ASINspector Review: Features, Pricing, Pros And Cons [2021]

ASINspector Review

Does the smell of earned cash intoxicate you? Do you wish to earn lots by selling on Amazon?


You should choose the product that is highly converting. How nice it would be if you can foresee the sales of which product will go sky high and bring you loads of profit! However, you will get drained by the numerous hours spent on researching the best product to sell, the product that will appear the most on market pop ups.

Relax! Why tire yourself out when there are amazing tools to assist you in product research? Uncover which products you need to sell and which ones you should avoid to optimize your profit using ASINspector. Save your precious time of product research, because ASINspector would do it all for you!

Sounds interesting? Let us get a more detailed review of the software.

Overview of ASINspector

Save your research time, spy on your competitors and gain an advantage over others with ASINspector. It gives a valuable insight into what products would sell and which ones you should avoid in order to gain profit in the market. Get information about the historical trends of sales of various products, know where your competitors source their products from and generate unique product ideas.

There are multitudes of valuable features that would guide you and give you information to make correct decisions and scale up your online selling business. 

Turn Amazon products into high ROI, cut your research hours and get the gold mine of your competitors’ data with ASINspector.

Pricing Model

ASINspector is one of the best product scouting software that offers a lucid pricing structure. You can get the ASINPro free with features like unlimited data, daily, instant and monthly sales estimates. You can also get a PDF of advice on how to maximize your profit.

However, if you consider spending $147 for a one-time payment or $10 monthly, you can get the ASINPro Plus Package, that adorns you with FBA estimator, weekly sessions and seller training courses. It also comes with a 7-day free trial. The professional, productive plan includes-

  • 50+ Amazon Product Table Datapoints
  • FBA net pay-out calculator
  • Search amazon product on stores (Walmart, Target etc)
  • Get product prices from 5-10 different stores
  • Open frequently bought together products
  • Export to excel
  • Load next or multiple amazon search pages
  • Keyword trend and related Keywords
  • Start a new search
  • Amazing customer service
  • Open all child / variations for a product
  • Get inventory on hand and prices from all sellers
  • Get product keywords
  • Amazon product page analysis and profit calculator
  • Import ASINs / UPCs
  • Save favourite searches
  • Phone UPC barcode scanner
  • Brainstorm and discover random keywords
  • Amazon “done for you” feature for bulk UPC upload
  • Reverse search stores (Walmart, Home Depot, etc)
  • Sponsored ads data
  • On page quick view
  • Bundled opportunities
  • Instant net pay-out
  • Listing assister
  • Feature training

There is another plan that comes at $97 one-time payment with features of 12 Amazon product table data points, product prices from 5-10 different stores, load multiple Amazon search pages, customer service par excellence, effective keyword trends and flexibility of exporting to Excel.

Services of ASINspector

Follow the trend. This has been the success mantra for any seller who rose to the heights! ASINspector is the best spy software that gives you inside information and analyzed predictions whether a product will sell or not. Check out sales trend and discover highly profitable products. Research and source good competing products quickly and with extreme ease.

 To get the upper-hand in the online selling market, you have to monitor what your competitors are doing. Unlock their strategy and beat them in the game. Find out their ranking, Amazon fees they are paying, how many units of a product they are selling and accordingly optimize your selling strategy.

Features of ASINspector

  • Best Seller Rankings- It enlists all the products rank-wise and shows the popularity trends of all the products. 
  • Mobile Scan- You can scan any barcode and load it on ASINspector anytime and from anywhere to check how salable it is. Sell from anywhere, anytime.
  • Intelligent Filters- filter your search based on parameters you are interested in and thus optimize your strategy.
  • Idea Generator- ASINspector generates a whole range of new and unique product ideas by using the Magic Light Bulb feature. Get ideas of products, niches and trends.
  • ASIN Import- Upload any amount of ASINs at a time and let the tool do the research with all the filters. Save the toiling hours of research by yourself.
  • Reverse Search- Search other e-commerce sites like Walmart and ASINPro will generate analytical results from the same.
  • Keyword Analyzer- Find best ranking keywords to create highly converting list and sell products that customers love to acquire.
  • Accurate Revenue Estimator-get accurate data about the daily, monthly and instant sales volume of selling any product on Amazon.
  • Know Your Niche- get trending data for all niche and product categories. Find out which ones will be profitable and you should focus on.
  • Easy Product Sourcing- Spy on your competitors to know where they are sourcing their high ROI products from.
  • Star Rating Statistics- View the rating, reviews and stars for any product and get an idea of the quality of the item.
  • Head to Head Product Pricing- Analyze cross platform data regarding price and sale of products to get the best estimate of the demand, quality and market value of any product.
  • Store and Save- ASINspector lets you store and save your searches so that you can get back to them again.

Final Thoughts

ASINspector is one of the best tools for product research and as a keyword analyzer. Find the product with best ranking and boost your sales. Find even the stores from where your competitors source a product that is in high demand. 

You get all the services at a very affordable price too!

This tool saves your time and is amazing for product scouting. No wonder, ASINspector is used by around 30000 satisfied sellers.

Don’t wait! Grab it at the very first opportunity!


1. How Will I Install Chrome Plugins?

Yes! You just need to register and install the Chrome plug-in. Click on Add to Chrome button and you will get an icon on the top right of your screen. Lo! And you can now begin your search.

However, the ASINPro Chrome Extension works only on Google. If you do not have Google Chrome, you can download and use. It is a free browser and runs smoothly on any machine.

2. Can I Start A Free Trial?

ASINPro offers a 7-day free trial. You can get access to unlimited amount of data and sales estimates. Monitor what your competitors are doing to get the edge. If you do not wish to continue, cancel the subscription. ASINPro offers a completely risk-free money back guarantee. However, once you start using, you will find it difficult to leave… you will fall in love with the service!

3. Can I Export My Search Data?

It is very easy to export your data into Excel or as a CSV file where you can comfortably study and analyze all the data and trends and form concrete decisions.

4. How can I Scan using my Mobile Device?

Use your mobile scanner to scan any barcode and load it in ASINspector to see whether it would sell or not. Anytime, anywhere, you can access the service of this software and generate sales!

5. Does this work for Amazon stores other than the US?

Yes, the software works for countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, India and more, using the currency of the platform you are using.

Do you sell on Amazon?

For anyone starting out or experienced selling on Amazon, I highly recommend you check out IO Scout. Honestly, I cannot recommend a better tool for the same price, features and support. You can read my full IO Scout Review here to see if it’s right for you or not!

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