FBA Toolkit Review: Pricing, Features, Worth Or Not? [2021]

FBA ToolKit Review

When you venture out to sell on Amazon, the to-do-list keeps on increasing. Estimate sales, revenue, check market trends, research products, and a row of other calculations. But, why toil so much when there are tools ready to reduce your work? 

FBA Toolkit is one of the best tools that estimates all fees, revenue and sales and gives you a clear picture before you start selling your product.

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What Is FBA Toolkit?

FBA simply means Fulfilment by Amazon. It is always important to keep an eye on the money and wallet. With Amazon’s FBA calculator that comes as a free tool, it is possible to estimate the fees, profit and margin instantly. There is no need to hassle between the Excel sheet and amazon website time and again.

The FBA Calculator takes all these into account while calculating the fees:

Product Details

The cost of storage, picking, packing and shipping varies with the size of the product you choose to sell.

Product Cost

The unit cost of each product depends on the supplier you are getting it from. Again, if you buy in bulk, the cost gets reduced. Thus, the price of buying the product plays a vital role in calculation of FBA fees.

Shipping Cost

You need to calculate the shipping and freight charges for bringing the product from the supplier to the warehouse and to the customers. This also depends on the dimensions of the product.


The FBA Calculator also takes into account the charges of adhesives, stickers and other packaging costs for shipping your product with safety.

Referral Bonus

You have to pay the e-commerce service of Amazon a referral fee, which might go up to about 15% of the cost of the product. It might make you cringe, but this is a small price to pay for selling on a platform teemed with customers from across the globe.

Monthly Stock

When you are selling any product, the shelves of the Amazon warehouse are occupied and reserved for you. The space will not be given to any other seller. Thus, you have to pay a rental charge for the storage space of your product.

Manually calculating all the data would be cumbersome. FBA Calculator relieves you of all the trouble.

FBA Toolkit Pricing 

Take a look at the number of plans FBA Toolkit can offer. You can switch your plans at any time. Choose your plan depending on the level of your business:

SCOUTER: Pay $5 per month and get the first month as a free trial. 

  • 10 tracked products
  • 100 price list rows per day
  • 100 barcode scans per day

STARTER: Pay $50 per month

  • 250 tracked products
  • 1000 price list rows per day
  • 500 barcode scans per day
  • Access to all tracked products on the website

BUSINESS: Pay $250 per month

  • 2500 tracked products
  • 5000 price list rows per day
  • 1000 barcode scans per day
  • Access to all tracked products on the website

ENTERPRISE: Pay $500 per month

  • 10000 tracked products
  • 15000 price list rows per day
  • 2000 barcode scans per day
  • Access to all tracked products on the website
  • Training and support
  • Extended report on average, minimum and maximum BuyBox Merchant sales volume

ELITE: Pay $1000 per month

  • 30000 tracked products
  • 50000 price list rows per day
  • 5000 barcode scans per day
  • Access to all tracked products on the website
  • Training and support
  • Extended report on average, minimum and maximum BuyBox Merchant sales volume

FBA Toolkit does not offer any discount on the annual plan. It is a bit on the expensive side.

FBA Toolkit Features

There are three, strong features that make FBA a powerful tool:

Sales Rank

If you are a beginner, you will derive great benefits from this feature. It provides the graphical analysis of daily sales of each product category. You can easily check which product performed well. However, it does not provide too great insights for anyone who spend lots of money on the software.

Price List Analysis

This tool helps the seller decide the purchasing or selling of a product quickly and efficiently. Upload the FBA spreadsheet with a list of ASINs or similar fields and an optional column for price. FBA Toolkit would generate the result for current offers, profit, estimated sales rate, etc.

Product Tracker

With the Product Tracker, you can track the price, sales and stock along with sales rank of any product. Unfortunately, it does not offer in depth insights.

How to Use FBA Toolkit?

FBA Toolkit is easy to use and you do not need any training or videos to use it. There are three simple steps you need to follow-

  1. Go to the information section of the selected product and find its Best-Selling Rank (BSR)
  2. Select the category of products you are most interested in and apply the most suitable BSR
  3. Right beside the input section, you will get all the product details.

Cakewalk, isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

The FBA Toolkit, in spite of offering these services and being super easy to use, does not stand out. It is expensive and the pocket pinch doesn’t pay. At lower costs, you can achieve the same, if not better, services. 

Although the FBA Toolkit website claims to be undergoing developments, it is recommended you think once again before purchasing the subscription.

FBA ToolKit Alternative

For the price, features and support I literally cannot recommend a better and more affordable tool then IO Scout. You can read my full IO Scout Review here to see if it’s right for you or not!

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