Keepa Review: Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons [2021]

Keepa Review

Amazon is one of the largest online selling platforms with millions of products. In the sea of the products being sold, the competition among the sellers is palpable. Again, it is a highly profitable market. This is validated by the fact that financial stalwarts like Warren Buffet has been investing in this market, estimating its prospect. 

What you need to understand and analyse this market is a tool to assist you in finding a profitable niche and the best product that has low competition and high demand. Get the sales predictions, track prices, analyse trends and get featured as a top-ranking seller on Amazon market.

What is Keepa?

Do you want to be successful on Amazon selling? Do you want to save money and prevent the loss of money due to foolish decisions? Well, who doesn’t?

Keepa is one of the best tools that guides you in making informed decisions. Do not invest in products that will ultimately drop in its price and push you to losses. Keepa’s data and insights on analytics lets you predict the future popularity and demand of the product. It is a very useful feature that helps the sellers save money. Avoid products that might look cool but the craze dies down after a stipulated period of time. View the seller ranking and take the data driven decision. Track a large number of products and import them on the wish list.

You can browse products on Amazon. Keep a track of price changes, and get notified whenever the price drops. The alerts may be sent to you over email, Telegram Messenger or social media. The price gets updated regularly to keep it at par with the Amazon listing. You can download the Browser extension and keep yourself updated with real time data on your smart device or from your computer. Keepa can be used to track products from all Amazon sites in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Japan, India, Mexico, China, Brazil and Australia. You can set your site language as well. This makes Keepa usable for everyone.

Keepa Pricing Structure

Keepa has an affordable pricing model. It is free to a certain level. Pay as low as $20 to get the full access.

The free version has a few limitations which keeps certain aspects of the data locked and away from your sight. However, with the monthly fee, you can get unrestricted insight into all the data and analytics. Keep the Keepa active to get detailed features of trends of product popularity. 

Keepa has a reasonable price. It is an essential tool for anyone who is an active Amazon seller. The tool lets you have latest trends within your ken of knowledge. Stay afloat in the competitive market.

Keepa Features

Keepa is crammed with some of the most vital features you need. Track historical price, wish list importation feature, compare international prices, optional registration features and browser extension.


Get a collection of Amazon listings on the Keepa Deal page. They have shown the biggest drop in pricing. Click on the category to get the historical trends.

There are the following kinds of deals. Choose the specified category to find your desired deal.

  • New 
  • Used
  • Sales Rank
  • Collectible
  • Refurbished
  • New, 3rd Party FBM
  • Lightning Deals
  • Warehouse Deals
  • Buy Box
  • Used, like new
  • Used, very good
  • Used, good
  • Used, acceptable
  • Trade-In

You can make an adjustment of the prices as well-

Drop Percentage Range

This lets you see items only with a certain percentage. Hence you can see a massive drop in pricing in this category.

Drop Range

This lets you view those items whose prices have dropped by an amount that you have set. This lets you check whether a product you are tracking has dropped to your desirable range.

Price Range

Products falling within a specified price range are shown in this category. You can adjust the maximum and minimum limits.


Keepa tracks the price of products you are interested in, and it sends alerts to you via mail, Telegram Messenger or social media. This service is absolutely free. If you’re using Keepa’s browser extension, you can monitor the item’s price changes directly. 

Check the pricing history of the product in the form of charts. This lets you analyse the popularity of the item. You will be able to see New prices, Used prices, and Amazon’s prices throughout the product’s lifetime. It’s a great way to avoid burning a hole through your pocket. 

Get accustomed with the graphs and find a scoring product with high demand and less competition.


There is no mobile application currently, but you can use the browser extension. Keep a real time track on the items, their prices and details. Get all these features using the extension-

  • Get alerts and notifications when the price drops
  • Price history charts
  • Charts of several products
  • Availability alerts
  • Track Amazon listing
  • Compare international Amazon prices
  • Daily deals
  • Check the biggest price drop
  • You do not even need an account
  • Wishlist import
  • Wishlist export
  • Set the extension as it fits you


It is the age of Industry 4.0 where data is the most valuable asset. Get the data and detailed insights and use them to get the competitive edge.

Product Finder

Hit a jackpot. No more is it based on intuition or guesswork, but you can now make data driven decisions. Product research is solely aimed at finding the most profitable niche and the most promising product. Invest in it to get high returns. Predict which product will be rising to heights in terms of market demand.

Product Viewer

Import or export product lists to better look at items and their prices and details. Keepa helps you manage and save your valuable time.

Best Seller Lists

The current best-selling items are sorted and updated daily. They are shown according to rank so that you can see the best products at the top.

Top Seller List

Get the top-ranking products based on the parameters of merchants. The list is sorted by the rating of the merchants.

Category Tree

Check the unique product of each category that helps you pick products more easily.

Final comments

Just like the ever- undulating stock market graphs, the Amazon market also shows certain trends. As a seller, you should know exactly when to buy products and when to sell them. 

The thumb rule to win in any competitive market is to have a value advantage and a cost advantage. Keep the price competitive and affordable so that customers will be driven to buy your product. An overpriced product may lose out in the market because the competing brand will offer the similar product with almost similar features and functionalities at a much lower cost.

Keepa keeps you abreast of the market at a reasonable price. If you can benefit from it, why refrain from using it? Go ahead and watch your business bloom!

FAQs on Keepa

How do I use Keepa Chrome Extension?

Go to their website and find the tab “Apps”. There, you can choose the most convenient Keepa extensions for the browser. 

Can I cancel Keepa subscription?

Go to the dashboard and select the toggle to end the subscription. It is quick and easy. You can again begin to use Keepa whenever you want.

Do you sell on Amazon?

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