Amazon Image Requirements: Ultimate Guide, Tips & Tricks [2021]

An Ultimate Guide on Amazon Image Requirements

We are rapidly moving towards a space when digital dealership and ecommerce is the buzzword. But with increasing digitalisation, customers are expecting to have a complete digital review of any product they would buy. For a physical walk in, they might consider looking at every aspect of a product before purchasing. They are eager to get the similar experience on the digital platform as well.

Amazon, in order to satiate the demand of the customer, encourages sellers to add as many possible images of the product to cover the whole spectrum, that details its features, shows its packaging, depicts the product in use and snaps from various angles. This lets the customer have a 360-degree view at the product virtually.

Thus, as a seller, you need to know the proper guidelines of adding a product image to get your product a top rank and boost sales.

Amazon Image – Technical Requirements

Follow the technicalities to get the best results-

  • Use images having dimensions greater than 1000 pixels on a single side
  • The minimum allowable dimension for the image is 500 pixels on the longest side, while the maximum goes up to 10000 pixels. Thus, you get a 500*10000-pixel image, which is quite large in size.
  • The best practice is to use a 2000*2000 size image in the 1:1 ratio and in the form of a square.
  • The maximum allowable zoom is with 5:1 aspect ratio
  • The maximum file size is 10 mb for each image
  • You are allowed to use JPEG, GIF or TIFF files, although Amazon prefers JPEG files.
  • Crop your image in the optimum way to minimize the free white background and focus your product
  • Compress your photos well using several online tools to meet Amazon’s requirements

Use all these guidelines to abide by the best practices and find creative ways to showcase your product before the customers.

Amazon Main Image Requirements

The main image should be professional and detail all the features of the product to give the customer an overview of what he/she can expect to get. Follow the rules specified for the design requirements.

  • The primary photo must be professional or the cover art of the product being sold like digital books, magazines etc. Drawings or illustrations are not acceptable. It should be the real-world photo.
  • The light and shadows should be aesthetic with a professional touch
  • The image should contain realistic colours ands represent what you are selling, it is recommended not to use filters to balance the colours.
  • The main product being sold should be in focus. Try not to distract the customer with other objects or watermarks, unnecessary graphics or text in the image. 
  • The image should be in full focus of the product and no detail should be cropped out. The main product should fill about 85% or more of the entire frame.
  • It is advised to use a white background
  • The image should have smooth edges to give a professional look

Restrictions of Main Image

Images containing the following features are not permitted. Take care to avoid them-

  • False impression about the product, or sketch or art that distort the product perception
  • Offensive, pornographic or racist content
  • Images with misleading objects in the background that might distract customers
  • Pictures with text that hide the product details
  • Images with unverified ownership, watermarks or logos are not allowed
  • Images with repeated views of the product from various perspectives

Amazon Listings Images – Requirements

There are specifications for the listing and alternative images that appear as thumbnails.

  • The product should cover 85% of the frame.
  • No offensive content is allowed in the image
  • Give close up images
  • Other objects can be used if used for a measure of scale
  • The image should be in focus and professionally lit
  • Texts and graphics are allowed if relevant
  • You can show the product being used

5 Tips to Give the Best Amazon Photos

Here are some thumb rules to follow that makes the Amazon images perfect-

White Background

The white background reduces distraction and increases uniformity. The customer focuses solely on the product.

Various Angles

Use multiple images to capture different angles of the product to give the customer a perfect idea of what to expect. Let your customers get a well-rounded view of your product to remove any shreds of stoicism about your product.

Professionally Lit

Touch on the visual appeal of the products. Use a professional photo set to light up the products and make it look attractive and ready for sale.

High Resolution

Blurred figures reduce the quality of your image and have a negative impact on customers. Use high resolution lens to take the snapshots and upload images of superior quality on Amazon.

Product Image Size

The product should cover 85% of the frame with minimal background. It is recommended to use the image size large enough so that it can be zoomed in. Amazon recommends a square picture of 1:1 aspect ratio with 2000*2000 pixels on the sides.

Show the Product in Use

Just as in a walk-in showroom experience you would like to get a demonstration of the usage of a product, a customer wants the same virtually. As a seller, add an image showing the product in use. This increases the desire to acquire the product.

In a Nutshell

A picture is worth a thousand words. Any customer would like to get all the details of the product before purchasing. The quality of your images can make or break their decision to buy your product. 

Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand the requirements of Amazon. Use high-quality images and stick to the rules. It would boost sales and increase your rank. Use the aesthetics of your customers as the bait and bear out in the competitive market!


How to name Photos on Amazon?

Amazon has a standardised rule to name the product images-

  • Amazon ASIN
  • 13-digit ISBN
  • EAN, JAN or UPC
  • Period
  • File extension

What is a Swatch Image on Amazon?

All the product images that you get to see from the main page are Swatch Images. They give an overview of the product from different angles.

How will you prepare photos for Amazon?

Follow the steps below and upload the images-

  1. Choose the product you wish to upload images for
  2. Select Catalogue and press Add button. If you wish to edit a previously uploaded image, open Manage and edit the pictures
  3. Press Images tab
  4. Below Main section, click on Choose File to select the image 

Your work is done!

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