Marketplace SuperHeroes Review: Is It Worth It, Legit, Fake? [2021]

Marketplace SuperHeroes Review

The best time to sow a plant is right NOW! Likewise, the right time to start a business is also the present moment. 

If you are hesitant about setting off an online selling business on Amazon FBA, shred off the dregs of doubt and venture out. This is a prospective market, given that financial idols like Warren Buffet have been investing in this sector. As the physical retail stores are shutting down, and the people’s trust in online products are increasing day by day, Amazon is a promising market. 

Build a business today with tips and tricks that can bring you sufficient wealth to last you for a lifetime.

Leave your job – Become your own Boss

If you are tired with the work of an employee, and struggling to achieve financial freedom, it is best for you to set up your own business and be the king of your own empire. Rule yourself, expand your business and gain profits, without having to go through the turmoil of an employee.

Selling on Amazon FBA gives you the opportunity to establish your own business, brand and win hefty profit. However, the foundation steps can keep you confused. Marketplace Superheroes Course on Amazon FBA is a boon to all budding sellers who swim around in the competitive market for a guidance. It is a course for those who are tired with the conventional corporate life and wish to lead life on their own will.

Amazon FBA is a huge opportunity for the common mass to become entrepreneurs, but do not have the knowledge or the manpower or finance to start a brick and mortar store with employees.

What is Marketplace Superheroes?

Marketplace Superheroes is a training programme that has two phases and about 100 videos to teach you the details of selling on Amazon FBA. Learn how to find a profitable product, source it from the right supplier, launch the product and sell it to your customers globally on Amazon. Get access to the 4S Product Gauntlet tool and many valuable bonuses.

Marketplace Superheroes was created by entrepreneurs Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey and has been running for over 6 years.  Their students have sold over $33,000,000 of products using Amazon FBA in 7 different marketplaces.

Marketplace Superheroes is well suited for beginners because of its step-by-step approach and the low price. Marketplace Superheroes can be taken by any seller in any country. 

The Thinktank and Team

Robert Rickey had been struggling to generate revenue on Amazon FBA. With years of experience, laden with spikes of frustration and success, he has learnt from his failures and has learnt to break down the strategies of profit-making. With Stephen Somers, they founded the Marketplace Superheroes to help beginners in their struggle of becoming successful as an Amazon FBA seller.

Will Esterhuyse, an established seller on Amazon, would help you turn your dream into a reality with his expertise as the Operations Manager of the course. Lisa Somers, the head of customer Support, would take care of everything you need when you are a part of the Superheroes community. As you gain insights from the video content and engaging presentations, know that it is Michael Elliot behind the scene.

4 Easy Steps Ahead

  1. If you are a beginner with no prior experience of selling on Amazon FBA, watch the webinar. Get all the details and guide to start, open an account and set up a successful business. Skip the tedious years of trial and error.
  2. If you are aiming to build a successful business and want the millionaire next door to envy you, join the hub of like-minded dedicated sellers focused on expanding and boosting their sales. Join the Fund Your Freedom Club.
  3. Still unsure? If you feel that you need a one-on-one advise from an expert, book a free call to talk to a team member and get the guidance.
  4. There is also a provision for suggesting you about expansion strategies to dominate the marketplace if you have already kickstarted your business and presently looking for opportunities to exponentially grow your FBA business.

Pricing Structure of Marketplace Superheroes

Marketplace Superheroes costs $997. They also offer a 7-day free trial period, which allows you to cancel the purchase in case you do not happen to like the course.

You can also pay the amount in 12 instalments of $97 each, amounting to a total of $1164.

There is no risk involved as Marketplace Superheroes offers a 30-day money back guarantee and refunds you with no questions asked.

Course Content Overview

The content is available in video, audio and written transcript so that you can access it and grasp the market in every way. The member’s area will present you with the first stage of the main training area and 6 modules. Each module will contain 4-5 training videos

PHASE 1 – Mindset and Research Phase

It has 6 modules with 45 interactive and highly engaging videos-

Module 1

It is an introductory module that gives an overview of the contents of the entire course, and gives tips regarding how to maximise your gain from this training. It sets the mood.

Module 2

Product research is the key attention in this module of 9 videos. Learn strategies to search products, analyse the market, choose the profitable niche and the best product to sell.

Module 3

After finding an entire set of products, the Shortlist phase will help you judge the best product and filter out the rest.

Module 4

Learn about the best product selection opportunities in the videos included in the Select phase 1.

Module 5

In Select Phase 2, consisting of 7 videos, search for the best-selling product opportunities as well as the best suppliers.

Module 6

Learn Negotiation strategies, details of supplier search, ordering samples, and packaging in the 11 videos included in this module.

PHASE 2 – Importation and Logistics

It is again divided into 6 modules with 51 training videos-

Module 1

Also called the Product Structure & Seller Central Phase, this module has 68 detailed videos. Once you have the knowledge of product research, supplier search, packaging and negotiations of sourcing at your fingertips, this module introduces you to the technical details of online selling, like setting up your Seller Central Account.

Module 2

In the Purchasing and Importation module containing 7 videos, learn the details of product purchase and importation process.

Module 3

The details of the FBA process are clearly explained in 5 videos of this module. Learn about labelling requirements and other requirements of Seller Central.

Module 4

Optimising the listing is a s important as choosing the best product to sell. It needs the perfect image, product title, description and features that attract customers to buy your product. Your main objective is to boost sales of your product. The listings need to be informative and persuasive to boost the product ranking on Amazon.

Module 5

Account Management module teaches you how to manage your Amazon business on a daily basis.  

Module 6

Learn how to expand your business on an international scale.

Bonus Modules

Follow the role models

Learn everything you need to know to search the best profitable product, but crack the easy way. Follow what the maestros are doing and leave all the hard work behind.

God Series A

Speed up and streamline the product research with 3 series of videos.

God Series M

Fuel your empire and learn how to analyse the market in 3 videos.

Import easily

Master the ways of importing and sourcing the products with ease.

Grow your Business

There is a clear roadmap that teaches you to reach $1000 sales per day.

Legendary Listing

This is an auto selling strategy that helps you create high converting listings that will boost sales.

Superhero Sprint

This is a package of pre recorded videos from all boot camps. It comes as an up-sell after at least one month of being a member of the community. It is directed at making your business more productive and stable.

Think and rack your brains

Think and analyse to develop potential ideas that will not only attract customers in the upcoming weeks, but rather brain storm strategies that will make your business expanding and sustainable in the long run.

Marketplace Superheroes Strategies

Product Research

Whether you are new to selling or a dexterous player on the Amazon selling field, you should enter the market with high-in-demand products. Maximise your selling potential, optimise your business processes and earn high. Find best selling opportunities and expand your business.

International Expansion

It is a right course for those who wish to leave a mark in the international market. The strategy would work pretty well if you are looking from the US market perspective.

Marketplace Superheroes Software – 4S Product Gauntlet

The 4S’s are extremely important in product research and choosing the most profitable one- Search, Shortlist, Select, and Source. 

Hit a jackpot. No more is it based on intuition or guesswork, but you can now make data driven decisions. Product research is solely aimed at finding the most profitable niche and the most promising product. Invest in it to get high returns. Predict which product will be rising to heights in terms of market demand.

Analyse historical data, follow sales fluctuations and the trends of popularity over time. Amazon product research tools will assist you in finding the best products, early in its lifetime.

Get the list of suppliers, choose the best from them, contact them and put on a professional air. Do the maths correctly and take into account every cost so that you get the accurate prediction of the profit margin.

The Marketplace Superheroes Community

Besides the detailed and informative training content, Marketplace Superheroes boasts of an active Facebook community of over 4000 members. It welcomes you to a thriving ecosystem of successful sellers, beginners and those looking forward to expanding their Amazon FBA business.

The community creates the mindset, helps you reach the road of success. Communicate with other sellers, clarify your doubts and join the hub of people who share the same philosophy as yours. The community gives you access to fast, genuine, and qualified feedback, as well as commentaries on all issues of online selling. Whether you are stuck in a practical step, or facing difficulty with a module, the community will help you clear the obstacles. There arises a sense of belonging, and it improves the efficacy of the course.

The administrators of the group are seasoned Amazon FBA sellers who know what they are talking about. 

Besides, the founders are organising successful bootcamps in places like Ireland, Spain, as well as the United States. Gather international chunks of information and strategize your business. Smell the profit!

Superheroes Freight

If you are sourcing the products from China, you should also be taking into account the high freight charges. To solve this, Marketplace Superheroes came in with Freight that combines your shipping demands with its high purchasing power and reduces freight charges.

It is a process driven service that reduces the cost significantly and eases your work load.

Marketplace Superheroes vs Amazing Selling Machine 12

The ASM course is a training course designed to help anyone build a six or seven figure Amazon business from the ground up with no prior experience. It provides a community, mentorship programme, live coaching calls, and insider resource vault. It is the world’s most popular training course, with its inception in 2012 by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. 

The Amazing Selling Machine guide is on the expensive side but a gold training programme. Amazing Selling Machine 12 is priced at $4997. There is also a 6-month financial plan and you can pay $997 monthly for 6 months.

If you are looking for a less expensive training that will help you run a successful and profitable side business, go for Marketplace Superheroes. The course is helpful as well as affordable.

Is it Worth Purchasing Marketplace Superheroes?

Understand Amazon FBA. Comprehend the market and analyse the trend. It is one of the brilliant ways to generate passive income and become an entrepreneur. There is no age limit to learn.

Marketplace Superheroes can be the appropriate guide and friend to mentor you in grasping the Amazon market and setting up the business. Launch the demanding products, sell them and get high returns. If you want to convert it into a full-fledged business, then consider investing in better and more detailed courses like Amazing Selling Machine, but this course at a minor pocket pinch would suit perfectly if you are new to selling and treat it as a passive business.

The Bottomline

Build a global Amazon Business by discovering the exact strategy. Get simple, low competition and high demand items and sell them at high profits. To grow profitable each year and expand your business, you need a solid Amazon FBA course to guide you. The training will prevent you from the pitfalls of the journey of being successful.

If you are looking forward to building a comfortable lifestyle with high end profits, and your strenuous employee hours do not bring you satisfaction, Amazon FBA selling business might just be the right place for you. Ace up with a training to understand the nitty-gritty of the market.

Marketplace Superheroes I a high rated course with affordable price tag. uncover the numerous strategies and lo! Your business is all set!

FAQ about Marketplace Superheroes

What is Marketplace Superheroes? 

Marketplace Superheroes is an online video training course that teaches you how to start and then scale up an Amazon FBA business.

Is the Marketplace Superheroes Course a scam? 

Marketplace Superheroes is definitely not a scam. In fact, it is an affordable and respected Amazon course which has all the content you need to sell successfully on Amazon.

Can you still make money selling on Amazon in 2020? 

Yes, you can. Amazon keeps growing and the demand for products keeps increasing. Amazon FBA remains one of the best opportunities for online selling in 2020 with more physical retail stores closing down each day. Even Warren Buffet has invested in this sector predicting the promising success of this market.

What’s included in Marketplace Superheroes? 

They teach their MPSH Core 2.0 system with over 100 step-by-step training videos and numerous bonus modules. You also get their product sourcing software and replays of an entire 6-day training bootcamp. 

PHASE ONE – Mindset & Research comprises 6 modules and 45 videos.

PHASE TWO – Importing & Logistics contains 6 modules and 51 videos.

What bonuses are included? 

You get several bonuses with MPSH including Superhero Journey, Map the Market, Superhero Sprint, 100 Product Ideas in 7 days and MPSH Partnership.

What is Amazon FBA? 

FBA simply means Fulfilment by Amazon. 

Amazon FBA includes all the services that lets you sit at ease and concentrate more on business improvement. It takes care of pick and pack, delivery charges, shipment and storage in the warehouse.

Does Marketplace Superheroes go out of date?

MPSH is constantly updated and you will have lifetime access to new material.

How long do you get access to the Marketplace Superheroes once you join? 

You will get lifetime access to MPSH and free updates.

How much is Marketplace Superheroes?

 You can pay a one-off payment of $997 or sign up for their 7-Day free trial. If you are happy with the trial you then pay $97 per month for 12 months.

If I change my mind can I get a refund? 

Marketplace Superheroes offers a 100% money-back 30-day guarantee.

Are there any alternatives to Marketplace Superheroes? 

Amazing Selling Machine is the best course but the charges are a tad high.

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