Sellics Review: Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons [2021]

Sellics‌ Review

Haven’t you often found yourself hesitating to take a decision while selling on Amazon? You were cynical about the intuitive guess. How great it would be if you could predict the market trend and then take decisions! That would ensure absolutely no loss of your money, rather manifold your profits!

Well, there are excellent online tools to guide you in selling on Amazon. They can give accurate predictions of the sales and revenue estimates. A big picture of the market would be prominent before you venture out to buy or sell products. Sellics is one such tool.

To know more, get detailed review of the pricing structure and features!

What is Sellics?

Sellics is that reliable partner whom every business owner desires to have. It takes care of your inventory, advises when to replenish the stock and when to purchase. Sellics is directed towards increasing your sales and finding the best and most profitable niche and product that you can deal in. 

Sellics informs in-depth information on product research and niche and offers a distinctive price tracking. Optimise your listing sand gain more profit. Access all the features like real-time data calculation and revenue estimation. Manage your own inventory and the customer reviews to get a good social proof. 

Sellics Pricing Structure

Sellics has a flexible pricing structure, tailored to suit the size of your business. If you are a budding entrepreneur, pay less, where as if your sales are more, the service charge goes up.   

The seller edition allows monthly, biannual or annual plans. The charge depends on your sales. If your sales revenue is around 1k to 60, you will have to pay $47 per month in the annual scheme. The sales brackets can range from as low as $0 to some amount around $1.2 million. Even if your sales figure is $0, you will have to pay $57 per month.

If you are interested in expanding your vendor sales, you can go for the vendor edition. The two plans available include:

Amazon SEO and Module Content at $269 per month. The key features include:

  • Amazon SEO toolkit
  • Bulk listing optimizer
  • Listing monitoring tool
  • Customer reviews management

Amazon Advertisement Module at $399 monthly. The main services of this module include:

  • Automated keyword harvesting
  • Rules-based automation
  • Manual campaign optimizer
  • Amazon Ad Scheduling (Day Parting)
  • Sponsored Brands reporting
  • Strategic account management, detailed performance reviews and quarterly business reviews included
  • Autopilot allows automated bidding powered by Artificial Intelligence

Sellics Products

Get access to a number of free resources on Sellics. Attend free webinars, get case studies and learning resources like PPC Strategy and AMZ Academy. The research tools like keyword tools and Amazon Agencies directory for free.

The trinity of the three main products are Seller Edition, Vendor Edition and Agency Edition. Each plan serves its own function in an astute way, helping you earn more. They help you with marketing strategies and become the mon ami of any successful seller on Amazon.

Seller Edition

Are you selling on Amazon via Seller Central? Then maximise your success with the Sellics Seller Edition!

It is an integrated all-in-one software solution that manages and expands your business. There are 5 main features, powered by Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, security of your data and expert help that propel your business forward. Let us dive deep-

  • Track your real time profit on Profit Dashboard. It automatically deducts your FBA fees and other overhead expenses and gives the perfect estimate of you profit earned.
  • PPC Manager helps you maximise your revenue from Amazon PPC. Get high ROI on the Advertisements, save time and focus on the campaign profitability.
  • Track the rank of the keywords, get high volume keywords and integrate them in your product listings to optimise them. They will get a higher rank. Amazon Ranking Optimizer takes care of this feature.
  • Social proof is of prime importance as a seller, and thus reviews and ratings by your customers matter much. Use Review Management to control the reviews of your customer and sort them according to their impact on star rating. Prioritise your response rate accordingly.
  • It is the world of Just in Time delivery. Customer service adds a value differential to your business prosperity. It is of paramount importance to keep your stock full. A customer may move to another similar product if the stock of your product is empty. Never run out of stock, and get alerts to replenish your inventory, get notified on the same using the Inventory Management feature.

Vendor Edition

If you are selling on Amazon via Vendor Central, get this plan. Optimise Amazon ads, manage customer reviews and improve product listings. Sellics has the entire suite of tools and solution for every activity you need to carry out to ensure growth, for marketing and sales.

With automated PPC, run ads that are highly converting and do it in the wink of an eye. Focus on campaign profitability. Sellics assists in SEO and improves your ranking, and hence sales. Get keyword recommendations and easily optimise the product listing. Deliver quality customer service and get notified on getting customer reviews. It is tailored to suit all business needs and gives you global range. It is suited for big teams and helps you get the overview of a large selection of product groups.

Agency Edition

It provides you with all the features and tools that you can use to optimise the digital footprint of your clients, increase their sales and expand their business. It is supercharged with advanced automation and machine learning to achieve your clients’ goals. Optimise unlimited ASINs and manage brand reputation. The dedicated expert team will guide you to set up the clients account.

Sellics offers something more than Google and Facebook. Give your clients an additional platform for advertising. Sellics offers all you need to grow the brands of your clients, and thus grow your business. And that too with little effort and time!

In a Nutshell

As Amazon is constantly evolving, so would you have to as a seller. Sellics uses state of the art data analytics to keep you updated and help you make data driven decisions. With Sellics, keep your data protected and secured. Enjoy the service of the all-in-one platform. Implement marketing initiatives and reach the zenith of success.

Sellics gives you access to your competitors’ data and informs the strategies of their listing, keywords and sales. Strategize accordingly and be at par with your potential competitors. Maximise your sales with expert help from Sellics.

With every tool directed towards improving your position as a seller on Amazon, Sellics indeed is one of the best online tools that assist you.

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Is Sellics secure?

Yes, Sellics is designed for the Amazon sellers and provides accurate data. Your data is protected and secured. 

How can I cancel my Sellics account?

If you wish to cancel the account, you can do it anytime with just a click. Go to Account Management tab and click on Terminate button. Your account will be deactivated. You can also reach out to the Customer Support or helpdesk and ask them to cancel your subscription.

Can I use Sellics trial?

Yes, you can try the features and test drive the Sellics functionalities using the 14-day free trial. The free trial will expire automatically at the end of two weeks. To get the free trial, register on the website and boom! The platform is all yours!

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