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Best Amazon Chrome Extension

If you are selling on Amazon, you must be aware of the numerous actions you need to complete and the huge congregation of data you have to analyse to optimise your business. It is not always easy to get these done seamlessly. As a seller, you have to take care of even the minute details like storage of the product, the best supplier, its packaging, shipping and the final delivery to the customer in time. 

There are lots of such activities to be handled, along with researching for best products and calculating the exact profit. If you are a beginner or an experienced seller, there are times when you get overloaded with the burden of to-do-lists.

To give you leverage in the competitive online selling world and ease out all the tasks, there is Chrome Extension available.  

What is Amazon Chrome Extension?

The Amazon Chrome Extension offers a research browser where you get all the information without having to navigate to multiple Amazon pages. Leverage your business with all data that Chrome Extension has to offer. Launch, run and grow your Amazon business with the Chrome Extension.

If you are searching for the best product to launch, the Extension browser will give you all details of the sales estimates and estimated revenue and profit of the most demanding niche. Get the competitors’ data and analyse them to get the upper hand. The more the data you own and can comprehend, the higher the chances of your success.

Why Do You Need Amazon Chrome Extension?

If you are still in doubt about the service of Chrome Extension, here are a list of service areas it helps in to reduce your workload and skyrocket your Amazon business-

  • Discover profitable products on Amazon
  • Identify the best keywords to use in your copy
  • Know how your FBA competitors are performing
  • Uncover opportunities to improve your product listings

Best Amazon Chrome Extension

If you are searching for the best Amazon chrome Extensions to boost your Amazon selling business, you are in the right place. Presenting below is a list of 10 top-notch Chrome Extension software. Let’s dive right in!

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, also known as Jungle Scout Pro, is one of the most efficient browser extensions that provides a complete suite of tools. The Chrome extension gives you access to deeper insights and more valuable data and products that your competitors are unaware of. The chrome extension is more than just a tool. Find and validate products, get the most accurate sales and rank.

One Click access to all the metrics like –

  • Accurate sales and revenue estimates with AccuSales
  • Product Opportunity Score
  • Historical sales and pricing data
  • Estimated FBA fees
  • Keyword volume
  • Product Profit Calculator
  • Google Trend Report

However, Jungle Scout is more suited for those who have some basic experience with FBA selling on Amazon.

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The extension gives you information about all products from a specific Amazon Page. Deals, Sales, Gift Ideas, Best Sellers are all the pages that you can analyze and benefit from as a seller. The Chrome Extension is a handy and lightweight tool that can be downloaded in Google.

It can be added with AMZ Scout to use this while browsing on Amazon. After installation, you can see a small icon at the top right side. If you click on it, a pop-up window will appear with all important details and data of revenue, sales, rank, price, etc. While navigating through the product pages, you can click on the AMZ Scout icon to get more details. You can also access the FBA Calculator and estimate the profit, expenses, net and margin. The Chrome Extension also allows for product score based on ranking, product potential and product search ideas.

This is a tool that can be used by new comers without any confusion.

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Helium 10

Helium 10 is a Chrome Extension that is recognised as the best tool for Amazon sellers and is an all-in-one package for all tools. 

It allows you to:

  • Conduct keyword research
  • Track ranking of keywords
  • Spy on competitors
  • Protect and build optimised listings
  • Find profitable niche and products with low competition and high demand

However, Helium 10 is a more advanced browser extension that is best suited for those who are pro at selling FBA products on Amazon.

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Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Ensure that your product will bring you success. Viral Launch brings you accurate sales estimates based on real time and historical data. Use the built-in calculator to review the upfront cost and price. Use star ratings and validation to decide whether you should source your products or not. 

Seek ways to boost the productivity and performance of the business and avoid failures in your business. It gives an overview of the market, with its trends and patterns.

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Seller App

Make smarter decision with real time data and updates provided by Seller App. Make data driven informed decisions as you browse through products and niches. Track rival products, optimise your strategy and search keywords with Seller App Chrome Extension, which is considered to be one of the most accurate research platforms.

Instantly avail these features-

  • Pricing and review trends
  • Product Keywords
  • Stay aware of rivals
  • On-page profit calculator
  • Product research

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DS Amazon Quick View

This is a free browser extension that is focused on product research. Get historical and rankings, BSR, seller details and full details of the product. This tool is also excellent for beginners.

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The Camelizer

The Camelizer is yet another powerful browser extension specialising in the field of competitive research. Check historical price data, monitor fluctuations in price and set up alerts. Spy on your competitors and set the price accordingly.

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Keepa is a browser extension that specialises in the field of competitive research. Level up the pricing game and avail the various features that Keepa offers:

  • Price history charts to analyse historical trends
  • Price drop and availability alerts to keep you updated
  • Recent drop in price
  • Daily deals and offers so that you do not miss out
  • Comparison of international price list
  • Browsing through different locale Amazon market places like UK, USA, etc.
  • Wishlist import

You can use all the data to predict future price trends and stay ahead in the competition.

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Amaze Owl

If you are a new seller, maze Owl will guide you through the convoluted research and help you launch your first product on Amazon. Explore all the services with Amaze Owl:

  • Search product ideas and discover opportunities
  • Validate your product ideas
  • Launch your product
  • Stay ahead of competition with a plethora of data
  • See tracked products and potential trends

Be sure to install this browser extension and try out the features.

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Amazon FBA Keyword Tool

All you need to be successful is hit the keyword. Amazon is a great search engine. Hack the frequent searches and lo! You are one of the most successful sellers on Amazon ever!

Seller SEO offers Amazon FBA keyword research tool that aids you in optimising your list of keywords. It is one of the best Chrome Extensions that allows you to-

  • Get search volumes for the keywords that interests you
  • Search the most relevant keyword for a product or niche
  • Make conclusions about a specific niche

There are several plans you can choose from to use this extension. However, there is also a free trial period for a test drive of its feature.

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Final Comments

Stay professionally up-to-date with the business. Get all the latest updates, deals, offers and more with the Chrome Extension software. Whether you are a beginner or a pro in selling on Amazon, this will assist you in making profitable decisions.

There are free trial periods for all during which you can explore the features, and then subscribe to the services once the trial period is over. Use only those tools that will drive your business forward.

Get all research material, best product and niche, estimates of sales and revenue and even spy on competitors with the Chrome Extension. Don’t miss out on such valuable information and updates!


Is there a charge for Amazon Chrome Extension?

It depends on which Chrome Extension you are choosing to use. There are some tools or features which are absolutely free, while others charge an amount. However, they provide a free trial period, during which you can explore the services. After the trial ends, you can purchase them with a subscription fee or stop using the tool. 

What is a good Amazon Sales Rank?

The lower the rank, the higher is the number of sales.

For estimation of sales it is better to reverse engineer the Best Seller Rank. Ideate the number of sales you want in a specific interval of time and accordingly check its rank.

Also, keep in mind that the BSR of the same product will vary in different categories. A product performing at 200 BSR in the Kitchen and Dining category might acquire a BSR of 5000 in some other category.

What is Amazon Assistant for Chrome?

Amazon Assistant is Amazon’s official browser extension. If you want to get the competitive edge and do not want to lose out on the slightest details, you can use the Amazon Assistant for Chrome. It keeps you updated about the latest news, deals and newly launched products. You can save your favourite products in a single place. Get notified at any happening event on Amazon, stay alert of top offers and get a chance to compare them on Amazon Assistant for Chrome. 

Which Amazon Chrome Extension is the best for me?

There are a couple of parameters to consider for choosing the best Amazon Extension that suits you. Consider your budget, if you opt for a paid tool. Then match if the Chrome Extension matches your needs. Then choose the one that fits your pocket and requirements.

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