Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools: Hidden Gems [2021]

Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Work smart! 

You may have put in a lot of effort to find the best product. You have launched it on the Amazon market and now, you are frantically waiting for customers to take a look at it and purchase the item. You need to make sure that the product indeed comes to the customers’ notice while they are window shopping through Amazon. No matter how hard you may work to beautifully advertise the product for your customers, they might still not come across it.

That is where you need to strategize the marketing. Research and find keywords and use them in the image title and product description so that they match your customers’ search words. Utilise Amazon as a powerful search engine and lo! Your product is one of the top rankers that your customers will go through.

Thus, keyword research is a pretty important part of your online selling business on Amazon. You need their rankings, search volumes and trends at regular intervals to study market trends and stay ahead in the competitive market.

If you are scurrying through the net for the best keyword research tools you can employ, you are in the right place. In this article we will enlist some of the most efficient keyword research tools, that will make your business smooth, smart and simple, yet profitable!

Let’s dive right in!

Why Do You Need to Research Keywords?

There are more than 3 billion products for sale on the Amazon market, and your product is one of them. So, if a customer is searching for a product, there would be an odd 3 billion product listings before your product pops up. That is where, optimum utilisation of the Amazon SEO comes into play. Use the appropriate keywords in the image title, product name and product description to drive more traffic to your product and achieve the sweet sales. 

Amazon keyword research is finding the right keywords to use in your product pages. These are the words that shoppers search for when they’re looking for products. Once you do the research and have the right keywords, you can strategically add them to your listings to optimize them so that their SEO ranks higher.

Thus, when a product enters the search query, your product will rank on the top. 

Reasons for Keyword Research

Better Search Ranking Results

Amazon SEO uses certain algorithms to rank your products. If your product listing is replete with keywords and match the customers’ search words, your product will have a higher rank and it will top the list when a customer enters the search query.

Higher Rates of Conversion

As your product listing improves, you are higher on the ranking list. Customers are more driven towards your product. The higher the visitors, greater is the chance for conversion. 

Better Seller Ranking

As you improve your product listing, customers encounter your product more often and at the top of their search results. This increases the chances of conversion and improves your rank as a seller. This leads Amazon to trust you better as people are buying products from you. Amazon would take care that your position does not plummet down.

Edge over your Competitors

Know what your competitors do not have. Use those keywords that your competitors are not using and get the edge over them. Use the right keywords to boost sales of your product. Learn from the weak points of your competitors and capitalise on them.

Amazon builds Trust

Amazon wants customers to purchase products. Hence, when you as a seller prosper, it is to Amazon’s benefit and they take care of your good rank as a seller. They encourage keyword optimised products from sellers so that they have high conversion rates. 

Steps for Keyword Research

  • Search the seed keyword that exactly describes what your product is. You may use reverse ASIN technique to check the most relevant keywords of similar products that you are selling. This will help you in finding those keywords that attract heavy traffic.
  • Expand your keyword research. Once you have searched for the seed keyword and other relevant words, use them to increase the list of keywords for improving the product listing. Take note of the search suggestions produced by Amazon as they have a lot of potential.
  • You may use keywords of complementary products similar to yours or hidden keywords. That brings customers who are not directly searching for your products but might be interested in it. 
  • Do all this manual search and you get exhausted. It is best when you use a keyword research tool that generates the most relevant keywords and several other details. When using your search tool, you should particularly note keywords that have:
  • High traffic and high competition
  • High traffic and moderate or low competition
  • Medium traffic and low competition

  Focus on these keywords as they promise higher conversions.

  • Insert all the keywords that you have come up with in the product listings, description and title. Use the keywords in a bullet point so that your customers do not get confused while going through the product description.
  • Update, analyse and improve your keywords. Using a keyword research tool allows you to search from multiple platforms and channels so that you can continuously update your product listings. 

Top Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner

It is one of the simplest tools to use for keyword research. The main reason for the popularity and efficiency of this tool is that it comes directly from Google and has a vast amount of data. The most relevant keyword that searchers most often type are all found from Google Keyword Planner. True, it does not generate results specific to Amazon, but you can search for the long tail and popular keywords that people most often search for and then use them for Amazon search to check exactly where they rank. It cannot provide the detailed results of Amazon, but the sea of keywords that relates directly to Google Ads makes the tools eternally popular.

Click here to check out Google Keyword Planner


This free keyword research tool is simple and easy to use. If you search for a keyword or a phrase, all the relevant keywords and phrases will be enlisted. It uses data directly from Amazon and does not use any third- party data, making the listing very relevant and accurate. Sonar is available in the US and EU, including Denmark, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Click here to check out Sonar

Amazon Autocomplete

It is one of the simplest tools you can use and there is no complexity involved in the performance. Just type the relevant keyword and a list of suggestions will appear to give you an idea of the keyword popularity. However, there are no advanced features or metric to give you detailed results. So, it is recommended not to use the Amazon Autocomplete if you are looking for detailed analysis of top-ranking keywords.

Click here to check out Amazon

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome extension that you can use for searching specific keywords to optimize the product listings. Take a look at monthly search volume, cost per click or the money that advertisers pay, and the competition data to get the best keywords. Get data about what other people search for. Download the entire list generated in excel, CSV file or as PDF and use it later. 

And you get so much, absolutely for free! (This is No Longer Free!)

Click here to check out Keywords Everywhere

Best Paid Amazon Keyword Research Tools

IO Scout

Ensure that you are investing in a category that promises high end profits. Add top keywords to make your listing stand out! Keyword Scout gives the seller the most accurate database of keywords that you can use and optimise your listing, as these are the words that Amazon users use to search products.

Use Keyword Scouts to create high converting listings. Use the data to create the correct title and compose a beautiful product description rich with keywords that match user search. If you are thinking about venturing into a new brand or niche, look before you take the leap. Research on the details of the trending niches and analyse to predict which category will be high in demand.

Click here to read my thorough IO Scout Review!

Jungle Scout

Instantly access keywords that are highly converting and optimize your listings. Reverse search multiple ASINs to get the array of potential keywords. Get recommended keywords, gather competitive intelligence and refine your strategy. Check volume trends, top ranking keywords using advanced filters, and analyze the product’s seasonability by checking past keyword performances. Maximize keyword power, compare keyword rank history and optimize PPC, listings, etc.

It pulls data directly from Amazon advertising. If you enter the ASIN or a relevant phrase, Jungle Scout Keyword Research tool will generate an entire list of relevant words for your product listing.

Click here to read my thorough Jungle Scout Review!

Amazon Keyword Tool

It is a keyword research tool that wins out because of the extreme ease of use. Amazon keyword tool provides all the relevant long tail keywords around the seed keyword for optimising the product listing. It displays top level search terms and you can also analyse the competitors’ listing and improve yours. The paid version of Keyword Tool costs $88 per month which only gets you one user account. This is slightly on the expensive side with restricted utilities.

However, you can always check for keywords with low competition using the free version that is available on the homepage of the website.

Click here to check out Amazon

Keyword Tool Dominator

Save hours of time for searching the most relevant keyword using the KTD keyword research tool. Find the top ten keywords highlighted with a star mark and several other highly converting keywords within a few minutes. Get access to the real time list of keywords to optimise your product listing. 

The results are generated based on four parameters-

  • Trend- gives a clear picture of the general usage of the keywords on Amazon
  • Competition- Shows the number of sellers who use this keyword so that you get an idea of the competitive edge
  • CPC- The price paid by advertisers
  • Sales Volume- The number of times the keyword has appeared in searches to show the search popularity

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Viral Launch 

Why guess when you can optimise the search engine based on data? Viral Launch has a strong keyword research feature that finds hundreds of relevant keywords in no time. Boost your sales using the appropriate keywords that your competitors are not using, thus gaining the competitive advantage over them. Create powerful and highly converting listing based on SEO.

Viral Launch offers to build perfect listings and track important metrics. Find the most relevant keyword and check how your listing differs from your competitors’. Discover innovative and impactful listing and ensure that your product includes the crucial keywords. Track your most important keyword analytics in one simple-to-use dashboard. Understand the cutting-edge keyword information like index checks, organic and ad rank tracking, search volume trends, badge notifications, and keyword scores. Curate the keyword bank of your product by adding, removing or editing.

Click here to read my thorough Viral Launch Review!

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a paid tool, however if you need it once in a while you can use the free plan that allows 20 keyword searches per month. Type in the seed keyword to get a range of detailed relevant and popular keywords with their ranks, search volume, popular products. Optimise your listing with Helium 10 results that are accurate and promise conversions. 

Helium 10 is one the most powerful tools for researching keywords. It is used in the United States, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom.

Click here to read my thorough Helium 10 Review!

Seller App

Explore the free trial it offers for a week. If you like it, you can purchase the plan for $199 per month.

Seller App brings to you a list of low competition but effective keywords. This will drive traffic to your product and boost sales without having to face stiff competition. It has extensive keyword search capabilities with a strong database of 100 million keywords. Optimise the product listing and PPC campaign with suggestions from Seller App. It also presents the list of keywords that your top competitors use. Pick up the keywords from them to stay at par.

Click here to checkout Seller App!

Merchant Words

It is a great tool for sellers looking forward to increasing their sales. As a seller, you do not need much SEO expertise to use this tool. 

Save a lot of time and earn money. Merchant Words does the task of searching for relevant keywords. It has the Listing Advisor that increases the organic rank of your product on Amazon. Get competitive research, optimal keyword data, and use them to complete listing creation. 

It also uses Keyword Advisor that provides a list of comprehensive metrics that assist you in improving the SEO, crafting new content, running targeted PPC advertising campaigns. Discover new niches and products and optimize your business.

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Ama Suite

It needs you to enter the full product description including its size, weight, dimensions, FBA and even ship by. Then it generates the list of most accurate keywords that will optimise your listing and boost sales. Discover new product ideas and search through sub-categories to get a list of relevant keywords. Get all the data within Best Sellers Rank, Hot New Releases, Top Rated, Movers and Shakers, Most Gifted, Most Wished For and a lot more!

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Find out what your potential clients are searching for. K Parser can give you all the highly demanded keywords in a flicker. 

It gets all the relevant keywords from the exact source and presents it to you in a very comprehensive way. Use the Advanced Mode to save a lot of time, as well as conduct efficient search. You can make use of the Exclude, Include, Alphabet or Numbers section to conduct efficient searches for long tail keywords.

Click here to checkout K Parser!

Final Comments

Optimise the search engine and you are done! If you are still perplexed about what tools would suit you, there are numerous paid and free tools that you may avail for your keyword research. Check out their services using free trial. Use keywords, and the most optimum ones, to skyrocket your sales, revenue and profit.

Be among the top-notch sellers on Amazon using good SEO techniques. Showcase your product before a wider audience and heighten the conversion rates. Increase the search popularity of your products using keyword research tools. Proper utilisation of keywords is the success mantra. 


What are the top 10 keywords?

The top 10 keywords are the most relevant keywords that are generated and they are the most popular search words as compared to the other words. 

What is keyword rank?

The keyword is assigned a rank depending on its search popularity. The keywords with higher rank are more popular as search words relative to others. Rank is derived using a proprietary calculation leveraging data extracted from each keyword and the keyword group.

How do I find niche keywords?

You can first type in the seed keywords and then conduct a search for it. The top search results would come up with the seed word along with two or three words. You may use those words along with the seed word for further research of the niche keywords.

Are the keyword suggestions regularly updated?

In some tools, the keyword list is based on real time data, while in some others the list is updated regularly on an hourly basis or after a specified time interval.

Does the keyword research tool also show the search volume?

Yes, some keyword research tools provide an estimated search volume. The higher the volume, the better the search popularity.

What is SEO on Amazon?

Amazon SEO is the process of optimising the product listing for Amazon Search, so that they show up higher in the search results, and boost the chances for higher sales.

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