competing products. Think of all details that a customer needs to know to be convinced that this product is a must-have piece of good. Incorporate all the details within 1000 characters.

Tips to remember:

  • Use bullet points to describe the details
  • Encapsulate the top five main features of your products in bullets
  • Be very specific about the features
  • Do not include pricing, shipping or any company information
  • Include product review after describing the features
  • Use a consistent tone

Product Reviews

Product reviews are very crucial for the A9 algorithm to decide the level of customer satisfaction. They act as the social proof that validate your product. If your product does not have any reviews, then you are simply non-existent in the market place. Customers also check the experience of past customers to decide whether they would dish out their money on your product.

For a new seller, getting product reviews is not easy, Using the Automated Feedback Services like Feedback Express, this problem can be dealt with. You can ask your customers to include a particular keyword in the review. Use templates and present a pictorial view of the positive and critical reviews to give a one-glance idea of the product to the customers.

Product Rating

If the description of the product matches the services that your product offers exactly, then you are likely to get high rating. However, if by chance you have got a negative rating, you can ask Amazon to remove it if it falls within the guideline.


This is the most important section that needs your attention and strategy. Think like a customer to get the most relevant keywords. Amazon helps you with the backend keyword searches and search terms. Don’t use the same keywords in the product title or features. You will be penalised by Amazon for overstuffing your product with keywords. 

Use keyword research tools to get the most relevant keywords with the maximum search volumes. Incorporate them in the product details to generate high traffic, be on the top of searches and increase sales.

How Will You Optimise the Product Listing on Amazon?

The product listing on Amazon should be optimised so that they rank higher up in the list when a customer searches for a relevant product. You, as a merchant, need to use the best and most relevant keywords to ensure that your listing is best optimised and has a n edge over your competitors.

Follow these steps:

  1. Search for relevant keywords
  2. Select the appropriate keywords based on their rank and search volume
  3. Integrate them in the product title, features and description
  4. Constantly monitor what the listings of your competitors are, which keywords are winning the sales for them
  5. Optimise your listing accordingly
  6. Check products for proper indexing on Amazon

As soon as your product is on the Amazon market, it gets a special ASIN code. Use this code and a particular keyword in the search box to find the rank of this keyword. Get an idea where your listing stands and make decisions accordingly. If your product does not show up, then it is imperative that you have to use the keyword in the product description.

While writing all the description, keep in mind those customers who would be browsing for Amazon products on their mobile device. They need all the information compressed on the small screen that would convince them to purchase the product. You need to adapt accordingly. Enlist the most important details in the first three bullet points of the product feature. This appears on the first screen and would further pique the interest the buyer.

Optimise the listing with all relevant keywords you have come up with. Try to create the title, description and features of the products with the keywords, at the same time ensuring that it is readable and engaging for the customer.

Top 3 Tools for Product Listing Optimisation on Amazon

Here are three all encompassing tools that will make product listing a cakewalk for you, thereby springing up your sales and product ranking.

IO Scout

An optimised listing is essential to boost the sales of your product. Your bookmarked keywords will be automatically added to build listings. Choose the keywords you want to add to the listing. All the keywords will be shown on the left of the canvas along with the sales volume for each. Once you use the keyword, it will be automatically crossed out by the list. Even if you exceed the number of words or characters, it will set off a warning and adjust it.

Generate keywords that are frequently in use by Amazon users. Save and use them in Amazon Listing Builder to reach your target audience. There are several templates that you can easily use. Import keywords, save the templates and use them later. 

The keywords are at your fingertips. Build your listing from a list of recommended keywords in a very intuitive manner. 

The distinctive features include:

  • Enhanced data accuracy
  • Ability to connect up to 10 researchers
  • Connected with product database
  • Track and analyse up to 150 million Amazon items
  • Check product history
  • Competitors’ analysis features
  • Study bookmark products

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Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout provides with an entire list of such products that customers would love to acquire. Set up filters and get the detailed list. Pinpoint what you want to sell from the Amazon catalogue of products. Choose your parameters and get the product listing that matches your criteria. Jungle Scout leverages your search and helps you make decisions based on the product database.

Besides product research, Jungle Scout assists in product listing, keyword management, automatic email campaigns and promotions, product alerts and sales analysis. It also provides the feature of Chrome Extension. 

Instantly access keywords that are highly converting and optimize your listings. Reverse search multiple ASINs to get the array of potential keywords. Get recommended keywords, gather competitive intelligence and refine your strategy. Check volume trends, top ranking keywords using advanced filters, and analyze the product’s seasonability by checking past keyword performances. Maximize keyword power, compare keyword rank history and optimize PPC, listings, etc.

Bring maximum effectiveness to your business using Jungle Scout’s service-

  • Find winning products
  • Find reliable suppliers of those products
  • Free educational resources to give you deeper insights
  • Check new trends and set alerts to get notified
  • Check the inventory status and sales analytics

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Seller App

Seller App provides the best quality listing analyser for Amazon products, that focus on improving the sales and rank of the product, their conversion and visibility. It breaks down the listing into Listing Quality Index (LQI), optimise the listing and track your progress too. Seller App has been known to increase conversion by 67% and increase organic traffic by 83%.

The service audits your entire listing to analyse its performance and suggest recommendations and changes on the same. It develops a strategy to improve the conversions and would help you achieve your business goals. Optimise your business strategies based on suggestions from Seller App. The winning feature is the consultation provided by the Seller App expert team to help you make informed decisions and get the upper hand in the market place.

Seller App performs detailed analysis to ensure that your product is discovered by potential customers among a million other products. Your entire listing status along with backend keywords are taken care of to improve the product’s visibility and improve the conversion rates. The Seller App Listing Analyzer examines the On-Page factors of your listing like the title, bullet points, and the social proof including the ratings and reviews, product description to heighten the chances of conversion. Track why your competitors’ keywords are standing out, and improve the listing with every change in the market to stay updated. 

Best Features of Seller App:

  • Track your keyword rankings
  • Spy on competitors
  • Find the best manufacturer
  • Optimise the backend search terms
  • Monitor your Amazon metrics

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Services to Optimise the Amazon product Listing

Presented below is a list of the most effective services for optimisation of listings that would make your product rank high and promise sales and high conversion rates:

Viral Launch

Viral Launch offers to build perfect listings and track important metrics. Find the most relevant keyword and check how your listing differs from your competitors’. Discover innovative and impactful listing and ensure that your product includes the crucial keywords.

Get a strong keyword research feature that finds hundreds of relevant keywords in no time. Boost your sales using the appropriate keywords that your competitors are not using, thus gaining the competitive advantage over them. Create powerful and highly converting listing based on SEO.

FBA Copywriter

Maximise your visibility, performance and conversion rates. Win Amazon’s trust with the stellar service offered by FBA Copywriter.


Create captivating product images, optimise the PPC, and enhance brand content with Amazonestep service. Make the description compelling and convincing and the product images engaging to capture your customer’s attention and turn them into promising sales.

Awesome Dynamic

Increase the level of customer satisfaction with keyword research, storytelling, copywriting and product images. Make the listing optimised and highly converting. Improve the conversion rates and drive more traffic to your products.

Final Thoughts

Your product might be the best. However, it will add little value to your business if it gets lost amidst the millions of products advertised on the Amazon market place. Your product should top the list when the customer enters a search query. You can improve the ranking of your product only by optimising the listing. Add keywords and search terms in the product title, description and features. Using high ranking keywords will boost the chances of conversion. Also act on social proof and validation with reviews and rating. Understand the A9 algorithm well to incorporate the elements in the products you are selling.

Yes! It is hectic for you to conduct every detail yourself, from product research to keyword search and integration in product description. Use the listing analyser tools to get your product to the top of the list.

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