Best Amazon FBA Calculators: Highly Accurate & Cheap [2021]

Best Amazon FBA Calculators

Calculating profit on a sale of products on Amazon can be not quite as simple as solving simple numerical problems. You need to consider a host of other factors and fees that gets deducted before you take home the money. It is not possible to remember the minute details where your money goes.

Do not toil over this calculation though. There are tools available that ease up this work and calculate the exact profit for you, taking into account factors of shipping, inventory fees, FBA fees and other minor details. Track each penny that goes out.

Amazon FBA calculators solve all your problems.

What is Amazon FBA?

Make your products visible before a large number of customers for a longer time period. FBA simply means Fulfilment by Amazon. It takes care of your products in personal warehouses, and arranges the storage, packaging, picking, shipment and all the processes.

The FBA tool also comes in handy for calculating the exact profit. It takes into consideration a wide array of factors and calculates the exact profit you will earn. Do not get lost amidst the data and charges, for the FBA calculator does it all. It gives precise revenue calculations and decreases the risk of losing out money.

Understand where your money is going. Before you launch your product, keep all these overhead expenses within the ken of your knowledge. The main costs include-

  • Upfront costs (samples, cost of goods, shipping, photography)
  • Variable costs (FBA fees, storage fees, returns etc.)
  • Marketing costs (promotions and pay per click)

FBA costs can go up to 15% of the price of the item and also includes $3 on the shipment charge. FBA Calculator easily calculates all the fees you will have to pay to Amazon for taking the service.

Best Amazon FBA Calculators

FBA Calculators are irreplaceable tools that reduce the workload of calculations. Don’t worry if you are missing out an expense, for FBA calculator takes care of that.

Here are some of the best Amazon FBA Calculator tools that are free and provide excellent service-

IO Scout

It is possible to estimate the fees, profit and margin instantly and for free. There is no need to hassle between the Excel sheet and amazon website time and again. Get all these questions answered with FBA calculator:

  • How much fees am I going to pay to Amazon?
  • What profit should I expect?
  • How profitable is my product?
  • How much money should I spend on marketing campaign?

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Jungle Scout

Get real time data with a Chrome Extension on your Amazon website. Calculate the entire expense structure including referral fee, packing fee, service, storage and weight handling fee. Also find the average monthly price of the product you are selling.

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AMZ Scout

The FBA Calculator takes all these into account while calculating the fees:

Product Details

The cost of storage, picking, packing and shipping varies with the size of the product you choose to sell.

The unit cost of each product depends on the supplier you are getting it from. Again, if you buy in bulk, the cost gets reduced.

Shipping Cost

You need to calculate the shipping and freight charges for bringing the product from the supplier to the warehouse and to the customers. This also depends on the dimensions of the product.


The FBA Calculator also takes into account the charges of adhesives, stickers and other packaging costs for shipping your product with safety.

Referral Bonus

You have to pay the e-commerce service of Amazon a referral fee, which might go up to about 15% of the cost of the product.

Monthly Stock

You have to pay a rental charge for the storage space of your product.

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Viral Launch

Just copy paste the ASIN of the product and hit calculate. You are done. Viral Launch amazes us with this simple interface. However, if you want more details, you can watch more videos to learn. Use the Chrome extension as well.

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Seller App

It is yet another simple tool for estimating profits as well as product margins. Compare FBA with merchant fulfilment on this software. Use the Chrome extension to check the price of a product each time you hover over it.

However, keep in mind that Seller App does not give an image of the total sales volume.

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Seller Prime

It calculates all these factors like costs associated with the product itself, samples, storage, FBA fees, maintenance, and more. It has a Chrome extension and a Pro Calculator with a 7-day free trial period.

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Choose the product category. Enter your desired goal. Enter all the fees and charges. Salecalc will give you an exact estimate of the profit. Get a guaranteed net profit using this software.

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Get the details of production cost and fulfilment fees. You need to enter the basic dimensions like size, weight, average sales price, monthly order, and average production costs. Get all the results of estimated profit.

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Amazon’s FBA Calculator

You need no ASIN here. Use some keywords instead for your calculations. Get an idea of the competitive edge and it gives a detailed picture of the fees and costs.

How to use Amazon FBA Calculator?

The steps to use Amazon FBA Calculator are the same, whichever place you may be using it from. Take care of the tax issues and get these steps done-

  1. Go to the Product page on Amazon
  2. Enter the correct identifier of the product like its ASIN or EAN.
  3. Fill the correct details of dimension and margins. This will help in precise calculation as it influences shipping and packaging charges.
  4. Fill up the Shipment Field. It is recommended not to leave it blank.
  5. Mention the final product cost
  6. Hit Calculate

It will give you an estimate of the profit, which is very accurate and it shows the breakup of all cost parameters. You may also switch to the option for filling in the cost of shipment, packaging, etc all by yourself if you do not wish to follow the FBA model. This feature is very helpful as it allows you to compare which method is more profitable. You can also look up the graphs to see the changes in sales estimates and sales velocity.

Final Thoughts

FBA calculator is too useful a tool to work without it. Calculate fees and profit. Know where your money is going. Compare and maximize your profit!


1. How to calculate the FBA fee?

The FBA Calculator generates the total amount of money that you have to dish out before you earn the profit. This includes all the fees including seller fulfilment, shipping charges and Fulfilment by Amazon fees. It also considers minor charges like picking and packing.

2. How much does FBA cost?

The charge depends on the tools you choose to work with. Some free tools provide excellent service, while some charge you a small amount to derive their benefits. However, there is always an option for free trial for exploring the tools.

3. Which FBA calculator is best suited for me?

There are a couple of parameters to consider for choosing the best FBA Calculator that suits you. Consider your budget, if you opt for a paid tool. Then match if the FBA calculator matches your needs. Then choose the one that fits your pocket and requirements.

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