Unicorn Smasher Review: Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons [2021]

Unicorn Smasher Review

Are you flummoxed by the extremely large number of tasks you have to do while selling your products on Amazon? Getting the best product, estimating sales and revenue, launching the product and hooking customers can be tiresome.

Your work needs perfect organisation. To reduce the workload and save time, use one of the best online tools to assist you in selling on Amazon. The right selection of the tool is very crucial though. It can get you to the peak of business, or ruin you down. 

Unicorn Smasher is one of the best and most reliable tools that can skyrocket your profits.

What is Unicorn Smasher?

Unicorns let you do wonders. Track and research products, find a profitable niche and use Chrome Extension to find minor details of every product. Get the details of the number of sellers of the product, the competition and demand it has in the market, the estimated sales, the number of variants of the product, the reviews and rating of the product as well as the FBA seller.

The best takeaways from the software are the expected sales and the number of units you should sell. Smell the profit using the results of Unicorn Smasher. Use them to make strategic decisions on product analysis.

Let’s dive in to get details about the features of Unicorn Smasher.

Unicorn Smasher Pricing

Does a free piece of service make you float on cloud nine? Yes!

Buoy up with joy to know that Unicorn Smasher is absolutely free. You just need to download it on your device and access its service of feature of extensive product research. Seems you are in wonderland? No! Unicorn Smasher lets you taste its service for free. This is one of the features that stands out for this online selling tool.

IO Scout is another good alternative to Unicorn Smasher. IO Scout is currently a top-notch software serving the sellers on Amazon. It offers high data accuracy and low competition, apart from making the process of selling easy for you. No wonder, IO Scout has been endorsed by more than 45000 sellers on Amazon!

Unicorn Smasher Features and Tools

Take a look at the plethora of tools and features that Unicorn Smasher houses-

Organised Dashboard

Manage all your research in one place. Use the dashboard to check all product parameters. Check brand, number of sellers, price and rank. Export to a CSV file and get deep insights.

Sales Estimates

Get monthly sales estimates from real time data. It is based on the live Amazon listings. Check historical data and predict the most profitable products.

Revenue Estimates

Get an idea of the money made in any niche. Its algorithm is similar to sales estimates, and it estimates the parameters of the revenue.

Variation Statistics

As the minor details of the products fluctuate, you as a seller cannot observe this. Get detailed visual metrics of the data and the fluctuations. You can easily check how they vary and get deep insights.

Canonical URLs

It might happen that two URLS may belong to the same product. Unicorn Smasher lets you check canonical URLs with ease. Also, check how optimised the canonical URL of the product is.

Export Tool

You have to process huge amount of product data. There might be lack of storage space. Store the data as CSV in tabular data points using Export Tool of Unicorn Smasher. 

In-Browser Analysis

Check sales measurement and PPC metric directly on your browser. This feature can speed up your product research and estimate the item’s worth.

Quick Links

The organised dashboard has quick links through which you can jump straight to your products. Accelerate product research using this feature and quickly navigate to the needed items.

AMZ Tracker Integration

Integrate with AMZ Tracker to get the edge. Include the listing of your competitors to check if they are optimised, spy on their sales. Analyse them to get to the top.

Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension provides help for research. Get away with tedious research hours. Get alerts and notifications by downloading the Chrome Extension.

In a Nutshell

The free subscription of Unicorn smasher is the main bait to attract sellers on Amazon. It is a decent tool to use, but the data provided is not as accurate as its stellar counterparts like Jungle Scout, IO Scout, etc. As a conclusion, Unicorn Smasher is a free utility tool, although it is not directed towards professional sellers on Amazon.


Is Unicorn Smasher available for all browsers?

No, the Unicorn Smasher is not available for all browsers. It is restricted to Google Chrome only.

Do I need to connect this tool to my Amazon account?

It is not mandatory to have the connection and synchronisation of your Amazon account with Unicorn Smasher, but you need to have the software window open. Now, if you enter a search query, you can switch to Extension service for extensive research.

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