Seller Labs Review: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons [2021]

Seller Labs Review

If you are thinking of setting up an online selling business on Amazon, there are nooks and crannies of several aspects you need to focus on. Branding your products, establishing their values, effective marketing are some too necessary pieces of task that need to be strewn together to boost sales on Amazon. Create a powerful listing and improve the efficiency of your advertisement campaigns. 

Don’t get stressed out to imagine the huge workload! There are several online tools to assist you in all the tasks. Seller Labs is one such.

Read the article for a full review of its price and features. Think and grow rich!!

What is Seller Labs?

Seller Labs helps you in understanding how effective advertisements and campaigns are, and how they will boost sales for you. It can be your most trusted partner in building a trustworthy brand reputation. Save hours of time, money, and effort while growing your Amazon business. Maintain your business presence online with Seller Labs. The software is so designed that you can use the tool you need without having to browse through other features.

Earn more product reviews, optimise your advertisements and listings, automate the campaigns and watch your business prosper. Sell on different market places and establish your brand. Boost the Amazon SEO with the right keywords and spy on your competitors, beating them in their own game. Seller Labs helps you build customer reports. Access all the utilities, driven by one motive- heighten your business profit with Seller Lab services.

Seller Labs Pricing

The pricing is flexible and varies from user to user depending on the features you want to use. The detailed pricing structure is given as-

Seller Labs Pro:

  • For 50 monthly orders, you pay $79
  • For 10,000 orders pay $299
  • For 50,000 pay $999

Seller Labs Ignite:

  • Pay $59 for up to $1,000 ad spend
  • Pay $249 for $5,000 ad spend
  • Pay $899 for $25,000 ad spend.

Feedback Genius Seller Labs:

The price depends on the number of emails you want to send each month and the number of products you want to monitor.


For the average volume, you will be charged $ 99.

  • Scope seller labs

Depending on the number of keywords, you will need to pay $390, $690, or $990 annually.

Get all the features included in these plans-

  • Monitor Sales, Fees, and Profitability
  • FBA Inventory Notifications
  • Traffic and Conversion Reporting
  • Organic and Paid Keyword Research 
  • Catalogue Performance Monitoring
  • Competitive Research
  • Automate Customer Communications
  • Compliant Message Templates
  • Customize Timing & Schedules
  • Product Review Monitoring
  • AI-Driven Campaign Optimizations
  • Ad Scheduling and Automated Workflows
  • Goal-Driven Suggestions

Seller Labs allows a free trial for 30 days.

Seller Labs Products

Amazon PPC Advertisement: Ignite

  • Optimise your ads and campaigns for target customers and maximize profitability
  • Use AI optimised suggestions for efficient campaigns
  • Easily understand and act upon performance metrics 

Amazon Product Reviews: Feedback Genius

  • Take control of your product reviews
  • Automatically ask your customers for reviews
  • Improve your product and find development ideas by asking your customer base
  • Implement strong brand recognition strategy

Amazon Keywords: Scope

Amazon Inventory and Financials: Quantify

  • Get your key metrics on one dashboard
  • Avoid out of stock situations

Seller Labs Pro

Seller Labs Pro is for those users who want to access all the features on one platform. It is an all-in-one integrated platform. However, the costs are a bit too high, which you can invest in other tools for better service.

Seller Labs Services

Advertising Management

Stop wasting time and money on unprofitable ads. Lets Seller Labs do the work and make it highly converting. 

  • Reclaim Your Time
  • Optimize Ad Spend
  • Lower Advertising Cost of Sale
  • Overtake Competitors
  • Drive Quality Traffic
  • Increase Sales and Revenue

Listing Optimisation

Optimising the listing is as important as choosing the best product to sell. It needs the perfect image, product title, description and features that attract customers to buy your product. Your main objective is to boost sales of your product. The listings need to be informative and persuasive to boost the product ranking on Amazon.

Seller Labs optimises these fields with great efficiency:

  • Keyword Exposure Data
  • Backend Search Term Optimization
  • Terms-of-Service Compliance
  • Product Title
  • Product Bullet Points
  • Product Description
  • Product Specifications

Photo Services

A picture is worth a thousand words. Any customer would like to get all the details of the product before purchasing. The quality of your images can make or break their decision to buy your product. Seller Labs Photography Service is focused on getting you the photos that you need to drive conversions by quickly engaging with shoppers.

Amazon Stores

Build your brand. Create an amazing storefront that has a visual appeal and exceeds your needs with Seller Labs. Building a storefront takes time and requires a lot of work. Seller Labs has a team of product experts to design your store front such that it stands out from the rest of the competition. 

Messaging Optimisation

Get the social proof by acquiring reviews. Send automated customised emails to engage with your base of loyal customers and request a review from them. Set emails to trigger automatically at specific dates and times based on your customer profiles.

Seller Labs serves you with:

  • Personalized Amazon Audit Report
  • Subject Lines to Drive Maximum Open Rates
  • Message Copy 
  • Message Timing Recommendations
  • Advanced Message Targeting

Final Comments

Seller Labs is a multifunctional tool for tracking sales and performance of your business. The features are focused and fine-tuned to serve you to the best of its ability. However, given the high prices, you might reconsider purchasing Seller Labs over other tools available.

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FAQs on Seller Labs

Which market places does Seller Lab support?

Scope and Quantify support only the US marketplace, while Ignite and Feedback genius support the European marketplaces, as well as North American ones. 

How can I contact Seller Labs?

Fill up the form on the website and send your message to support team. You will get your reply within 24 hours.

Do you sell on Amazon?

For anyone starting out or experienced selling on Amazon, I highly recommend you check out IO Scout. Honestly, I cannot recommend a better tool for the same price, features and support. You can read my full IO Scout Review here to see if it’s right for you or not!

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