Top Selling Items: Amazon Product Research Guide & Tips [2021]

Top Selling Items on Amazon

If you are not aware of the booms and nadir of Amazon Market niches, then your seller rank has the probability of plummeting down. How will you avoid that? Stay abreast of new product launches, research products and niches, and estimate the sales and revenue. Thus, choosing a product is crucial before you launch your product in the market.

Here is a complete guide to assist you in choosing the product!

What is Amazon Product Research?

Hit a jackpot. No more is it based on intuition or guesswork, but you can now make data-driven decisions. Product research is solely aimed at finding the most profitable niche and the most promising product. Invest in it to get high returns. Predict which product will be rising to heights in terms of market demand.

Analyse historical data, follow sales fluctuations and the trends of popularity over time. Amazon product research tools will assist you in finding the best products, early in its lifetime.

Research Guidelines

Get the ‘winning’ product idea. The idea is to search for items that you can buy at a low price, yet sell with a decent profit margin

Find the perfect product

  • Maintain your budget
  • Get into micro-niches
  • Set goals of profit and look towards achieving them

Detect profitable micro-niches

  • Estimate and check the demand of a product
  • Analyse the parameters and metrics to choose judiciously
  • Check historical trends and predict sales and popularity 

Come up with product ideas

  • Get the product ideas and validate their demand in the market
  • Find the depth of sales
  • Check the ranking and optimise the product listing

Best sellers in Kitchen and Dining

  1. Habor 022 Meat Thermometer
  2. Instant Pot DUO Mini Electric Pressure Cooker
  3. Hydro Flask Lava Flex Cap

Customers are constantly on the search for tools that makes their work simple and are convenient to use. Convenience is the key element of these best-selling kitchen tools and utensils. People prefer using smart tools and this simplifies the household duties. 

Best sellers in Clothes, Shoes and Jewellery

  1. Gold Label Women’s Totally Shaping Pull-on Skinny Jeans
  2. Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Watch Hat
  3. Chalier Direct’s Pack of 5 Women’s Wool Socks

The Clothing and Fashion niche is a huge success when it comes to selling on Amazon. The top-notch brands that are more expensive are less popular as compared to less expensive but stylish item. Amazon footwear and active wear form a lucrative market. With casual tops sharing the lion’s portion of the market segment on Amazon, casual bottoms, shoes, accessories, dress, athletic garments and underwear too have their bit. 

To be successful I this category, offer a range of colours and sizes of the same product type, widening the options for customers. Take the advantage of FBA to allow quick delivery and return processes. This reduces the chances of not buying a dress online because they cannot go for a trial. The fast FBA return policy aids in increasing the sales.

Best sellers in Home and Kitchen 

  1. Mellanni Bed Sheet Set
  2. Bedsure Satin Pillowcases Set of 2
  3. Simplehuman Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags

Bed sheet, trash bags, pillow sets are some essentialities that will never go down in demand. They are bound to be in the hitlist and have popularity throughout the seasons.

Best sellers in Sports and Outdoors

  1. YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler
  2. Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle
  3. Achiou Winter Knit Gloves 

Sell items that appeal to an active lifestyle of a sportsperson. Liquid containers, steel flasks and knit gloves are some of the best-selling products that are frequently bought by people looking for a physically active and healthy life. Warm up and get set go! Start a healthy routine.

Best sellers in Beauty and Personal Care

  1. Lip Smacker Coca-Cola Party Pack Lip Glosses
  2. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes
  3. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, 

Who is the fairest of us all?”

Use your bait to fish the fashion freaks out there! No wonder the coloured and flavoured lip glosses top the list. Sell them to add to the glam of customers and win huge profits. Also, add some remover on your list to aid your shoppers in safe removal of makeup with minimal impact on skin quality.

Best sellers in Cell Phone and Accessories

  1. Apple Air Pods with Charging Case
  2. Mkeke Compatible with iPhone XR Screen Protector
  3. Apple Air Pods Pro

With increasing dominance of technology around you everywhere, Electronics is a promising market in the Amazon. A change in the mindset, adaption to evolving technology and Internet of Things is noticeable in the demand for electronic goods.

However, this niche is full of established brands and that raises the bar of competition quite high. It is better for you to focus on a particular micro niche in Electronics to attract potential customers, than dealing in a range of products.

Best sellers in Toys and Games

  1. LEGO City Advent Calendar 60235 Building Kit. 
  2. L.O.L. Surprise! Glitter Globe Doll Winter Disco Series with Glitter Hair
  3. VTech Learn & Discover Pretty Party Playset

With new movies for kids, comes an entire array of must-have toys that kids would love to have in their collection. Research well if you are choosing this niche, because children decide the popularity of toys. The water games and board games related to science, technology, art, engineering and maths are quite popular in the Amazon market.

To check the popularity, go to the bestselling products page on Amazon, that lists the products based on the sales volume. It is updated hourly to give you a clear picture about the demand of the types of toys. It forms the most profitable category in Amazon. The platform is even hiring developers for boosting the Games Section. Video game streaming is becoming a big part of Amazon’s business. Play Station and Nintendo are the most trending items in this category. Analyse the market trend in a comprehensive way. Twitch Features are exclusively available to Amazon Prime members as Twitch Prime. Members can download and stream content on Twitch. If you are selling video games on Amazon, promote their availability on Twitch.

Grab the opportunity to sell toys when the Holiday Toy List comes out, or for birthdays or any special occasions. Be the Santa Clause for the toys and games, and you are successful.

Spotting the Product Opportunity

Get these fields tick marked to find the product opportunity:

  • Potential customer base and market demand of the product
  • Net profit margin should be high even by selling a few products
  • Low competition
  • Should not be entangled with legal issues and abide by Amazon guidelines for ungated products
  • Average worth per item should be at least $15
  • Lightweight and small items to reduce the shipping and packaging charges
  • Avoid products whose demand peaks in certain seasons

Discover product opportunities:

  • Choose a category and study the products and trends regularly
  • Niches like Sports, Home, Kitchen and Dining is a booming ground for new opportunities
  • Find products that sell on small volumes
  • Analyse the sales trends and sales velocity for a product

10 Steps to guide you in choosing the right product

Check market demand

Analyse the market trends. Research the various products when you are a beginner in selling products on Amazon. select the product category or niche that is highly popular. Conduct deep research into which sub-category the customers are interested in. 

Research products

Search among the wide range of products by applying various filters like-

  • Category
  • Product. Price
  • Rating
  • Reviews
  • Rank
  • Weight
  • Revenue
  • Sales
  • Sellers

Avoid categories with more competition

Don’t select a niche that is oversaturated with products and items. Oversaturation increases the competition exponentially. This also signifies high demand. Those sellers who are already established in this area might gain huge profits, but as a newbie it may be hard to gain the ground. 

Read reviews

Read the reviews of different products to get the idea of social backing of the item. 

Avoid competition with big brands

Find a free niche so that you can rise to success. If you are entering a sphere teeming with big brands, although it reflects on the popularity of the products, it is difficult to compete with business tycoons and the big fish. Rather choose a fewer shining niche and propel it towards success to be the best seller.

Find items that have a few reviews

Choose an item that has a few reviews. Market well, and increase the number of reviews. Get featured among the top sellers and get your product to the top list. Dominate that niche by entering into a product that was not very popular. 

Think of your needs

Any item that addresses the pain points of customers will be the best seller on Amazon. These items will also be very high in the market demand. The more familiar you are about the product idea and the needs, the more passionate you will be in selling it. And the passion would fuel the business success.

Choose a less expensive product

Choose items whose price varies from $10 to $50. This Goldilocks price range gives a sweet spot to customers. This will lure the customers who buy on impulse. They do not bother much to look at the reviews and rating of the products. They will window shop and get any item in the bucket list that is appealing and is within a price range.

Consider the Best Seller Rank

The lower the BSR, the higher is the number of sales. On the products page, you will find a Best Seller Rank search box. You can type in the BSR and get the top products.

Select lightweight items

It goes without saying that heavier the product, higher will be the shipping charges. Choose a product that is light. Try to pick items that are sturdy, durable, easy to hold and pack and not very heavy.


Why is Amazon product research important?

If you are a serious seller looking forward to dominate the market and earn profit, product research is extremely important. This will get you to the most profitable products that customers would want to buy. The best ones to sell are those that have low competition and high demand.

Check sales estimates, historical trends, and fluctuations in the demand and popularity over time as parameters before you go on to launch the product in the Amazon marketplace for selling.

How do I research product on amazon product research tools?

With Amazon product finder tools, you can get access to the best products within a few seconds and also their best suppliers. Do away with manual research and save your precious time. You can apply many filters to get the desired niche or product. You can search based on monthly sales estimations, possible monthly revenues, or total number of customer reviews.

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