Best Amazon Sales Estimators: Pros Use, Free & Paid [2021]

Best Amazon Sales Estimator

Selling products n Amazon? Earning money can be a cakewalk if you know the tips and guidelines. The ignorance of the knowledge, however, can reduce you to tatters.

It is, thus, a matter of priority to research the market well before you start selling. The information should be at your fingertips. You need to have the idea of the marketplace, the market value of your product, the seasonality of your niche at your fingertips. With extensive product research, you will have to predict accurate sales and thereby, your profit, net and margin.

Did that freak you out? Are you weak at numbers and maths?

Do not worry! There are tools to assist you that would give you accurate sales prediction, calculate the expected profit and provide all the data for analysing the competition.

Sit back and relax! Explore the myriads of benefits you can derive from Amazon Sales Estimator!

What is Amazon Sales Estimator?

Predict sales, estimate your profit and get done with all tedious calculations with Amazon Sales Estimators. Get an insight into the competitive world of online selling, know your competitors’ profits and revenue, value your product’s market demand and make data driven decisions. Take a look at future profit and product performance. Use them to optimise your strategies and the layout of future sales. The days of intuition and guess are long gone. Use data to make correct decisions about planning out your monthly and yearly sales so that you stay at the top of profit. The tools, with their profit calculators, pin point accuracy and advanced data analytics ensure that none of your invested money goes to ruin.

The sales estimator is an irreplaceable tool that allows you to make profitable decisions at several instances while selling. Knowing the estimated sales volume and revenue will reduce the risk of losing money, and you clearly know which products to sell and which ones to avoid.

How to use Amazon Sales Estimator?

It is as simple as eating a sandwich. Follow the steps:

  1. Type in the sales rank for which you want the sales data
  2. Select the Amazon marketplace
  3. Select the product category
  4. Get the monthly sales data

Best Amazon Sales Estimators

Sales Estimator is a fundamental tool any Amazon seller would need to have to estimate sales, revenue and profit. Here are some of the best tools you can consider:

Jungle Scout

It is easy to use. Type the sales rank, product category and market place. Get all the sales data. Spy on your competitors’ sales estimates, optimise your strategy and stay at the top. Get details of the monthly sales and monitor your product performance.

Gain more insights into product level data and deeper competitive arena. Jungle Scout aids product launches and provides you with the right data that you need to be successful as a seller on Amazon.

Click here to try out Jungle Scout!

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AMZ Scout

What is better than knowing the future? Get the comprehensive picture of future sales for free on AMZ Scout.

It provides an easy to understand, user friendly interface where all the product categories are shown. You need to select your category of product and type in the BSR. Get an idea of the saleability of the product, the estimated sales volume, number of units sold in a specific time and more. AMZ Scout offers one of the most accurate and precise results of estimated sales.

Click here to try out AMZ Scout!

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Helium 10

It is a paid sales estimator tool that charges $97 monthly for the Platinum plan and $397 per month for Elite Plan. However, there is a free trial period for a stipulated time with limited functionalities so that you can test drive the tools before purchasing. Go for the annual plan and access 2 months of free service.

The Black Box tool gives an accurate estimate of the sales of any product. It covers half a billion of products on Amazon and provides an in-depth analysis of the profit, revenue and sales for you to choose the best product.

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Get hard data and plenty of them. You can put in the rank and get the sales estimates. But with ASINspector Sales estimator, you get a bigger picture with more accurate details. It is not as drab as spreadsheet data, but packs huge chunks of information neatly to give you a crystal-clear view of sales, estimates, analytics and what not!

Get the monthly sales data and navigate and browse freely with the Chrome Extension of ASINspector.

Click here to try out ASINspector!

Seller Legend

With a vast amount of presentable data, Seller Legend is a reliable tool, whose service is paid. It can generate accurate and adjustable data. The data produced is easy to comprehend by the user. The pricing plans include-

  • Starter- $50 per month
  • Advanced- $60 per month
  • Professional- $70 per month
  • Enterprise- $100 per month

Click here to try out Seller Legend!

Unicorn Smasher

This budget friendly, rather free, tool is another efficient sales estimator tool. It is easy to use and vouches for comprehensibility and efficiency. Do away with the tedious hours of excel and analysis. Get readymade estimates of sales on Unicorn Smasher. Although, it is admitted that there is a compromise on the features which are not as strong as other tools.

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Viral Launch

It gives one of the most accurate sales estimate results. This accuracy and precision springs from the utilisation of much more historical data and trends. Capture even the slightest fluctuations of Amazon product Best Seller Rank on Viral Launch. With hourly updates, the tool gives a representation of accurate and most recent market trends.

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This is another amazing tool for selling products on Amazon. Get the precise sales estimates and in-depth analysis of the market trends. Optimise your listings so that they are highly converting. Spy on your competitors’ ranks, estimates and revenue with private label organiser. Choose a product and test whether it is saleable or not. Check out its performance with the Statistical Significance Calculator.

Click here to try out Splitly!

Hello Profit

The software employs cutting edge technology to give you live updates about the sales statistics and ranking. Visualize the data with lucid graphs and make informed decisions to improve your business strategy. Manage your data and calculate profit easily with Hello profit.

The software does not present complicated data on spreadsheets. You get real time sales data that are accurate. The extensive range of tools that Hello profit employs gives you complete control over your business.

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Joelister is a cloud- based software that helps the user earn extra sales by selling Amazon products on e-bay. It uses FBA profit calculator to reduce the enormous load of calculations from you. However, this software is a bit highly priced and does not provide specialised service. Think twice before settling for this tool.

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AMZ Tracker

It is a straightforward tool that calculates and predicts sales, but is limited to products only with high ranks. It is not relevant for all goods. You can track keywords and see their rankings and also know why certain products do not perform up to the level of expectation.

Click here to try out AMZ Tracker!

Calculating the Amazon Sales Rank

Once a product sells on Amazon and has at least one sale, it gets a Best-Selling Rank or BSR. It is a good measure to evaluate how the product is performing in the market. The BSR is specific for each product category. Suppose a product that has a BSR of 300 in the Apparels niche might have a rank of 20000 in the Toys and Games category. Thus, a product will have multiple BSRs for different categories.

There are a number of factors involved while calculating the BSR. The algorithm for calculating BSR includes current and historical price, sales velocity, competitive products, change in price and promotion. However, even if a product sells in large volume owing to a promotion or discount offered, it does not show a sharp rise in the BSR.

The current and historical price together contribute to the BSR. The one with the highest sales is assigned a value of 1 and the products get ranks accordingly. This is updated on an hourly basis.

What is a good Amazon Sales Rank?

The lower the BSR, the higher is the number of sales.

For estimation of sales it is better to reverse engineer the BSR. Ideate the number of sales you want in a specific interval of time and accordingly check its rank.

Also, keep in mind that the BSR of the same product will vary in different categories. A product performing at 200 BSR in the Kitchen and Dining category might acquire a BSR of 5000 in some other category.

Final Verdict

Predict revenues, drive traffic to your product and skyrocket your sales with the Amazon Sales Estimator. The tool is indispensable and every seller on Amazon, new or experienced, needs access to the plethora of data like product ranks, sales estimates and competitors’ data to strategize his/her business most profitably. Also, the sales estimates guide you to make data driven information that would boost the sales.

There are several tools available on the Internet for calculating profit, predicting sales and estimating revenue generation. Choose the one that fits your need and suits your budget.

Get a pictorial representation of data, and comprehensive analysis of the market trends. Dive in to the competitive edge even if you are not an expert at maths or data analytics.

Use the Sales Estimator Tools to get all tasks done.


1. How to choose the best Amazon Sales estimator?

There is no epitome of the best sales estimator that serves all round purposes. Choose what you need and what data you would like to focus on, before getting your hands on the Amazon Sales estimator.

2. How do I find sales on Amazon?

This depends on the seasonality of the product and its popularity over time. Some products might sell in high volumes in the winter, some in the holiday season, while others might be sold on regular days with great profit.

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