RevSeller Review: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons [2021]

RevSeller Review

Chrome Extensions from Amazon have proved to be beneficial for sellers. They encompass a gamut of activities from product research to sales prediction and profit calculation in no time. You don’t even have to navigate across an extensive range of pages. 

RevSeller is one such Extension based online selling guide to rev up your sales on Amazon and provide you a holistic research and insight into the Amazon market.

Let us dive right in to get the details of its features and pricing structure.

What is RevSeller?

No more do you need to click on several pages or sites to get the variations and Return on Investment. Use RevSeller to get all updates. It saves you time and money when it comes to evaluating products and their variations on Amazon. All the necessary details are given inside the listings.

RevSeller makes it easy to research products from the perspective of a third-party seller on Amazon. calculate the FBA fees, ROI, profit margin, and check the details about variation under one umbrella. Get one-click access to all Prime offers and profit verification with Amazon’s own calculator. 

RevSeller Pricing Structure

The pricing structure is very flexible. RevSeller offers a 30-day free trial period. Explore all the features, test-drive the tools and use the Chrome Extension at no cost for a month. You do not even need to enter your payment credentials.

Pay $99.99 a year to get the full access to RevSeller after the 30-day trial expires. It is an affordable price tag, given the wide variety of powerful services and utilities offered by RevSeller. You are free to cancel the subscription at any time with no extra charge.

RevSeller Features

Glance at the brief overview of the features of RevSeller:

  • Get access to calculator on the page in real time
  • Find information whenever and wherever you want
  • Customize your preferences in a flexible way
  • Get quick links to the desired resources
  • Easily check the ROI and profit margin
  • You will have access to the number of vendors of FBA and MFN

Real Time ROI Calculator

Get the data about your expected Return on Investment and Profit margins easily and quickly using the on-page calculator. Follow the few steps to get the accurate calculations-

  1. Enter the sell price and buy cost for both MFN and FBA
  2. Data will be displayed to let you know whether it will be profitable to invest in this product
  3. Dollar and percent equivalents are displayed right beside

RevSeller has integrated the calculator inside the listing. This relieves you of the trouble of navigating between multiple pages. Take a quick look at the numbers, analyse and take profitable decisions.

Detailed Feedback about Amazon Product Variations

The sales data and profitability of a product can have numerous variations on Amazon. RevSeller lets you dig deep to find out the variations so that you are not encountering a risk in investing on any product. Those items that exhibit a lot of variations do not have a stable saleability and can lead you to incur losses. RevSeller prevents such monetary mishaps by providing a detailed review of the variations, without your toil of crawling to multiple pages to validate your research.

Sales and Percentage Rank on 90-Days Average

Check the rank to get an idea how worthy your product is, how much demand does it have in the market. RevSeller’s ranking data lets you take safe decisions before buying a product and launching it on Amazon.  

RevSeller Google Chrome Extension

RevSeller Chrome Extension makes all the information easily available on the page. This lets you make faster and more informed decisions using the real time Product Calculator Estimates. Get the accurate and enough data for an exact estimate of fees. Check the data with the Amazon Calculator. You can also validate the data in the manage inventory page fee estimates before you make a decision regarding a product.

Final Comments

RevSeller is a fabulous tool, that allows you to analyse pricing (ROI), make better purchasing decisions, and see data easily, without having to jump all over Amazon. Once you become acquainted to using this tool, you cannot imagine a smoother business operation on Amazon without its service. RevSeller is indispensable.

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FAQs on RevSeller

Besides Google Chrome, can I use RevSeller extension on any other browser?

No, currently the extension is valid only for Google Chrome.

Will the extension work on my phone?

No, currently, you can use the Google Chrome Extension only on desktop or laptop. The mobile version is not available yet.

Can I use the extension on more than one device?

Yes, you certainly can! As long as you are using the same Seller account, log in with your account information on the second device, go to Accounts option and click on Download Chrome Extension.

Do you sell on Amazon?

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