ZonGuru Review: Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons [2021]

ZonGuru Review

Getting lost in the sea of products? Here is the Swiss knife you need to cave your way out.

If you are a serious seller aiming to generate hefty profit from the Amazon market, all you need to aid you is an online tool. The internet is flooded with all such tools. We are providing a comprehensive review of one of the best online tools for selling: ZonGuru.

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What is ZonGuru?

Successful entrepreneurs on Amazon know the right product to sell, the right time to but, the right niche to track. How wonderful it would be if you as a new seller would also get access to these hacks and tips, know-how the Catch-22 A-9 algorithm works in Amazon ranking!

Track products, get the right keywords and optimise listings to propel your sales and take your business to the heights of success.

Pricing Model of ZonGuru

ZonGuru offers 40% discount if you choose the annual subscription.

Starter Plan at USD 35 per month, billed annually

This plan is best for finding your first product. Get access to Niche Finder, Niche Rater, Sales Spy, Love-Hate, Easy Source, Keywords on Fire, Keyword Spotlight, Listing Optimiser and Review Automator.

Business Plan at USD 65 per month, billed annually

Get all the starter tools, along with business dashboard, Keyword Tracker, Your products, Your Orders, Product Pulse, IP Monitor and Email Automator. This plan is best suited for those searching for 1 to 10 products.

Plus Plan at USD 119 per month, billed annually

Access all the starter and business tools, with additional email alerts and premium support. This plan is best when you use more than 10 products.

ZonGuru Features

ZonGuru has a host of features that makes it an all-in-one platform for assisting Amazon sales.

Product Research

Niche Finder

Leverage the database of ZonGuru and find the potential and profitable niches in no time. Adjust the filters based on your desired business goals. 

Niche Rater

Validate your product idea in an easy interface. Search for an Amazon product, open the Chrome Extension, and get an insightful and accurate Niche Rating.

Sales Spy

Know the competition better than your competitors.  Get accurate, real-time data on exactly how the competitor’s products are performing right now and their historical trends.


Love-Hate generates a powerful word cloud of positive and negative reviews. Enter an ASIN or keyword phrase and know what people think about it. 

Easy Source

Get the list of suppliers, choose the best from them, contact them and put on a professional air. Do the maths correctly and take into account every cost so that you get the accurate prediction of the profit margin.

Listing Optimization

Keywords on Fire

Quickly find important information such as search volume numbers provided straight from Amazon, top 25 competitors, daily launch sales, estimated PPC bids, and a whole lot more. Utilize your keywords in the most efficient way possible

Keywords Spotlight

Backend keywords help to generate different and interesting traffic sources. ZonGuru’s Keyword Spotlight helps you get an eye of your competitors’ listing and create a comprehensive list of valuable backend keywords.

Listing Optimiser

Optimising the listing is a s important as choosing the best product to sell. It needs the perfect image, product title, description and features that attract customers to buy your product. Your main objective is to boost sales of your product. The listings need to be informative and persuasive to boost the product ranking on Amazon.

Business Metrics

Business Dashboard

Seller Dashboard gives an insight into your business health. Check how profitable you are using your PPC campaigns. Business Valuation widget gives an idea of what your business is worth.

Your Products

It is a Just in Time Delivery model. Never go out of stock. Your Products tool keeps your inventory full and your customers happy. Track your inventory and easily set up alerts that inform you when it’s time to restock and keep selling.

Your Orders

Filter out marketplaces, products, and customers you don’t need so you can find what you want right away. Your Orders cleans the clutter and manages refunds and customers effectively.

Monitoring & Alerts

Keyword Tracker

Check the top keywords, track up to 50 more words that are trending in the past month, check the sales volume and change in daily rank. Put your keywords to the test and see how they stack up against the competition.

Product Pulse

Stay in continuous touch with the market to know its trend. Get notified when your competitor is trying to steal your Buy Box and defend it. Receive alerts whenever a change is made to a product’s bullet points, description, titles, and more.

IP Monitor

IP Monitor’s powerful algorithm tracks all your product images and helps you maintain the uniqueness of your image.

Customer Engagement

Email Automator

Keep your customers happy with quick, automated messages. Notify them when the product is shipped and remind them to leave a positive review. 

Review Automator

Maintain a happy customer base. Send bulk request to your customers to send reviews. Never miss the chance to get a 5-star rating.

In a Nutshell

ZonGuru provides a support team who can answer all your queries whenever they pop up. The tool has the highest security measures to protect user data. Get real-time data and analytics from ZonGuru and sync yourself with the six-figure sellers’ community on Amazon!

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Do you sell on Amazon?

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