FeedbackWhiz Review: Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons [2021]

FeedbackWhiz Review

Selling products on Amazon? Earning money can be a cakewalk if you know the tips and guidelines. The ignorance of the knowledge, however, can reduce you to tatters.

Maintaining customer relation, gaining feedback and reviews is equally important. How nice it would be if all those could be automated!

What is FeedbackWhiz?

Automating the Amazon FBA selling is no longer a chimeric dream. Self-generated mails, requesting reviews and order management is now possible with the features provided by FeedbackWhiz, one of the most powerful tools to assist in online selling. Use it to dominate the market place.

FeedbackWhiz provides a range of advanced software tools for merchants. Boost your business, repair feedback, improve Amazon feedback reviews, and automate high volume customer-friendly emails. You can expect to become the competent order manager and a professional of email automation system introduced by Amazon FeedbackWhiz. 

FeedbackWhiz Pricing Model

There are 5 plans that you can choose to explore the features and derive the benefit from FeedbackWhiz.


Get the basic features absolutely free. Get 150 automated emails per month, with order and feedback manager, analytics and data from 1 market place.


Pay $19.99 per month to get 2000 mails per month, with 10 email campaigns, order and feedback management, analytics and basic support from FeedbackWhiz.


At $39.99 per month, get unlimited email campaigns and 5000 mails monthly, along with the features of Starter plan.


Get unlimited monthly emails and mail campaigns. This is the most popular plan that provides expedited support to you at a monthly charge of $79.99.


Get analytics and statistics, download reports, manage order and feedback and unlimited mail campaigns, along with a dedicated account manager. get all the services at $139.99 per month.

FeedbackWhiz Features

Order Management

Easily manage your entire orders database. It displays the content and statistics of every order. The orders, customer data and advanced data are synchronised on one screen to give you an integrated overview. Find the information quickly and easily. Save time using the intuitive design of the data. Filter, search, edit, delete & track all the order management data. 

Feedback Management

FeedbackWhiz uses the latest technology to manage the Amazon feedback. It automates the customer interactions. Create professional and customised mails to engage customers and acquire positive feedback to drive more sales and revenue. Remove negative feedback on amazon quickly with a single click and set up customer alerts. Use intelligent feedback analysis to find out which campaigns are most effective. 

Product Review Tools

Amazon product reviews are seamlessly integrated in one screen, from where you can analyse the business health. Get instant email notifications when you receive unfavourable Amazon product reviews so that you can respond quickly to the problem. Analyse market trends on the basis of reviews and search engine data.

Monitoring and Notifications

Protect your brand and stay abreast of every issue occurring on the platform to respond quickly. Receive instant Amazon review notifications when you receive new product reviews. Get immediate alerts anytime another seller jumps on or off your listing. Optimize your product listings and compare them to competitors.

Email Automation

FeedbackWhiz is powered by automation and analytical capabilities. Send automated customised emails to engage with your base of loyal customers and request a review from them. Set emails to trigger automatically at specific dates and times based on your customer profiles. Translate review requests to match your customers automatically. 

The Bottomline

The tools provided by FeedbackWhiz are beautiful and easy to use. They are integrated in one platform and use cutting edge technology. The interface is clean, intuitive and comprehensive. FeedbackWhiz includes a comprehensive tutorial and help section along with videos and step-by-step instructions to help you each step of the way. Use the tool, and build your business!

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FAQs on FeedbackWhiz

Which Amazon market places are supported by FeedbackWhiz?

FeedbackWhiz supports Amazon market places in several countries including US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Japan, India, and UAE.

What browsers are supported?

You can use FeedbackWhiz in any device- laptop, desktop or mobile, that can support browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others.

Do I need to install or download any software to use FeedbackWhiz?

You can use FeedbackWhiz directly from your web browser. It is a web-based software and you do not need any extra downloads or installation.

Do I need to have multiple logins if I sell on multiple market places?

No, you can check the data of several market places just by clicking on the corresponding country flag. You will access all the data with just one login.

What types of notifications shall I receive from FeedbackWhiz?

FeedbackWhiz provides alerts for all these types-

  • Positive/Neutral/Negative Seller Feedback
  • Positive/Neutral/Negative Product Reviews
  • Order Returns
  • Hijacker Alerts
  • Buy Box Changes
  • Product Title Changes

You can customize the alerts according to your preference.

How often are the orders, product reviews and feedback updated?

Orders information is updated every 15 minutes. Feedback and return information is updated every 30 minutes. Product Reviews are updated every 6 hours.

Do you sell on Amazon?

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