What Size Dymo Labels For Amazon FBA?

What Size Dymo Labels For Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA, is a fantastic method to simplify your selling process while also saving money on delivery. Rather than shipping your items straight to customers, you ship them to an Amazon fulfilment centre and store them there.

When a consumer buys one of your products, Amazon handles shipping the goods to the client using your inventory in their Amazon fulfilment centre, so you don’t have to.

Even better, Amazon offers lower shipping rates to sellers who send their items to Amazon’s FBA warehouses as part of its seller programme, saving you money on shipping costs.

However, sellers are always troubled by the fact that in the FBA system you must print all of your shipping labels and barcodes yourself.

Are you unsure of the best label size for Amazon FBA? When sending items to FBA warehouses, does the label size really matter? All of the answers you’ve been seeking for are right here!

What kinds of labels do you need to print?

Amazon requires Amazon FBA merchants to print and attach two labels to each package shipped to the FBA warehouse. These are:

Shipping label

The shipping label assists shipping firms such as FedEx and UPS in tracking the location of the package. In a nutshell, this label aids the shipping partner in determining the warehouse to which you wish to deliver the merchandise.

The shipping label is the same size as the FBA box label, i.e. 4 X 6 inches. You cannot change the size of the shipping label. The barcodes written on the label should be easily visible and readable.

FBA label

The items are scanned at the Amazon FBA warehouse using the barcode printed on the FBA box label. It also aids Amazon in identifying the seller and obtaining all of the seller’s information.

According to Amazon, the FBA package label should be 4 X 6 inches in size. Depending on the size of the box, the label size might be up to 6 X 8 inches.

FNSKU label

The Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit, or FNKSU, aids Amazon in distinguishing between sellers. The FNSKU is tagged to the physical things you’re shipping to Amazon’s fulfilment centre, not the box they’re in.

If the seller is selling things that are nominally the same as yours but are of lower quality or counterfeit, your buyer may receive that item, thus it’s always advisable to include a FNSKU barcode with your products.

What kind of printer should you use?

Although many Amazon sellers use a regular inkjet printer, it is advisable that you use a thermal printer for your labels and barcodes.

When using a inkjet printer, you must print individual labels repeatedly, which is a tedious and time-consuming operation.

You can print huge quantities of labels fast and simply using a thermal printer. It is also far less expensive. This is because thermal printers use heat instead of ink and employ thermosensitive paper. As a result, you won’t need to buy new toner or ink cartridges.

You can either use a Zebra or a DYMO printer if you’re choosing from thermal printers.

What are the best FBA label sizes for DYMO Printers?

The Zebra compatible labels are not compatible with DYMO printers. You should use DYMO labels when delivering items to fulfilment facilities, as they are designed specifically for Amazon FBA merchants.

For printing FBA Box and Shipping Label

For printing the shipping and FBA box labels, the DYMO LW Shipping Labels, Extra Large 4′′ x 6′′ work best. With this roll, you can create high-impact, long-lasting, and cost-effective labelling.

For printing FNSKU Label

The LW Durable 57mm x 32mm thermal label is the perfect size for printing FNSKU barcodes on a DYMO thermal printer.

You may save money by using the non-durable version, but the durable labels are moisture-resistant and particularly built for inventory management.

Why does the label size matter anyway?

When the items arrive at Amazon’s fulfilment centres, the FBA labels are used to identify the sellers. As a result, it is critical to print and adhere the labels accurately.

It might be difficult for novice FBA sellers to figure out what label size to use. In order to have a hassle-free experience selling on Amazon, you must print the labels in a suitable size.

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