CashCowPro Review: Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons [2021]

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If you are not aware of the booms and nadir of Amazon Market niches, then your seller rank has the probability of plummeting down. How will you avoid that? Stay abreast of new product launches, research products and niches, and estimate the sales and revenue.

Hit a jackpot. No more is it based on intuition or guesswork, but you can now make data driven decisions. Product research is solely aimed at finding the most profitable niche and the most promising product. Invest in it to get high returns. Predict which product will be rising to heights in terms of market demand.

Choose the product, get the suitable keywords and much more with CashCowPro!

What is CashCowPro?

CashCowPro is an all-in-one tool for managing your FBA business operations. Analyse historical data, follow sales fluctuations and the trends of popularity over time. Amazon product research tools will assist you in finding the best products, early in its lifetime.

Get keywords, track products, access the autoreply feature and get real-time estimation of goods using the CashCowPro. Keep a check on and exercise control over revenues, units available, average price, and total number of reviews. 

CashCowPro Pricing 

The pricing structure is a bit cruel. Whether you use one tool or all, you end up paying the entire amount after the free trial ends. Test drive the features during the 10-day free trial period.

For $49.7 per month, you’ll get access to every tool they offer.

Save the charge of 2 months on choosing the annual subscription. Pay $497 yearly and get the services.

However, that involves dishing out quite a sum of money, which you can direct at more focused FBA tools. 

CashCowPro Features

Sales Data

Know your real time profit. Keep the numbers at your fingertips. Take informed data-driven information and boost your sales. 

Get all these insights under sales data-

  • Real time Sales, Profits, Promotions and Refunds
  • BSR and Ranking
  • Your Competition
  • Stock Level and Sales Velocity

Keyword Tracking & Performance

Know where you stand in the competition. Track the rank of 100 main keywords and optimise the listing according to the rank. Keyword tracking helps you in these fields-

  • Monitor Your Performance
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Check Keyword Competitiveness
  • Listing Analyzer & Optimizer

Emails for Review Collection

Automate the email system to connect with customers and request reviews. Remove negative reviews and increase your social proof.

  • Get unlimited emails for all marketplaces
  • 100% automatic setup that collects feedback
  • Easy to Use
  • Prevents Negative Feedback
  • Optimized Email at specified times
  • Get More Organic Reviews 

Top 20 Million Amazon Product Selector

Get the product database and find the most promising one.

  • Find and Invest in the Most Profitable Products
  • Scan Millions of Products in Seconds
  • Includes a Free Chrome Extension
  • Get hundreds of New Product Ideas in no time

Inventory Monitoring

It is a Just in Time Delivery model. Never go out of stock. This tool keeps your inventory full and your customers happy. Track your inventory and easily set up alerts that inform you when it’s time to restock and keep selling.

  • Prevent Stock Outs
  • Sales Velocity Calculator

Performance & Conversion

Know your place in the market, get actionable tips and implement them.

  • Compare your price with your top competitors
  • Your Conversion Rate Trends and Page Views
  • Monitor Changes in Reviews
  • Compare your sales with your competitors

AB Testing

Optimising the listing is as important as choosing the best product to sell. It needs the perfect image, product title, description and features that attract customers to buy your product. Your main objective is to boost sales of your product. The price of the product needs to be competitive as well. 

  • Test Price / Title / Main Image and Features
  • 100% Automatic Set Up 
  • Sales and Conversion Rate for Each Variation
  • Optimize Your Listing.

Final Comments

Track products, get the right keywords and optimise listings to propel your sales and take your business to the heights of success.

If you are a serious seller aiming to generate hefty profit from the Amazon market, all you need to aid you is an online tool. Grab one of them and reach the heights of success.

Click here to try out CashCowPro!

FAQs on CashCowPro

Which market places does CashCowPro support?

CashCowPro supports sellers on Amazon to sell in marketplaces of the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, and Japan.

What if I want to know more before I pay?

Sure! There is a free trial period for you to test drive the features and services. Sign up your account and access it.

How many products can I have on my account?

Currently, CashCowPro allows 10000 products per account, which they review and help in maintaining the optimum level of performance of their software.

How do I use the software?

CashCowPro is a comprehensive software with a user friendly interface. Every feature is provided with a video tutorial that explains its usage and service in boosting your Amazon FBA business.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, you can cancel your CashCowPro account. You will not be charged anymore after your current billing cycle ends. If you cancel before the free trial expires, you will not be charged at all.

Do you sell on Amazon?

For anyone starting out or experienced selling on Amazon, I highly recommend you check out IO Scout. Honestly, I cannot recommend a better tool for the same price, features and support. You can read my full IO Scout Review here to see if it’s right for you or not!

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