Amazon Sales Rank: Full Guide & Tips to Boost [2021]

Amazon Sales Rank

There are 3 million products on Amazon. To ensure that the customer gets to see yours, your product will have to rank high so that it comes up at the top of the list when the user enters a search query.

Wondering how to do improve the rank? There are many steps in achieving the sales. Do a good product research to find one that is in high demand among consumers. Find high volume keywords and optimise them. Boost your sales and win the trust of Amazon. Get items delivered properly to customers and get a base of loyal customers. That keeps your rank perpetually high.

Don’t fret much, as there are tools to assist you in this work.

What is Amazon Sales Rank?

Once a product sells on Amazon and has at least one sale, it gets a Best-Selling Rank or BSR. It is a good measure to evaluate how the product is performing in the market. The BSR is specific for each product category. Suppose a product that has a BSR of 300 in the Apparels niche might have a rank of 20000 in the Toys and Games category. Thus, a product will have multiple BSRs for different categories.

There are a number of factors involved while calculating the BSR. The algorithm for calculating BSR includes current and historical price, sales velocity, competitive products, change in price and promotion. However, even if a product sells in large volume owing to a promotion or discount offered, it does not show a sharp rise in the BSR.

The current and historical price together contribute to the BSR. The one with the highest sales is assigned a value of 1 and the products get ranks accordingly. This is updated on an hourly basis.

Is Best Seller Rank Same as Amazon Sales Rank?

Yes, both the BSR and ASR refer to the similar terms. They measure the saleability of the product and gauge how popular they are in the market. The demand of these products is estimated by the rank. The higher the sales, the better the product rank. 

You need to have a high sales velocity, and a sales history to get a good rank. As the sales start increasing, Amazon builds trust on you as a seller and will ensure that your rank does not slip down, because customers are purchasing products from you.

Key Factors that Boost the Amazon Sales Rank


FBA simply means Fulfilment by Amazon. It is one of the most resourceful tools Amazon has to offer to the sellers. If you own products in the Amazon warehouse, you become a featured merchant and your chance of winning the Buy Box increases. This would help increasing your sales. Your product also become available to the Amazon Prime customers.

Product Quality

Keep the quality of your product high. Use good quality to win customer base and get repeated sales. That would increase your product rank.

Stability of Stocks

Amazon doesn’t like its customers to get disappointed because the seller has run out of stock. Be careful to ensure that you always have stock ready. If you run out of stock and are unable to satisfy customer demand, your rank will go down the list.

High Search Volumes

Amazon keyword research is finding the right keywords to use in your product pages. These are the words that shoppers search for when they’re looking for products. Once you do the research and have the right keywords, you can strategically add them to your listings to optimize them so that their SEO ranks higher. Use the keywords that have high volume. This indicates the popularity of the product.

Top 3 Tools

IO Scout

IO Scout has Amazon Sales Estimator tool that estimates the number of monthly sales in a specific niche. Spy on competitors, predict your sales and study the Product Sales Rank or BSR. The sales volume for a particular rank differs for different categories. With the Sales Estimator, calculate the BSR to achieve your sales target. Discover profitable products by observing how many items are selling in that category. 

To estimate the number of sales, follow these steps:

  • Choose Amazon product category
  • Type in the Products Sales Rank
  • Click on Calculate Sales
  • After a few seconds, Amazon will return the product result that matches your requirement
  • If you want to change the niche of items, change the name of the product category and generate fresh results.

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Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout provides with an entire list of such products that customers would love to acquire. Set up filters and get the detailed list. Pinpoint what you want to sell from the Amazon catalogue of products. Choose your parameters and get the product listing that matches your criteria. Jungle Scout leverages your search and helps you make decisions based on the product database.

Besides product research, Jungle Scout assists in product listing, keyword management, automatic email campaigns and promotions, product alerts and sales analysis. It also provides the feature of Chrome Extension. 

Instantly access keywords that are highly converting and optimize your listings. Reverse search multiple ASINs to get the array of potential keywords. Get recommended keywords, gather competitive intelligence and refine your strategy. Check volume trends, top ranking keywords using advanced filters, and analyze the product’s seasonability by checking past keyword performances. Maximize keyword power, compare keyword rank history and optimize PPC, listings, etc.

Focus on saving cost and boosting profit. Get real time data of your sales and profit on Amazon. Get the full financial picture with important metrics like revenue, hidden fees, expenses, and more. Also measure the performance of your PPC campaigns.

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Algopix is a product research software with features to validate your product and estimate its worth using cross- marketplace data and analysis. You can conduct niche specific research to get the best product and enhance your sales. Use data analytics to strategize your business.

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How to Boost Sales Rank on Amazon?


Aesthetics matters a lot. Especially when customers are not getting the opportunity to look at a product physically, they would want a 360-degree view of the product in images. Enable features that the image can be zoomed and provide pictures from all angles. This would act as a positive feedback to the A9 algorithm.

Customer Reviews

This acts as the social proof technique. Engage in the Q and A section to interact with your customers and get positive reviews. Try to curb down the negative reviews. The A9 algorithm depends on the positive engagement of the customers to measure their satisfaction level.

The Bottomline

This article had some tips and tricks to improve your sales rank. Use the online tools to achieve great feats and get the upper hand in the Amazon market.


What is a good sales rank on Amazon?

The lower the BSR, the higher is the number of sales.

For estimation of sales it is better to reverse engineer the BSR. Ideate the number of sales you want in a specific interval of time and accordingly check its rank.

Also, keep in mind that the BSR of the same product will vary in different categories. A product performing at 200 BSR in the Kitchen and Dining category might acquire a BSR of 5000 in some other category.

How do I find product rank on Amazon?

On the products page, you will find a Best Seller Rank search box. You can type in the BSR and get the top products.

How will I improve my Amazon rank?

Amazon SEO uses certain algorithms to rank your products. If your product listing is replete with keywords and match the customers’ search words, your product will have a higher rank and it will top the list when a customer enters the search query.

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