IO Scout Review: Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons [2021]

IO Scout Review

Selling products on Amazon? You must be overwhelmed by the magnanimous range of products and the stiff competition from sellers around you! If you wish to stand out and get an edge above others, you need strategies and automated selling tools.

Your success on Amazon depends on a wide spectrum of decisions that you take once you step into the venture. The most important choice being deciding upon the product you wish to sell. With a multitude of items, it becomes difficult to choose one and guarantee success without a proper and accurate analysis of data.

Another decision that influences your chances of success is choosing the software service that caters to your needs of product research. Fortunately, there are a host of software to assist you in product research. However, IO Scout comes with several tools and multiple integrated functions.

IO Scout ranks among the top software that aid in product research and accelerate success of sellers on Amazon platform. 

Getting Started with IO Scout

IO Scout Illustration

IO Scout is currently a top-notch software serving the sellers on Amazon. It offers high data accuracy and low competition, apart from making the process of selling easy for you. No wonder, IO Scout has been endorsed by more than 45000 sellers on Amazon!

The software is easy to handle and is fit for any realm of seller- Private Labels, Wholesale sellers, Arbitrage and Dropshipping.

Whether you are new to selling or a dexterous player on the Amazon selling field, IO Scout helps you enter the market with high-in-demand products. Maximise your selling potential, optimise your business processes and earn high. There is an array of tools that makes IO Scout superior to other similar software. These features include Product Tracking, Product Finding, Real Time analysis of sales and remaining stocks in the FBA Inventory, FBA Calculator to ease calculations, etc. All these tools work in unison to give you a seamless experience of selling on Amazon, regardless of whether you are a pro or a beginner in selling on Amazon.

When cut throat competition is in the air, to survive, you need to adapt. This had been said long ago by Darwin. The scenario is much the same on a competitive selling platform. For your business to flourish, you need a powerful software like IO Scout to be the dominant player in the market.

Get started without further delay!

Pricing Structure of IO Scout 

IO Scout provides a straightforward pricing plan and attractive monthly and annual discounts. There are several packages and prices that the software offers.

Get 24/7 support from consultants, search keywords and become a master seller.

IO Scout offers a 25% discount on the monthly subscription and a massive 60% discount on the annual plan. 

Make sure that you check some special offers that IO Scouts Page offers for a limited time.

IO Scout Pricing Image

There are 3 basic levels of plans that IO Scout provides:

  • Start-up Plan– Save $10 on the monthly plan. Pay $29 monthly and $14.5 per month when billed annually. Grab the plan to get 25 products on Product Tracker and 25 keywords on the Keyword Tracker. 
  • Seller Plan– Pay $49 per month in the monthly plan. Save more dimes and pennies in the annual subscription by paying only $24.5 per month. Get access to 45 products and 45 keywords and chrome extension. Let me bring it to your notice that this plan is the best selling and most profitable scheme.
  • Business Plan- Pay $69 monthly and save $23. In the annual plan, save $690 and pay $34.5 per month. Get 85 keywords and 85 products and chrome extension.

There are several features common to all the packages and plans:

  • Product Finder
  • Trends and History
  • Keyword Research
  • Access to IO Scout Learning Material
  • Sales Analytics
  • Sales Estimator
  • Amazon FBA Calculator
  • Listing Optimiser
  • 200 Million Products Database Access
  • Unlimited Historical Data
  • 24/7 Support

After all these features, it is even thrilling to know that IO Scout offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

IO Scout Tools and Features

These are the tools and features that makes IO Scout stand apart-

FBA Calculator

FBA simply means Fulfilment by Amazon. It is always important to keep an eye on the money and wallet. With Amazon’s FBA calculator that comes as a free tool with IO Scout, it is possible to estimate the fees, profit and margin instantly. There is no need to hassle between the Excel sheet and amazon website time and again.

IO Scout FBA Calculator

IO Scout Amazon FBA Calculator

Get all these questions answered with FBA calculator:

How much fees am I going to pay to Amazon? 

FBA Calculator enlists in detail the amount you need to pay Amazon for storing, packaging and selling your product. This includes Amazon Referral Fee, Variable Closing Fee, Monthly Storage Fee, Fulfilment Fee along with considerations of product choice, category, dimensions, etc.

What profit should I expect?

This is the question that concerns much of our ado. FBA calculator takes into account each dime of expense from packaging, shipping and other fees and then calculates the net profit that would be deposited in your pocket.

How profitable is my product?

How much of return can you expect? Will your items sell 10 times or 1000 times, manifolding your profit margin?

The FBA calculator returns the revenue margin as your profit to give you a clear idea about the finances.

How much money should I spend on marketing campaign?

Deciding upon the area of other expenses such as marketing is crucial. FBA calculator gives you a detailed analysis of profit and expenditure so that you can decide how much you can invest on marketing campaigns.

Amazon Sales Estimator

It is a free tool that estimates the number of monthly sales in a specific niche. Spy on competitors, predict your sales and study the Product Sales Rank or BSR. The sales volume for a particular rank differs for different categories.

Amazon Sales Estimator

With the Sales Estimator, calculate the BSR to achieve your sales target. Discover profitable products by observing how many items are selling in that category. 

To estimate the number of sales, follow these steps:

  • Choose Amazon product category
  • Type in the Products Sales Rank
  • Click on Calculate Sales
  • After a few seconds, Amazon will return the product result that matches your requirement
  • If you want to change the niche of items, change the name of the product category and generate fresh results.

To estimate the BSR, follow the same steps in the BSR estimator tab:

  • Choose Amazon product category
  • Type in the sales volume you want to achieve
  • Click on Calculate BSR
  • The result will appear after a few moments displaying the product name that matches your search criteria
  • In order to change your category and BSR, click on “Calculate BSR for another category”.

Product Finder

A powerful tool of the IO Scout is the Product Finder that boosts product research among more than 200 million odd products scattered all over the virtual market. Search among the wide range of products by applying various filters like-

  • Category
  • Product. Price
  • Rating
  • Reviews
  • Rank
  • Weight
  • Revenue
  • Sales
  • Sellers

This gives a comprehensive research on the competition, worth and estimated demand of your product. Use IO Scout to find high margin products with low competition, using the revenue and sellers filters. 

IO Scout Product Finder

If you are not ready to dive in to new brand niches, you can always explore what you are good at. Use the Include Keywords tab to find out more products that you are more experienced with. You may also venture into new niches by filtering a search through reviews, ratings, sellers, etc. 

IO Scout Product Finder lets you save search filters and use for later use. You can use bookmarks to update the product details at regular time intervals. With this tool, you can settle for products with better quality and less competitors to avoid selling in an over saturated market.

Product Tracker

If you have multiple product ideas at present and wish to use them later, you can do this very easily by adding a Bookmark. You will find all the saved items in the Product Tracker later. All the information will be updated hourly to provide you with relevant information. All the product details can be grouped and stored in one place in an organised fashion. 

IO Scout Product Tracker

Track product trends, check the seasonality of your products, rank trends and reviews. With this tool, you can also check your competitor’s pricing strategy and analyse to get a differential price advantage over your competitors. 

Check the profit and margin directly on Tracker with FBA Calculator. Include all potential expenses and calculate the estimated profit that your product would return on selling.

With IO Scout Product Tracker, you can also contact a host of suppliers. Choose where you would like to start your search. Choose your supplier and get started!

A hub of product ideas, estimation of profit, revenue and other finances, pricing strategies, supplier hunt- everything will be accomplished in Product Tracker.

Google Chrome Extension:

This is the most important feature that allows analysis and study of the data regarding product details. You have to install it and launch it on Amazon to derive its benefits.

You can use this to search category, products and a host of other things. Get detailed statistics and right data with Google Chrome Extension, without leaving the Amazon page. Estimate your product’s monthly sales, sales volume and revenue for products. Understand the product net and margin, profit and estimated expenses on Google Chrome Extension. 

IO Scout Google Extension

You can review trends, prices, history of products all with the Chrome Extension. Track demand trends to predict the worth of a product. IO Scout will show all the product details on the page. This includes product name, category, price, ASIN, BSR, rating and delivery type.

Start your supplier hunt from 10+ resources using the Google Chrome Extension. Simply type in where you want to start from. 

Analyse niches, start supplier search and bookmark details on IO Scout with Google Chrome Extension. Validate your product research. See the niche sales, sellers and more. Get instant access to all the information while you are on Amazon page. 

IO Scout Keyword Tool

Research your keyword well. Ensure that you are investing in a category that promises high end profits. Add top keywords to make your listing stand out! Keyword Scout gives the seller the most accurate database of keywords that you can use and optimise your listing, as these are the words that Amazon users use to search products.

IO Scout Keyword Scout

Use Keyword Scouts to create high converting listings. Use the data to create the correct title and compose a beautiful product description rich with keywords that match user search. 

IO Scout Keyword Tool

If you are thinking about venturing into a new brand or niche, look before you take the leap. Research on the details of the trending niches and analyse to predict which category will be high in demand. 

Explore new arenas and new products with keywords. Choose the products which are low in sales volume. Analyse the historical trend of keyword search in the past 12 months. Use the monthly trend data to picturise the niche and products’ seasonal demands. Adjust PPC campaigns and optimise listings according to popularity of a category of products.

Use Keyword Scout to analyse the competitive trend of niches and see how saturated a particular niche is with respect to sellers.

Listing Builder

An optimised listing is essential to boost the sales of your product. Your bookmarked keywords will be automatically added to build listings. Choose the keywords you want to add to the listing. All the keywords will be shown on the left of the canvas along with the sales volume for each. Once you use the keyword, it will be automatically crossed out by the list. Even if you exceed the number of words or characters, it will set off a warning and adjust it.

Generate keywords that are frequently in use by Amazon users. Save and use them in Amazon Listing Builder to reach your target audience. There are several templates that you can easily use. Import keywords, save the templates and use them later. 

The keywords are at your fingertips. Build your listing from a list of recommended keywords in a very intuitive manner. 

Sales Analytics

 This tool was added in June, 2020 that helps you to get real time data of sales of your product on Amazon. Analysis of data is the most powerful tool that is utilised by IO Scout. 

Inventory Management

Getting a clear picture of the inventory, virtual or physical is of immense value. The stock left in the inventory, the total volume of product available, the real time sales and such data helps in operation management and maintains a smooth and developed supply chain management. This is very crucial in the market of Just In Time delivery trends. 

Why Will You Use IO Scout?

IO Scout is simply the best platform with more than 2 million product details that lets you effectively search a product that has high demand and low competition. There are some spectacular reasons why IO Scout stands out from the rest and gives you an edge above others. 

1. Ease of Use:

Scan the market and check out which product promises highest profitability. The ease of access and convenience boosts you up to use IO Scout for product research. Monitor the market on Amazon.

2. Access to Millions of Items:

IO Scout is a powerful tool that allows you to search all the products on the Amazon market. Get detailed research on all products and find out competitors.

3. Filters:

There are several filters that would streamline your search on IO Scout. Search with respect to price, sales, stock information, testimonials, etc using filters and get analysed and well directed data. Also, advanced filters are available like oversized products, or track down those without the BuyBox. You can search only for FBA or FBM products, or track down the products that are out of stocks but high in demand. Then you can plunge into the market once the stock boosts up.

4. History:

History repeats and trends tell the story. IO Scout allows a great feature to explore the trends and history of any product. Discover trending products and IO Scout also provides a well detailed information on the changes in the niche and predict trending products.

5. Data Accuracy:

This is the age of Fourth Industrial Revolution. Data is the core resource. IO Scout gives you access to accurate data regarding stocks, revenue, sales, etc. The effective algorithm helps generate the flow of accurate information.

6. Perfect Solution to Guide you in your Business:

Io Scout has a modest pricing plan and offers service to all levels of owners and businesses, from small to big tycoons, from private sellers to dropshipping. It provides automated product search and paves the way for success.

IO Scout provides all the essential tools in one platform. You do not need to switch to multiple tabs or devices. Get ready made service of keywords, listing, product research, new brand or niche entry, sales volume, profit and expenditure calculation and even the real time status of inventory and sales on one platform. Integrated with Chrome Extension and FBA calculator gives it an edge over all other similar software in this niche.

IO Scout Video Reviews

Final Thoughts 

IO Scout wins out when you compare it with other tools like Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout, or Viral Launch.

IO Scout Vs Jungle Scout

At an affordable price, get access to all important features that guide you in progressive business. It enables you to take important decisions guided by data analytics and allows you to gain more profit. It is a software that is designed to assist Amazon seller achieve their highest goals. 

Climb up the rungs of success with IO Scout that analyses niche, conducts product research and gets detailed trending news of products. It provides high data accuracy and analytics. 

IO Scout is the best fit and a very powerful tool for Amazon sellers. It provides 24/7 support with blogs and detailed competitive research of products. 

Why wait?! Grab the plans and set the path for success!

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