What is a Good Amazon Sales Rank for Books?

What is a Good Amazon Sales Rank for Books

On Amazon, each product has a Best Seller Rank. It can be a decent predictor of how well the product is selling overall, according to Amazon’s explanation.

If you’re an author or a book seller on Amazon, you must watch out for a good sales rank.

What is Amazon Sales Rank?

If you publish on Amazon, you’ll start to pay a lot of attention to the Amazon Best Sellers Rank, or simply “sales rank.” It is updated every hour or so and is a broad measure of how well your book is selling in comparison to other books. This means that the number one book on Amazon has sold more copies than any other on the platform.

The lower the BSR, the greater the product’s sales. A product rated #1, for example, sells a lot more than a product ranked #4000.

The performance of a book during a campaign may be inferred from Amazon sales rankings. Furthermore, the rankings may be used to examine how comparable titles fare against one another. Because Amazon effectively dominates the book retail business, it’s far easier for writers to assess the rapid response to certain marketing activity by visiting just one website.

Furthermore, the rankings provide an opportunity for self-published writers to demonstrate that their books can sell just as well as those written by recognised authors.

The Best Seller Rank (BSR), on the other hand, only pertains to how a product sells in a certain category. In other words, items do not have an aggregate BSR that compares their sales to those of all other Amazon products.

However, because many goods sell in several categories on Amazon, an item may have multiple BSRs. This is especially true when you consider that practically every major category and sub-category on Amazon has its own best-seller rating system.

Many people believe that another way to look about the sales rank is how long it has been since the book has sold in comparison to other books. When you sell a copy, for example, your sales rank rises. After then, when other people sell copies of their publications, your sales rank begins to slip until you sell another copy.

How does Amazon calculate Best Seller Rank?

Because Amazon does not disclose how the sales rank is computed, there are only hypotheses and speculation about the procedure. It’s self-evident that just sales volume is considered, rather than other factors such as number of reviews, retail price, and so on.

Although Amazon does not divulge how the Best Sellers Rank is determined, it is influenced by a variety of criteria, including:

  • Sales in the present and the past
  • Changes in product prices and promotions
  • Products that are competitive

Current sales trends, as well as past sales volume, have the most effect on the BSR, which is updated hourly.

However, it’s unclear which time range is used to calculate the sales volume. Some theories claim that just sales from the previous 12 hours are counted, while others claim that sales from the previous 24 hours or more are counted.

It’s also not known what kind of impact earlier purchases have in the calculation of sales volume. Amazon uses its unique algorithm for this calculation.

Amazon evaluates these data and classifies all goods within a category in descending order after adding the sales of each product and weighing them according to how recently they were produced within the latest calculation period. The sales rank of a product relates to its place in the best sellers list.

What is a good sales rank for books?

Every category has its own Best Sellers Rank. So, although a “good” Best Sellers Rank in the Furnishing category may be a “poor” Best Seller Rank in Books.

We must keep in mind that the term ‘good’ in this context is subjective. Your sales rank will depend on the number of books you are planning to sell. Say if you wish to sell 300 books in 5 days or 10 books in an hour, you should use that figure to find out what a good Best Seller Rank would be for you.

Here is a sales rank range for some guidance

The Amazon Best Seller Rank is continuously fluctuating. Different seasons demand for different sales velocity in the category of books. For example, more books need to be sold during the holiday season for a better sales rank as compared to the summer season.

However, sales rank can be broken down into the following ranges:

100000 and above

Anything that isn’t in the top 100,000 cannot be considered a successful book. They may still be selling a few copies every week, but if you want your book to become viral or make money, they aren’t resonating with your audience and need to be marketed differently.

30000 to 100000

This range of 30,000 to 100,000 books is successful without being excessively popular. They often sell one or two books every day. While this is a large range, the difference between the 30,001 and the 99,999 book might be as little as 10 to 15 more copies sold over the course of a month.

5000 to 30000

A book with a sales rank of 5,000 to 30,000 is considered quite successful. They normally sell between ten and two books every day.

Top 5000

A sales rank in the top 5000 is quite impressive and difficult to surpass, especially if your book sales have reached a plateau. The number of books sold to reach this level varies significantly, however a top 1000 book may sell 50 to 100 copies each day, while a top 5000 book may sell 20 copies per day.

Keep in mind that Amazon tracks the sales rank for each of its separate categories in addition to the overall sales rank in the same category.

How to improve your Amazon Sales Rank?

After reading an overview of Amazon’s sales rank – what it is, how it’s calculated, how often it’s updated, and how it’s used – the inevitable question arises: What can you do to actively improve your Sales Rank?

Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Here are some quick tips to improve your Amazon Best Seller Rank:

Put up the perfect listing

You should focus on optimising your listing with relevant keywords and appealing language if you want to boost the searchability of your product as well as the conversion rate.

Price strategically

Prepare a price plan for your items. If you priced your items properly within your category and in comparison, to the competition, you’ll be able to sell more things and increase your BSR.

Inventory management is essential

More sales volume equals higher rankings; therefore, you never want to run out of stock. If your product isn’t selling, it won’t improve its sales rank. Worse, it allows your competitors to outmanoeuvre you.

As a result, it is critical for sellers to refill their inventory on a timely basis and to send in enough to maintain stock levels.

Let your product catch the eye

Because a buyer can’t see or touch your goods in person, your product photos will assist you sell it. Make sure your photographs are high-resolution and can help you highlight key features and advantages.

Not only can photographs aid in the sale of your goods, but a product video will elevate your offering to new heights. Video is the most realistic way for a buyer to experience your goods in person.

Now that you have a fair idea about a good Amazon Sales Rank in the Books category and the ways you can improve them if you aren’t in your ideal BSR range yet, get going and sell and unleash your potential as a seller on Amazon.


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