Sonar Tool Review: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons [2021]

Sonar Tool Review

Amazon is a search engine like Google. However, there is a subtle difference. Amazon is a huge market place and a business that wants people to buy products from the market. The A9 algorithm thus places importance on the conversion rates and the sales of your product as well. The more your product sells, the more trust it earns from Amazon. It takes care that your product does not fall down the rank. This becomes a cyclic process. 

That is why the Amazon sellers a full proof tool to assist in keyword search that will place the product on top rank. Let us dive into the details of Sonar Tool Keyword Research.

What is Sonar Amazon Keyword Research Tool?

Sonar is a free keyword research tool by Sellics. 

Coming to answer the major question:

Why are keywords important? 

Keywords let Amazon determine the relevance of your product with the user’s search terms. Use Sonar keyword tool to research for high volume and most relevant keywords that you can use. You can search keywords both by ASIN and by key requests. Once you have identified the best keywords, integrate them properly in the product title and description. Make sure that the title still reads well and is catchy, instead of just stuffing it up with keywords. Use long tail variants of the seed keywords to do the trick.

Is Sonar by Sellics free?

Yes! Sonar is absolutely free to use as a keyword research and index checker tool. There are no hidden costs. It is easy to use. You do not even need to sign up to wield its power.

However, if you like to access the other features and utilities like profit dashboard, Amazon SEO, and Amazon PPC you can proceed to the Sellics software. Start the free trial for 14 days to test drive and explore all features. Then, you can start the paid subscription to get the services.

How does Sonar Work?

The Sonar keyword database contains all the search queries and terms of the users on Amazon. It does not include words from any source other than Sonar. You can research keywords on Amazon kindle and e-books. Sonar provides relevant keyword suggestions, but not the exact search volume.

You can also use Sonar Index Checker to check if your backend keywords are still indexed.

How to Use Sonar Keyword Search Tool?

  1. Type the name of the product and click on the Ping button. This enlists the relevant keywords.
  2. Once you get the list, analyse the results. You can download the entire list as an excel file.
  3. Monitor competitor keywords using the reverse ASIN research feature by Sonar.
  4. Check if the listing is indexed.

Final Thoughts

Sonar is a free keyword research tool is simple and easy to use. If you search for a keyword or a phrase, all the relevant keywords and phrases will be enlisted. It uses data directly from Amazon and does not use any third- party data, making the listing very relevant and accurate. Sonar is available in the US and EU, including Denmark, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Do you sell on Amazon?

For anyone starting out or experienced selling on Amazon, I highly recommend you check out IO Scout. Honestly, I cannot recommend a better tool for the same price, features and support. You can read my full IO Scout Review here to see if it’s right for you or not!

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