Jungle Scout Launch Review: Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons [2021]

Jungle Scout Launch Review

If you ask any seller on Amazon, probably product research will come up as the most hectic task of all. It is essential to get the most profitable niche, but it is a time consuming one. There are many online tools to assist you in product research and finding the best product that you can sell.

Apart from product research, the tools are integrated with several other algorithms that find the rank, optimise listings and research keywords. Jungle Scout Launch used to be one of those all-in-one platforms. It then got rebranded as Jungle Scout Launch, emerging out to be more powerful than ever.

What is Jungle Scout Launch?

If you have been in the Amazon selling market, you have probably heard of Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout Launch is a tool integrated with Jungle Scout software suite. Apart from the product research service as their flagship product, Jungle Scout Launch also has several other tools to offer. It is widely used by users worldwide to soar up their sales and conversion rates.

The launch platform has coupons that draw traffic to your listing. Another stark feature of Jungle Scout Launch is email autoresponder that links with your Amazon Seller Central account to automate the Amazon mails.

Let us take a deeper look at the features.

Jungle Scout Launch Features

There are two stellar features that reign Jungle Scout Launch:

Product Launches and Ranking

Your product might be the best in the entire Amazon market place, but it will not bear fruition until your customers get to see it. Making your product rank high when the customers enters a search query can be challenging.

You need to get an initial amount of sales to boost your organic rank. For this, Jungle Scout Launch lets you showcase your products with the special deals and discounts in front of target audience. The shoppers on Jungle Scout Launch search with filters of price, deals, etc and obtain the discount codes, which they can use on Amazon. 

Boost the rank, sales velocity using Jungle Scout Launch.

Email Automation and Reviews

Get a social proof in the form of reviews and feedback from your customer. A seller without any reviews ceases to exist in the Amazon market.

Jungle Scout Launch helps you automatically connect with customers for their reviews using the email autoresponder feature. Connect with customers globally from US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany, let automated emails converse with them in their mother tongue and win review for you!

Select the timing of your email judiciously, maybe after shipping or delivery. You can sequence your mails to fire during a refund to prevent the generation of negative reviews.

How to Use Jungle Scout Launch?

Lets first review the catch-22 scenario that a seller faces on Amazon

Get more sales to improve the ranking of your product. 

Higher ranking will lead to further sales.

The number of sales increases the number of reviews from satisfied customers.

The review further encourages more sales.

This cycle continues perpetually. And once you have gained the trust of Amazon, it will ensure that your product ranking does not plummet.

However, to get the initial sales is quite difficult. You need to put in some discount codes and cost advantages to rise in the market.

Here is where Jungle Scout Launch comes to the rescue. Amazon allows you to generate codes and give them to selected customers. As the sales increase, so does your ranking, attracting further customers to buy your product. With Jungle Scout Launch, you can put these discount codes in their system. Jungle Scout Launch, already teeming with more than 100,000 genuine customers lets shoppers see the products who request for a code. If the code gets approved, the shopper uses it on Amazon to purchase your product.

The usage instructions to use Jungle Scout Launch are quite comprehensive:

  1. Select a product from the list, use its Amazon URL or keyword URL and initiate a giveaway.
  2. Set the number of discount coupons
  3. Decide how you would approve the discounts of your customers
  4. Jungle Scout Launch lets you limit the quantity of items being purchased. This prevents tricksters from buying all products from your inventory at unbelievably low cost, thus protecting your profits.
  5. Select proper ASIN and get the email follow up campaign at the right time, maybe after delivery, shipping or post purchase.

How is Launch Different from Jungle Scout Launch?

Target Audience

Jungle Scout Launch allows only those shoppers who can access your deals, promotions and discount codes and improve your organic sales ranking.

Email Campaign Setup by International Marketplace

Email campaigns allow you to connect with customers from across the globe. As globalisation increases, getting a steady customer base is pretty important. Send emails and connect to customers from US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany, using Jungle Scout Launch auto responder emails.

Keyword targeted URLs Removal

Amazon prevented the use of customized keywords as they became a way of rank manipulation and getting an unfair advantage. Jungle Scout Launch thus integrated this feature of removing target keywords to abide by Amazon’s policies.

Pricing Upgrade

The new upgradation of Jungle Scout Launch offers a very flexible pricing package that lets you pay according to the products that your Amazon account deals in. The price varies with the number of products you can use the discount or coupons for. 

This gives space for more flexibility compared to the rigid pricing structure and lets you benefit from a range of features for every item you sell.

Security Issues

Your account is safe, and the issue of accessibility of an account has improved as JumpSend moved in to Jungle Scout Launch. You can invite other users who can log in with their own details and your password without privacy concerns.

Final Comments

Propel your business forward and get an upper hand in the Amazon selling market. Jungle Scout Launch is known throughout the Amazon community to offer clear benefits to the seller. It has a wide satisfied user base who have gained more sales, benefitted from Jungle Scout Launch promotions and developed their business.

Amazon clearly follows this:

Get sales to improve the ranking. The higher ranking leads to more sales. Higher sales will fetch you more reviews. Higher reviews will get you more sales.

The most essential step is thus to get more sales. Jungle Scout Launch assists you here, giving you a competitive edge when you launch the product.

Take control over the traffic being directed to your product. Manage your business with ease using Jungle Scout Launch.


Is there a free trial?

Try all the features during the 7-day free trial before you purchase to check whether it suits your needs and purposes.

How do I cancel my account?

It is quite easy to cancel your subscription to Jungle Scout Launch services. Go to Accounts tab and select your plan. In the Settings, you will find a cancellation link highlighted in red. Click on it to cancel your account.

Can I register my account on Jungle Scout Launch website?

Get all the features and services of Jungle Scout Launch just by synchronising your account with your Amazon Marketplace Web Service.

Do you sell on Amazon?

For anyone starting out or experienced selling on Amazon, I highly recommend you check out IO Scout. Honestly, I cannot recommend a better tool for the same price, features and support. You can read my full IO Scout Review here to see if it’s right for you or not!

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