AMZ Scout Review: Features, Pricing, Pros And Cons [2021]

AMZ Scout Review

Can you smell profit at the thought of selling online? If you wish to be a seller on a market as large as Amazon, the way to profit is not without hurdles. You have to research on the products, capture data about sales of each category, analyze the most profitable niche and then boil down to a product. You again have to predict which product will sustain you in the long run. Take into consideration the details of seasonal variation and popularity over a span of time as well.

Pretty cumbersome, isn’t it? You might be surfing the net for the best software tool that guides you in all these steps and ensures maximum profitability. For those who want to take the business of selling on Amazon to a successful level, explore Amazon Scout to find a diverse range of product ideas, target listings and a host of different tools. The use of data and its proper analysis by Amazon Scout to boost growth and online selling brought about a paradigm shift in the scenario of e-commerce.

Choose the right tool to get an upper hand in the online market. Track products, use a customized set of tools, collect metrics and get a better idea of the entire market place. Amazon Scout keeps you engaged and has research extensions, aiding you to select the best product that would promise high profit.

Get a more detailed review of the pricing, features and tools of Amazon Scout in this review.

AMZ Scout Pricing

Who doesn’t like a trial before the actual purchase? It is exciting to know that AMZ Scout offers a 7-day free trial. Explore all the features and tools before spending your money. If you wish, cancel the subscription within 7 days and get your money back!

There are 2 packages- the Pro Extension and Amazon Best Seller’s Package. 

PRO Extension package charges you $14.9 per month when billed annually, while the Best Sellers’ Package comes at $24.9 per month in the annual plan. The Best Sellers’ Package gives you access to courses that proffer full and actionable knowledge on how to start profitable business in less than 3 months. Verify niche, track and research products, find unsaturated markets, get sourcing options and build your optimized listing. Get the Webapp product database, product tracker and generate profitable ideas with the Best Sellers’ Package. Track keywords, use FBA calculator, check stocks stat and status of inventories and predict product sales.

Apart from the two packages, there are three plans that offer the same features. These only differ in the number of products you can track. Choose the plan depending on the size of your store.

Take a look at the plans and their pricing models:


Pay $29.99 per month in the monthly plan and track 20 products. It is well suited for small sized owners who have only a few products to keep an eye on.


Pay $39.99 per month in the monthly plan and track 40 products.


If you are a big fish in the market and have to monitor a large number of products, take this plan at $59.99 per month. This lets you track up to 80 products.  

Each of the plans offer a 50% discount if you choose the annual subscription.

Some features that remain common to all the plans are:

  • Product Database
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Unlimited Ideas for Product Search
  • Scout Competitor’s Trades
  • Check out what is Easy to Sell
  • Explore Items that have High Demand but Low Competition
  • Fast and Friendly Support

AMZ Scout Web App Vs AMZ Scout Chrome Extension

Are you new to the Amazon selling platform? Getting an idea of the competitive edge of the products, tracking their sales volumes, keywords and other data can prove to be hectic. AMZ Scout provides you with a range of product details and pages, but quite often you might need to search for other relevant details. The toil pays in navigating between pages, from AMZ Scout to another. 

To solve this hurdle, AMZ Scout offers a Chrome Extension.  AMZ Scout is available both as a web application and as an extension. 

Amazon doesn’t let you search a product based on a particular parameter, but with the AMZ Scout Extension you can do this very easily. The extension gives you information about all products from a specific Amazon Page. Deals, Sales, Gift Ideas, Best Sellers are all the pages that you can analyze and benefit from as a seller. 

The Chrome Extension is a handy and lightweight tool that can be downloaded in Google. It can be added with AMZ Scout to use this while browsing on Amazon. After installation, you can see a small icon at the top right side. If you click on it, a pop-up window will appear with all important details and data of revenue, sales, rank, price, etc. While navigating through the product pages, you can click on the AMZ Scout icon to get more details. You can also access the FBA Calculator and estimate the profit, expenses, net and margin. This is a tool that can be used by new comers without any confusion. This feature provides an advantage to all new users who find it difficult to absorb all the data points given in the app. The Chrome Extension also allows for product score based on ranking, product potential and product search ideas. Conduct niche specific research ands calculate real time profit. The extension is very user friendly and advises the seller on optimizing the business with features like Get Niche Ideas.

However, this extension is limited only to Google Chrome. 

The web app can be used in any browser and can be accessed from AMZ Scout site. It works on the Cloud. The app also has several features integrated with it, along with the product database. You can also search sales volume based on the keywords. The web application has more filters for search as compared to the extension and you can customize your search more on the web app. While the extension offers real time data, the web app has a number of functionalities and features that are difficult to find elsewhere.

It is recommended that instead of using just one while not touching the other, it is better if you use a combination of both to derive the maximum benefit from AMZ Scout. Use both to gain insights and leverage information that would boost your revenue and increase the sales of your product.

Tools and Features of AMZ Scout

The AMZ Scout is a highly powerful tool that is integrated with some main functionalities like FBA Calculator, product searching, product tracking and keyword research tool. The primary motive behind AMZ Scout tools is to increase your product sales. They assist you in analyzing the listing so that it is optimized to generate better sales. It also offers a comprehensive tool to estimate and calculate the Fulfilment by Amazon Fees and details about rating. AMZ Scout streamlines the correct product research in a market that is becoming increasingly saturated. Gain access to the data available and check out what your competitors are doing. Capitalize on that information to get the upper hand in the market.

Let us take a look at each of the features and delve into detail-

Product Database

The product database enlists the entire range of products which are available and which you can sell to make a profit. Log in to the dashboard, and you can search by entering a keyword, or ASIN or product category. You will get the entire list of products that match your search. You may also apply some filters that keep out products that are too costly and have high competition, those that do not promise profitability. 

Once you get the list, you can check all details like how much you have to pay in total or how much profit you can expect from them. It also shows you some historical data that gives you an idea about the sales and profits of the product in the past months. Avail all these features at just one click.

You can search without keywords and find a mix of categories. Get the trend data and look into the salability of the product. If you find a product showing downtrend avoid them. 

Here are the true instruments to power up your Amazon product research:

    • Category
    • Keywords
    • Price
    • Reviews
    • Estimated Sales
    • Seller Type
    • Product Tier
    • Weight
    • Rank
    • Reviews
    • Rating
    • Number of Sellers
    • First Available
    • Listing Quality
    • Net Profit

Choose the one that promises high returns and has trending popularity over time.

The product database is a very straight forward tool and it is very precise for market research. It is one of the most accurate tools that would spike up your sales.

Keywords Explorer

Nothing can be simpler and more useful than this feature. Just type in the word in the Search Box, of which you want to get the diverse range of idea and variations.

You can further streamline your search by adding more filters to choose a specific category. Sort by sales volume or alphabetically, or in any way that deems fit and helpful for you. Your search gets listed in 5 columns- the keyword, the average monthly search estimate, the position shown in the Amazon search bar, the seasonality and the category to which it is assigned. You can also import all these data provided into XLS so that you can work more comfortably.

You can also start the keyword search by searching for a specific product niche that is in high demand. Depending on the competition of this product, you can also market a number of similar products with this same keyword.

If you add the keyword in the product title or description, it will appear in the higher rank when searched by the Amazon user. 

The Keyword Tool not only helps you choose keywords for PPC advertisements, but also skyrocket your organic search traffic. 

Estimated Sales

Quickly and easily estimate sales on Amazon!

Get the estimated sales of any product using the free calculator on AMZ Scout. Enter the country name, select the category of the product and enter sales rank. 

Open a product page on Amazon and search the item you are looking for. Search through the product items that appear and select the product you are interested in. Check the sales rank of the product. Copy the Best Seller Rank and then enter it in the search box. Once the search results appear, click on ‘Calculate Sales’.

Check the sales trends of the product. AMZ scout uses the most accurate trend tracker to give you a full picture of the sales of a product, including its performance in the past months. Trends will help you judge and avoid a niche that has declining trends, identify the seasonality of a product category. Also, a track of the historical records will prevent you from mis judging the surge in sales of a product as its general trend.

Analyze a product’s niche. Avoid niches that have low demand, high competition and low profit. You can check the profitability of a niche by clicking on Niche Score. A trending niche will have a score of 7 or more.

Product Tracker

You will find all the saved items in the Product Tracker later. All the information will be updated hourly to provide you with relevant information. All the product details can be grouped and stored in one place in an organised fashion. 

Track product trends, check the seasonality of your products, rank trends and reviews. With this tool, you can also check your competitor’s pricing strategy and analyse to get a differential price advantage over your competitors. 

Check the profit and margin directly on Tracker with FBA Calculator. Include all potential expenses and calculate the estimated profit that your product would return on selling.

You can analyze all these data later to get a more stable idea-

  • Inventory
  • Price
  • Rank
  • Rating
  • Daily Sales
  • Daily Revenue

Supplier Information

there might be numerous sellers selling different varieties of the same product. What gives a differential edge to one seller is the quality of the product. That depends on the supplier you choose to buy your products from. 

Choosing a supplier has become very easy using AMZ Scout. Research the niche, choose supplier information feature and you will get a list of all suppliers, along with their reviews. Get an idea of the reliability of your supplier. Try to choose a supplier who sells you the product at the cheapest price. This ensures maximum profitability from Amazon. 

Amazon FBA Calculator

FBA simply means Fulfilment by Amazon. It is always important to keep an eye on the money and wallet. With Amazon’s FBA calculator that comes as a free tool with AMZ Scout, it is possible to estimate the fees, profit and margin instantly. There is no need to hassle between the Excel sheet and amazon website time and again. Get all these questions answered with FBA calculator

The FBA Calculator takes all these into account while calculating the fees-

Product Details

The cost of storage, picking, packing and shipping varies with the size of the product you choose to sell.

Product Cost

The unit cost of each product depends on the supplier you are getting it from. Again, if you buy in bulk, the cost gets reduced. Thus, the price of buying the product plays a vital role in calculation of FBA fees.

Shipping Cost

You need to calculate the shipping and freight charges for bringing the product from the supplier to the warehouse and to the customers. This also depends on the dimensions of the product.


The FBA Calculator also takes into account the charges of adhesives, stickers and other packaging costs for shipping your product with safety.

Referral Bonus

You have to pay the e-commerce service of Amazon a referral fee, which might go up to about 15% of the cost of the product. It might make you cringe, but this is a small price to pay for selling on a platform teemed with customers from across the globe.

Monthly Stock

When you are selling any product, the shelves of the Amazon warehouse are occupied and reserved for you. The space will not be given to any other seller. Thus, you have to pay a rental charge for the storage space of your product.

Manually calculating all the data would be cumbersome. FBA Calculator relieves you of all the trouble.

Final Thoughts

Running a business on Amazon is a unique and interesting experience.

With competitors streaming in from every nook and cranny of the globe, you have to be innovative and be armed with the right tools and technologies to be at the helm of success. These tools enable the seller to take a virtual tour of the entire marketplace. 

AMZ Scout is such a tool that leverages product research and gives you a powerful position in the market of online selling. Make decisions based on the data shown and strategize your business in a way that promises superiority.

The AMZ Scout works for markets across 8 to 9 countries that account for a lion’s share of the customers on Amazon. These include United States, UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, and India. It is hoped that soon the expansion of AMZ Scout would increase across other countries as well.

Given the wide spectrum of services it offers with the lucrative pricing plans and packages, it is no wonder that AMZ Scout is used by over 100000 sellers worldwide. The web app has a 7-day money back guarantee, while the Chrome Extension offers a 14-day free trial. Although you can cancel your subscription at any moment, it is better if you do it at the beginning of the month, so that the cancellation process can start.

AMZ Scout is an affordable and highly powerful tool that provides you with additional market information. You even have access to historical product data that lets you analyze trends and predict the sales of a product, based on seasonality and popularity. The software stuns you with its user-friendly interface and simple design. With keywords, insights and relevant data, AMZ Scout helps the seller understand which product and niches are promising. 

Use AMZ Scout to meet your goals and objectives that you as a seller want to achieve.

Do you sell on Amazon?

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