Best Amazon Review Checkers: Spot Fakes Quick & Easy Fix [2021]

Best Amazon Review Checker

If your product does not have a review, hen it is non-existent in the Amazon market. Quite often, this buyer-centric platform has witnessed the paramount importance of reviews. They act as the social proof and backing of any product. Amazon sellers treat reviews as the ultimate guideline for buying a product from merchants.

However, on the flip side, the reviews might be fake. This misleads many entrepreneurs and they end up buying a less profitable item. How will you spot them?

To relieve you of the fake reviews and give you a clear picture, there are some of the most effective Review Checker tools that can guide you.

Why do People Leave Fake Reviews?

Reviews can act as a social verification for your product and boost the sales. Amazon customers tend to check the reviews and get the insight into other customers’ experiences before buying an item. The main objective for getting fake reviews is to increase the sales of the product. The untruthful testimonials can create a false impression about the goodness of the product.

The main reasons for popping up of fake reviews are:

  • A seller wants to boost sales.
  • Positive testimonials may help improve the seller’s and product’s ranking.
  • Propel sales for a product that does not have much recognition and gain the social support
  • A seller wants to encash the review strategy and wants to increase the visibility of the products he has just launched.

What is Amazon Review Checker?

The captcha checks whether you are a robot or human. Similarly, Review Checker is your little helper that can detect fake reviews. They bring up the true picture before you so that you are not misled by fake ratings and take a fallacious decision.

Shoppers want to share their experience with everyone and would love rating the product and leaving a review. This real review would encapsulate details as the customer would like to narrate his / her own story. Reviews and rating increase the trust of the customer base and increase the branding of the product.

However, some sellers employ people to leave fake reviews to achieve high ranks. That is precisely why you need an Amazon review checker to be aware of the false reviews.

How do Amazon Review Checkers work?

Amazon review Checkers have complex and all-encompassing algorithms that can spot fake reviews. They are trained with data and are continuously in the learning process to improve their accuracy. They check the frequency of reviews, the short reviews of five-star feedback, the same photos that appear across multiple reviews, and overly positive or negative feedback. The review checker tools also hand in more services like comprehensive research, ranking, estimation of sales and price tracking, to list a few.

Best Amazon Review Checkers

Amazon is flooded with numerous fake reviews that dominate a market place. Customers might lose confidence in some while some products may be overrated. It is important to differentiate a fake review from a true one. There are some helpful Amazon Review Checkers:

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a suite of powerful tools that helps in SEO, extensive product research to get new ideas, track and validate your products and earn handsome profit. Find products that have high returns and low competition. Optimise the listing and stay ahead of competitors.

Scale your operation and manage your store with the ultimate service provided by Helium 10. It is an all-in-one platform with expertise in selecting niche, researching trends and keywords, spying on competitors and managing refunds. Use the Inventory Protector and Cerebro to identify fake reviews quickly. You can manage your inventory using Helium 10 and prevent fraud. Use the service of Amazon index monitoring and strategize your business.


Just like the ever- undulating stock market graphs, the Amazon market also shows certain trends. As a seller, you should know exactly when to buy products and when to sell them. CamelCamelCamel alerts you of drops in price and the changing trends of any product, and their historical popularity and seasonality over time. This helps you take data driven decisions that keeps you abreast of the market picture.

CamelCamelCamel helps you save money and time. Apart from checking reviews, get profitable product ideas, Chrome extension for in depth research and price history charts to guide you. Get real time data and set such a price that lures customers to purchase your product.

AMZ Reviews Tracker

This tool has a feature called Amazon Critical Reviews Tracker. It tracks the negative reviews and lets you find out the real ones. Choose the best item with AMZ Reviews Tracker. Explore the reviews and serious ones to get the idea of what your customers truly think about your product. Use the genuine reviews to improve your product or take actions accordingly.

Check Amazon reviews and identify people who rated you with 3 stars and even less. For your convenience, you can use filters of this tool to find negative and untruthful reviews. Track bad comments, alerts, and historical data to boost the rating of your product.


Dedicated to spot fake reviews, this tool is easy to use and is convenient. Just copy and paste the URL of the product you would like to judge in the Fakespot. The necessary insights will be displayed. It is a cutting – edge tool based on data analytics. It offers a free trial for its users. Tutorials are also provided to help you in the work.

How will you Spot Fake Reviews?

Look closely to gauge the reliability if reviews:

  • Check if a bunch of reviews are posted at the same time
  • Look for reviews that don’t provide information
  • Look for reviews that exaggerate the positive side and negative side.
  • Check if any review speaks differently
  • Spot if the comment has a Verified Purchase mark.
  • Observe the language of the comment
  • Check the 5-star reviews and check if the review is small.
  • Reviews with the same images are fake.

In a Nutshell

Say no to counterfeit reviews, spot the fake ones and filter out the real ones only. The genuine reviews are of crucial importance that let you take data-driven decisions based on social verifications by other customers. Fake reviews can lead to the damage of a business playing genuinely. Thus, as a seller you need to analyse the reviews.

Amazon Review Checker conveniently digs out the fake reviews and exposes the true rating of a market. Thanks to A9 and other algorithms, that the fake ones are spotted. Use an Amazon Review Checker and get the real picture of the brand, product and market!


How do I know if an Amazon review is genuine?

Keep a close check on the language and pattern of Amazon reviews. Use an Amazon Review Checker and observe these reviews that mostly will turn out to be fake-

  • Exaggerated positive or negative reviews
  • No detailing, but only words like Fantastic, Amazing
  • A bunch of reviews in a short time span

Are Amazon reviews reliable?

Amazon A9 algorithm checks any fraudulent activity. Most of the reviews are genuine but keep on your guard to avoid getting trapped by fake ones.

Does Amazon have fake reviews?

Although Amazon has algorithms to check fake reviews, loopholes might exist that pave the way for fake reviews by robots or people hired by sellers. The Amazon Review Checker tools will help in spotting the fake reviews.

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