How To Make Amazon Bundles (Amazon Bundle Ideas)

How To Make Amazon Bundles (Amazon Bundle Ideas)

Selling on Amazon takes a significant amount of time, effort, and innovation. Every Amazon seller wishes to be the only one eligible for the purchase box. But this is difficult since Amazon has millions of vendors offering practically everything worth selling in the globe.

However, there are always methods to offer value to the client and drive sales and conversions while presenting your product to the market. We’re no longer talking about branding or advertising. We’ll speak about creating and selling bundles.

What are bundles on Amazon?

We’ve all been in that situation. You’re out shopping for movie night munchies, making sure to get everything you need—candy, crackers, and something to drink with it. When you finally have Netflix up and running, you realise something terrible: you forgot the popcorn! If only the grocery store supplied movie night munchies in a box, you’d be able to grab one and not forget anything.

A product bundle on Amazon is made up of two or more complementary goods that are offered together in a single listing. The consumer may acquire all they need with one click, providing value and ease.

There are two to five things in each set. The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) or Universal Product Code for the complete bundle is unique (UPC). This new UPC does not correspond to any of the bundle’s items.

Sellers may use bundling to produce numerous listings for Amazon’s catalogue without having to launch new items.

How is selling in bundles profitable?

Selling a bundle of wholesale products can be more profitable than selling a single wholesale item. This is because you may establish your own pricing without fear of being undercut by another merchant. Customers will frequently pay more for a bundle pack’s convenience.

According to research, buyers expect bundles to arrive at a lower price and so deliver cost saving, which is a competitive advantage. This is true in certain ways since it cuts shipping costs: the buyer pays for the delivery of a single set rather than many goods. When it comes to items priced below Amazon’s free delivery threshold, this can be an edge.

How to create bundles on Amazon?

Making a bundle isn’t as simple as it appears at first sight. It’s not only that you can’t include things in the bundle that don’t match. See what happens if you try to sell a lipstick and a chair as a package.

In certain cases, Amazon may not even allow you to mix and match products belonging to different categories together. As a result, before you begin bundling, it’s a good idea to understand what bundles are, how to bundle items on Amazon, and how this strategy may help you succeed.

Look at the “frequently bought together” section

You must ensure that the things you’re bundling are not just functionally complementary, but also that they will sell well together.

On Amazon, you’ve probably seen the “frequently bought together” section. This displays the goods that consumers typically add to order when purchasing a specific product. In other words, a product bundle recipe

You may make a unique, bundled product listing with these complimentary product details already available to you, to save your customers’ clicks—and money.

Use a good bundling strategy

Depending on the category of product you are listing, you can either use a mixed or a pure bundling strategy. In a mixed bundling approach, items are offered both together and individually, whereas in a pure bundling strategy, products are only sold together and cannot be purchased separately. The second is a little less common.

Engage in wholesale bundling

Instead of producing a new private label product, look for companies that are currently doing well on Amazon, register a wholesale account with that brand, and then resale on Amazon. Always make sure that the products you buy on wholesale are among the trending bestselling products.

Offer reasonable discounts

Because the most successful bundles provide enticing discounts, make sure the overall bundle price is less than the sum of its goods’ pricing. Be mindful of listing products with limited inventory, as discounting them may not make sense.

Use the Amazon Virtual Product Bundle Tool

The Amazon virtual bundler for FBA allows you to ‘virtually’ assemble bundles of complementary ASINs from a single information page. Two to five things can be bundled together.

This allows you to sell bundles without having to package the items together, and no FBA inbound inventory is affected.

To be eligible for the Amazon Virtual Bundler tool, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be the owner of a brand; items must be listed in the Brand Registry; items must be FBA inventory in ‘New’ condition.
  • Gift cards, electronically delivered items (digital music, video, and books), and renewed/used ASINs are not permitted to be sold under this.

On Amazon, type “bundle” into the search box.

The keyword “bundle” will appear in the title of sellers that offer product bundles.

When done correctly, this produces some nice results. Instead of browsing the whole Amazon site, narrow your search to a certain product category and then type “bundle” into the search box.

The findings will show you what sorts of items in that category sell well together.

Develop a good pricing strategy for your bundles

Follow these tips when developing a pricing strategy for your bundle:

  • Combining pricey and low-cost items is not a good idea.
  • When combining items with varying values, specify each item’s value separately.
  • Only one main product in the bundle should be reduced in price; this will make the package more appealing.
  • Show the price of the bundle, as well as product-by-product reductions.
  • Customers may suspect inferior quality if you offer excessive discounts.

Make sure your packaging is right

You must package bundles together when sending them to an Amazon FBA fulfillment center. Place them in a box or a polythene bag. You’ll need to attach a FNSKU label and a ‘Do Not Separate’ sticker on the outside of your package.

Don’t create seasonal bundles

When you initially start making bundles, you’ll have to put in some time upfront. Everything takes longer, from copywriting to sourcing, than a usual listing. If you’re short on cash, we don’t advocate buying in packages that will only sell for a few months of the year.

Is this something you can do on Amazon?

I know some of you are wondering if you can actually combine various brands and goods into one listing on Amazon, and the answer is YES!

This is a legal business plan that adheres to Amazon’s terms of service. If you intend to offer a product bundle, we recommend that you read Amazon’s Product Bundling Policy carefully.

Some important bundling tips on Amazon:

  • Bundles must include things that are highly complementary to one another (this means items in the bundle enable or enhance the use of other items in the bundle or provide convenience to the buyer by purchasing them together.)
  • A bundle can be made up of various branded goods.

Bundles are made up of numerous single goods, each with its own ASIN/UPC, that are offered together as a single offering. A bundle is not a pre-packaged kit or pack that contains many goods and is recognised by a single ASIN/UPC.

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