Merchant Words Review: Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons [2021]

Merchant Words Review

There are lots that should be within your focus if you are selling on Amazon FBA. Research the product, scan the market, analyse the competition, choose the product, check its rank, predict the sales, research keywords. Optimise the listing and a plethora of tasks come under the gambit of selling on Amazon. 

The toil is huge. There are online tools to relieve you of the manual labour and save you time, which you can use for brainstorming business expansion strategies. Merchant Words is one such tool that ranks your product from the top Amazon charts.

Dive deep to get more details.

What is Merchant Words?

There are more than 3 billion products for sale on the Amazon market, and your product is one of them. So, if a customer is searching for a product, there would be an odd 3 billion product listings before your product pops up. That is where optimum utilisation of the Amazon SEO comes into play. Use the appropriate keywords in the image title, product name and product description to drive more traffic to your product and achieve the sweet sales. 

Merchant Words has an extensive keyword research facility and it is used for product research. It is aimed at finding the top products that you can sell and earn profits

Merchant Words Pricing

Merchant Words is a paid service and it offers three plans. Each plan encloses some stunning perks that you can benefit from. The annual subscription offers a free period of two months. 

  • Silver – $29 per month
  • Gold – $79 per month
  • Platinum – $149 per month

Merchant Words Services

Let us take a quick look at the services offered by Merchant Words. The software is very easy to navigate your way through. The service options are tabulated in the navigation bar on the left of the screen. Make your Amazon business smooth with the right keywords.

Listing Advisor

Optimising the listing is as important as choosing the best product to sell. It needs the perfect image, product title, description and features that attract customers to buy your product. Your main objective is to boost sales of your product. The listings need to be informative and persuasive to boost the product ranking on Amazon.

Higher the text relevance, better the Amazon product rank. It is thus extremely important to use optimum product listing. Amazon A9 algorithm checks how relevant the content of the product is with the search terminologies. The more it matches, the higher up it goes. Use creative titles, keyword rich description and features and clear bullet points to make it presentable.


This tool is very handy for doing research and saving them for later. You can save keywords or groups of keywords in Collections. You may also save a listing to use it later during campaigns.

The amount of collections allowed depend on the plan you choose. Adding, deleting or editing a collection is very easy on Merchant Words.

Classic Search

Select the market place. Type the keyword and search. Apply filters to avoid fluff and get rich keywords with this classic tool. Save them in Collection or use them in listing optimisation. Get search volumes, depth of keywords, seasonality and dominant categories.

Keyword Multiplier

Search for keyword synonyms using the KX tool or Keyword Multiplier. It generates several alternatives of the same keyword, that have slight differences in spelling or language, in a very short span of time. Use this tool to filter and find those keywords that are misspelt. Copy them to your campaigns.

Page 1 Products

This tool helps you to scan the best-selling products. Type the keywords on Page 1 products to get the ASINs of the best ones. You can filter them based on their reviews, rating, price, rank and so on. Analyse these results and keep from making mistakes.


Reverse engineer the search engine. Search using the ASIN of a product and get the list of top-ranking, relevant keywords. It is a helpful tool to figure out which keywords are driving your sales. You can filter by reviews, results, or whether or not it is “Amazon’s Choice”. Spy on your competitors and unlock their strategy.

Final Thoughts

Merchant Words has been using the keyword strategy to rise on the top. However, the results are not always accurate. The pricing is a bit on the high end. There are free alternatives that provide good service like CamelCamelCamel or Unicorn Smasher as well. 

FAQs on Merchant Words

Is our data safe?

The Policy of Merchant Words does not explicitly mention any security protocols, making the situation a little dicey.

Is Merchant Words reliable?

Merchant Words offers keyword research strategies and product research ideas. However, it is not the best in its class given the higher price and not much accuracy as compared to its competitors.

Do you sell on Amazon?

For anyone starting out or experienced selling on Amazon, I highly recommend you check out IO Scout. Honestly, I cannot recommend a better tool for the same price, features and support. You can read my full IO Scout Review here to see if it’s right for you or not!

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