HelloProfit Review: Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons [2021]

HelloProfit Review

Tired with the data? Confused with the analytics?

Well, if you are selling on Amazon there is a great amount of product research you need to do and a host of factors to consider. From calculating the sales estimates, to revenue, to profit margin and discovering new niches and products, there is an array of activities you need to be abreast of. 

Don’t lose your blood, sweat and tear on all the tedious work as above, for there are tools and software ready to assist you.

HelloProfit is one such comprehensive management software that attempts to provide a complete suite of tools that does everything you need!

Let us dive deep into the details.

Overview of HelloProfit

Smarter. Faster. Easier. 

HelloProfit promises you service that matches the above line.

HelloProfit is a comprehensive management software that provides you with everything you need with one log in. it gives you complete control over your business.

The software employs cutting edge technology to give you live updates about the sales statistics and ranking. Visualize the data with lucid graphs and make informed decisions to improve your business strategy. Manage your data and calculate profit easily with Hello profit.

Reduce the clutter of a hundred different tools, each with a special function. Hello Profit integrates all services under one platform. Another impressive feature is the unparalleled customer support it offers that adds a differential value to the software. 

HelloProfit offers the complete toolset to keep you at the zenith of the business.

Pricing Structure

Want to test how Hello Profit is before you pinch your wallet?

HelloProfit gives you a 21-day free trial period! Access all the features, save time and earn money and track every detail.

After the trial period, a monthly charge of $97 is the subscription fee. Get one merchant account, unlimited orders, and 30 keywords per product.

If you want to add on some more merchant accounts, purchase them at $29 per account.

Features of Hello Profit

Get all the options on the dashboard. Rightly, Hello Profit is claimed to be one of the most convenient management tools.

Merchant Dashboard

You do not need to switch to multiple accounts to get the sales and profit data. Every detail is neatly displayed on one dashboard. Get all the numbers and analyze their importance. Know how they are impacting your profit margin.

Get details of merchant, marketplace and date. Get all the product data in the form of tiles.

Set up multiple merchant accounts and get the aggregate view of the statistics. Make informed decisions with almost real time data.

Product Dashboard

Customize your own group of products, hide data or highlight areas you want to focus on. Get an idea how your promotions are performing in comparison to the full price sales. Break down the details to identify transaction types. Monitor your sales rank to determine how your marketing efforts are progressing. 

Visualize the data in segregated and clear ways. Group multiple brands together, or find the performance of all FBA products. 

PPC Manager

Check out how profitable the sponsored product campaigns are. Use advanced filters to optimize campaigns and recommended metrics. Customize your graphs and edit keywords. Tweak budgets and bids, and get in depth detail of products, campaigns and more on one platform.

Payout Reporting

Count every bit of money. Get bi weekly reports on where the money is landing for individual ASINs and your overall account. Know your exact profit as the calculations include the details of shipping, sponsored ad and campaign costs as well. Group the income and expenses so that you can focus in detail. Export the data to be analyzed by your consultant later.

Instant Notifications

Know how your marketing campaigns are performing. Get notified when your sales reach the maximum velocity, when you gain the maximum hourly profit and also when your sales velocity runs low and the units sold does not live up to your expected figure.

Customers and Orders

In the increasingly fierce competition, customer service adds value to your business that can boost your growth. Know your customers to serve them efficiently. Take notes to remind yourself of the orders or any special needs of your customers. Track how frequently your buyers get back and use the data for customer retention. Also, check the data for refunds. 

Concluding Thoughts

If you are looking for an Amazon intelligence tool, Hello Profit is your perfect partner. 

Grab all the merchant data and get insights with the algorithm of the software. Save your precious time and toil you would have put in on analyzing Excel spreadsheets, because hello profit presents a beautiful visual picture of your data. 

On an average, Hello Profit users earn a profit of almost 35%.

No wonder, it has raised the bar high!


What do I get in a Free Trial?

The 21-day free trial period gives you access to the entire range of tool set so that you can run a test drive of the software before you purchase it. Drill down to detailed data and your true profits.

Does Hello Profit cater to the needs of new or experienced sellers?

HelloProfit is the keystone for the expansion and success of all levels of business. If you are new, your Hello Profit account gives you a clear picture of the grouped data and profitability. Even for experienced sellers, drilling down to details for fine grained analysis and optimization is necessary to keep up the profit margin.

How is the net profit calculated?

HelloProfit uses laser accuracy to calculate your profit. It takes into account product cost, FBA shipping cost, FBM cost, professional seller account fee, coupon discounts and lightning deal fees. It gives you detailed result with   

Is my data safe and secure?

HelloProfit ensures complete confidentiality and security of your data. Even when the support team has to assist you, your permission is required to let them log in to your account. It offers an SSL secured platform.

Will I be able to import my previous data when I open a new account on Hello Profit?

Yes, you can import data of the past two years by upgrading to full membership after starting your free trial.

Is there any cancellation period?

You can cancel your subscription any time.

How can I see the sales statistics for a custom group of products?

Create your own customized groups, and you can view all the details of the group. You can also see the statistical data of more than one group at a time.

Do you sell on Amazon?

For anyone starting out or experienced selling on Amazon, I highly recommend you check out IO Scout. Honestly, I cannot recommend a better tool for the same price, features and support. You can read my full IO Scout Review here to see if it’s right for you or not!

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