How To Get Approval To Sell Beauty Products On Amazon In 2022

How To Get Approval To Sell Beauty Products On Amazon

Customers all throughout the world trust Amazon because it strictly controls what third-party suppliers are allowed to offer on each marketplace. Beauty products is one such category that requires you to get a special permission, to be able to sell on Amazon. This is because cosmetics fall under the ‘gated’ category.

Read on to know more about the ‘gated’ category on Amazon, and if beauty products do fall under such restriction, how to acquire the approval to be able to sell them on Amazon in 2022.

What is a ‘gated’ category on Amazon?

Amazon forbids the sale of particular categories, subcategories, or brands. This prevents new vendors from selling specific things until they are approved.  Regulations controlling such commodities are occasionally included in Amazon’s seller policies, and other times they reflect constraints imposed by state and federal governments. Usually, they are set in place to prohibit selling fake or illegal items.

Products belong to these restricted categories are referred to as ‘gated’ product or the entire category is called a ‘gated’ category. Being ‘ungated’ on Amazon implies you’ve been given permission to sell some of these prohibited items.

Which categories are ‘gated’ on Amazon?

Restricted categories on Amazon frequently include items that are heavily regulated, may be counterfeit, or are branded.

The following are the Amazon categories that are gated as of 2022:

  1. Amazon Watch Warranty FAQs
  2. Video, DVD and Blu-ray
  3. Collectible Coins
  4. Automotive and Powersports
  5. Textbook Rentals
  6. Clothing, Accessories, Shoes and Luggage
  7. Entertainment Collectibles
  8. Major Appliances
  9. Gift Cards
  10. Collectible Books
  11. Grocery and Gourmet Foods
  12. Sports Collectibles
  13. Kindle Accessories
  14. Fine Art
  15. Sexual Wellness
  16. Streaming Media Players
  17. Toys and Games (Holiday Selling Guidelines)
  18. Fine Jewellery
  19. Beauty

How long does it take to get ungated on Amazon?

There is no set timeframe, however your ungating request might take anything from a few minutes to a few hours to be accepted. If obtaining clearance turns out to be difficult, or if you have a series of document verifications outstanding, the procedure might take several days.

How to sell beauty products on Amazon?

To be able to sell beauty products on Amazon, you first need to be ungated in the Beauty category. The information provided below tells you how to go about it.

First of all, make sure you have an Amazon Professional Seller account.

Only individuals with a Professional Selling Plan can sell restricted categories. This plan costs $39.99 per month, but Amazon takes a reduced percentage of your sales, so if you sell a lot of things each month, this plan will save you money over time. Verify whether you have a wholesaler account with the same delivery address as your Amazon account.

Select Beauty as the category you want to ungate

Go to Amazon Seller Central and select the Inventory option, then ‘Add A Product.’ From the several categories and subcategories provided, choose Beauty as that is the domain in which you want to sell. Look for the product name, brand, or Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN).

Submit an approval request.

You’ll discover a selling application for each gated category once you’ve decided which one you wish to sell in. Fill out the application and send it in to get that category ungated. To receive a faster response, make sure you email the application on a regular business day. Ideally, you should hear back within a few hours or days.

When you’ve found the category you want, select ‘Listing Limitations Apply’ and then ‘Request Approval.’ Here you can find an application form to finish the procedure. Complete the form and submit your request.

Every application is different and has unique requirements to get passed. In certain cases, you may be asked to provide invoices or images of the products, so be sure you have all of the relevant information before starting to fill out the form.

If a service agent rejects your application, you may always withdraw it, wait a few days, and then reapply in the hopes of being assigned to a new agent.

What are the chances your application will be approved?

Many things will influence whether your request is accepted. Specific categories have their own set of rules for sellers who want to sell restricted products on Amazon. Most of these categories will need further documentation. You may be asked to provide a copy of your seller’s invoice, a fee, or even a letter of authenticity from the manufacturer.

Before you apply to get ungated in Beauty products

There is a certain criterion that you need to meet even before applying to be ungated in the Beauty Category. Amazon will check to determine whether you match the following requirements before approving you to sell in the Beauty items category:

  • Pro-Merchant Status: Obtaining Pro Merchant status is as simple as paying $39 per month for your seller account. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to submit your application since your Order Defect Rate must be less than 1%.
  • You’re set to proceed if your Pre-Fulfilment Cancel Rate is less than 2.5 percent.
  • The Late Shipment Rate on your order must not exceed 4%.

After you’ve met the criteria, you’ll need to prove Amazon that you’re a legitimate company that can help itself, and one of the easiest ways to accomplish so is to offer invoices. You need to have at least three.

It is recommended that your invoices be within the past 90 days. Your case will be better put if you are able to submit a much recent invoice.

Some important things to keep in mind

Let’s get one thing out of the way right now! When it comes to the regulations and limits for selling beauty items, Amazon is quite stringent. Even if you get ungated in the Beauty category, the following are the standards you must meet in order to sell cosmetics on Amazon:

  • You must make certain that the cosmetics are sealed in their original manufacturer’s packaging.
  • Make sure the items are brand new and unopened.
  • The maker or distributor of cosmetic items must clearly show identifying codes on the package, such as matrix codes, lot numbers, and serial numbers.
  • It is illegal to sell products that contain substances obtained from huge aquatic creatures (such as sharks, whales, dolphins, or porpoises).

Are there any requirements for selling beauty products on Amazon that are specific to a certain region?

There are no major province- or city-specific rules, however antiperspirants, deodorants, and hairsprays must not include harmful air pollutants if they are to be marketed in California or New York.

It’s not simple to get clearance to sell items in gated categories, but it’s usually worth the effort.   Restricted categories are less competitive since they are less crowded. This will assist you in gaining a greater market share and increasing income. It also allows you to establish a strong brand and reputation in these sectors. This is a fantastic opportunity to expand your business if you’re ready to go the additional mile.

In a short period of time, the Beauty category, which was previously quite restricted in online commerce, has demonstrated significant growth in gaining momentum and seeing a rise in demand. That is why being able to sell Beauty products on a popular website like Amazon can turn out to be quite a lucrative business.

Now that you know how to get ungated in the Beauty category on Amazon, hurry up and start selling before somebody else takes away your chance.

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